Market America Convention 2017 & The Right Attitude Makes Everything

At the 2017 Market America Convention, they celebrated 25 years and looked ahead to many more years of entrepreneurial success. Things that were discussed included exciting new ways to build your business as well as the different ways to be able to boost retail sales as well. Things announced that should help in that regard are Shopping Annuity, which consists of personalized recommendations for customers that is suggested based of what they buy. Customers will be able to see up to six recommendations for each category in the assessment from Annuity AutoShip. A SHOP.COM MasterCard Gift Card was also introduced, with this it can be used anywhere and will save you 2% IBV and the card should be available pretty soon. Possibly one of the most exciting presentations in Market America Inc. was the introduction of a new virtual reality system which will allow people to learn about Market America with virtual Corporate Team members. In business, the right attitude plays a large role in how successful a business will be. By keeping the a positive mindset towards success, it will translate over to your business so that it will see success. By keeping the right attitude and by having the knowledge to be able to relate your message, these are two very important things that will go a long way towards helping your business be successful. Jim Winkler, the Vice President of Sales for Market America believes that what separates those who are successful and those who are not is because of what they are willing to do. According to Winkler, those who are successful are willing to do more so that they are able to create success for themselves. Winkler states that attitude comes before the money as he believes that before someone is able to see success with their business, one will need to have the right attitude first.


Business Woman: Susan McGalla

Many of you might have heard of Susan McGalla, am I right? Well she is a business woman and executive consultant. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is better known for being the president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the past. She attended Mount Union College, which is where she got her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She grew up in Ohio and had two brothers. Her father was also a football coach. She was well raised and supported by her family for her ideas. She was always taught to have confidence. In her family, she was never looked at as a female. She was looked at as a human being and that is a very good way to be raised, considering how sexist the world can be. It is no wonder she made it so far in her career and has many successes because she was raised the right way, the way everyone should actually be raised if you ask me.

Susan McGalla is now the Pittsburgh Steelers vice president of business strategy and creative development, as some people may already know but before that, she had other careers as well. She started her career at Joseph Home Company and that is where she actually worked in a few marketing and managerial positions for almost a decade, starting the year of 1986 until the year of 1994. Then after that, she began working for American Eagle Outfitters, starting out as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing and also worked in many different managerial roles until she finally ended up being the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. In 2009, Susan started being a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries.

To conclude, this is why many people know who Susan McGalla is because she has been a very successful business woman for a very long time and she is amazing at her job. She has been great her whole career and is still continuing to be great now as well. She has a very interesting story and many people actually admire her and appreciate all the hard work she has been accomplishing for decades. Her story about how she was raised and what she was taught while growing up is fascinating! It very much shows why she is such an amazing business woman today. She will always be recognized by people and supported by her family.