Marvel Characters’ Names Are Becoming Popular Baby Names

Here is yet more proof that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking over the world: People are naming their babies after various characters from the movies.

The US Social Security Administration recently released data listing the most popular 1000 baby names of 2017, and their list included names inspired by different characters from the movies:

1) Parker
Of the 5,833 babies named after Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, 4346 were boys, and 1487 were girls. That represents another trend, by the way: more than a few girl babies were named after male characters.

2) Wade
Wade Wilson is the wisecracking antihero Deadpool, and 899 baby boys now share his first name.

3) Natasha
While Natasha is a fairly common Russian name, it’s also the Black Widow’s first name, and 355 baby girls were named after her.

4) Pepper
Pepper Potts, also known as “Mrs. Iron Man,” inspired the parents of 128 babies. Of those youngsters, 121 were girls, and seven were boys.

5) Loki
The God of Mischief is one of Marvel’s most popular villains and the namesake of 91 little boys and 5 little girls.

6) Valkyrie
Thor’s fearless comrade-in-arms shared her name with 63 baby girls.

7) Marvel
In what is likely a first, some parents decided to name their kids after the company itself, rather than a specific character. Marvel became the name of 29 baby boys and 21 baby girls.

8) Banner
The Hulk inspired the parents of 39 little boys to name their sons after him.

9) Rocket
The smart-mouthed sapient raccoon from the “Guardians of the Galaxies” movies has 28 baby boys and 9 baby girls named after him.

10) Quill
Rocket’s friend, Peter Quill, shared his name with 15 boys and 5 girls.

11) Hawkeye
The parents of six baby boys named their sons after the Avengers’ resident archer.

This is hardly the first time that people have named children after favorite fictional characters. When Harry Potter became popular, people named their kids after the characters – including ones with offbeat names like Luna or Draco.

Phase 4 of MCU To Feature Surprising New Heroes

The names and faces of the MCU after “Avengers 4” releases next year will belong to many “surprising and refreshing” new people. The MCU’s past decade of work has established Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, respectively played by Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth as three central pillars of the films but there is nothing to suggest that the universe hinges on those characters. As the films continue to accrue, so will the number of heroes that live within its universe. Ultimately, a roster change is imminent.


If “Avengers: Infinity War” was the end of the MCU’s status quo, Avengers 4 will be the seed that sets the new standard-even if it takes many established characters with it. On the bright side, every hero’s departure yields room for a new champion to fill the vacancy.


Nate Moore, a producer for Marvel Studios, remarked that while some characters will be leaving and others rise in prominence, he is most thrilled for the newcomers to the MCU. Marvel has done a superb job at keeping radio silence on Phase 4, even when rumors and plans have just started to trickle out. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is set to receive a sequel firmly set after Avengers 4, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” is looming over a May 2020 release and a Black Widow solo film is dogging Guardians’ heels.


While those films allude to known properties; Marvel is looking toward new IPs like “The Eternals.” Kevin Feige has confirmed that Ms. Marvel, not the same as Captain Marvel, is being planned out. Feige also sees Nova as a strong candidate to insert into the films. Lastly, murmurs are growing of some sort of Moon Knight project. None of these endeavors are considered to be Disney CEO Bob Iger’s new post-Avengers franchise.

Which Marvel Characters Does Disney Still Not Own?

Despite the recent Fox deal, there are still several important characters from Marvel Comics that the Disney-owned Marvel Studios has limited or no rights to.

Years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel had sold off the rights to many of its iconic characters, such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. In December 2017, Disney bought the rights to the majority of Fox’s intellectual properties, including those franchises. Yet, may not realize that some characters remain at least partly outside of Disney’s control.

For example:

Hulk:Incredible HulkHulkAvengersThorShe-Hulk:HulkSpider-Man:AvengersNamor the Sub-Mariner:Joe Quesada claims otherwise
• Hulk: Bruce Banner and his cast are owned by Universal Studios; they and Disney struck a deal to make the MCU’s Incredible Hulk. Disney can now use the character in any OTHER films they want, but Universal has the distribution rights to any Hulk solo films. Hence why he now shows up in Avengers and Thor movies.
• She-Hulk: The Hulk’s cousin, who has a similar condition to his but is quirky rather than uncontrollably angry. She is considered a Hulk character and thus is also owned by Universal.
• Spider-Man: Owned by Sony. The web-slinger exists in the MCU due to a similar deal as the Hulk has. Disney can make three solo films and two Avengers flicks with him; beyond that, new negotiations will have to take place. Meanwhile, Sony is making their own spin-off films about characters like Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable.
• Namor the Sub-Mariner: One of Marvel’s oldest character, the King of Atlantis, like Hulk, has his distribution rights owned by Universal (apparently; Joe Quesada claims otherwise). Marvel has reportedly been trying to give him a film, however.