Troy McQuagge Has Been Aiding The Community Through HOPE For Almost A Decade at US Health

For almost a decade, Troy McQuagge USHealt has been making a difference in peoples lives all across the United States through his company and his initiative, HOPE. This is actually an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Everday and it is a mission that Troy and the USHEALTH Group value above all else. For Troy and many others at the USHEALTH Group, HOPE is a way of living and a constant mission for every day. Troy started at the USHEALTH Group back in 2010 at one of the company’s subsidiaries. It was at this time that Troy started up the HOPE initiative. Since then, Troy has become the Chief Executive Officer and President of the USHEALTH Group and he has brought the company a huge amount of success and awareness.

HOPE’s first steps at helping out the community at large were aiding in the recovery of New Orleans by rebuilding the homes and lots that had been destroyed or flooded by Hurricane Katrina. There was a huge amount of support in wake of the New Orleans disaster, and the USHEALTH  Group worked with Pheonix of New Orleans on their project to provide disaster relief. Hundreds of man-hours went into rebuilding the community through the HOPE initiative. Read more about TroyMcQuagge USHealth on

Another branch of the HOPE initiative is HOPEKids Arizona, a non-profit part of the initiative that focuses on helping families and children that have terminal illnesses or chronic diseases. Troy McQuagge’s philanthropic efforts can be seen throughout his entire career, and the HOPE initiative is no different in this case. While the HOPE initiative brought a lot of success to the USHEALTH Group, that was never the main goal for Troy. Aiding people in need and building stronger more positive communities is the mission. As a primary focus for the company and its staff, helping others is taken very seriously and there is constant research into expanding the HOPE initiative to spread even more goodwill around the world. Even if HOPE brings the USHEALTH Group more sales and success, this is a good thing under the leadership of Troy McQuagge since he will continue to expand the philanthropic capabilities of the company.

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How USHEALTH Advisors has Outclassed Other Providers in the Provision of Healthcare Products

USHEALTH Advisors is a team of professionals that work for USHEALTH Group, one of the largest insurance provider. USHEALTH Advisors is comprised of a team of talented, self-motivated, and intelligent agents who provide their vast expertise to customers. These individuals are armed with all the necessary tools they need to survive in the competitive healthcare market place.


USHEALTH Advisors’ products


USHEALTH Advisors sell a variety of insurance plans to customers, including Secure Advantage, SecureDental, MedGuard, PremierVision, Accident Protector, and Essential Health Benefit. Before trading on behalf of the company, the firm’s agents receive thorough training from the business’ management team. These training opportunities range from office-training to online webinars. USHEALTH Advisors understand the needs of the customers, and therefore, they endeavor to provide them with customized products. This company is an equal employer that hires various individuals based on their skills, academic qualification, and zeal for sales. USHEALTH Advisors communicate to its agents through emails, magazines, and newsletters.


USHEALTH Advisors employs the latest technologies to ensure the provision of cutting edge solutions to its clients. This company is led by Troy McQuagge, one of the most decorated chief executive officers in the health sector. Under his management, USHEALTH Advisors has received various awards, including the Gold Stevie and highly sought after American Business Awards. USHEALTH Advisors has been rated as the best performing business by BBB, an international company based in Grapevine Texas. Since 2013, USHEALTH Advisors has managed to maintain a constant score on the BBB, which has made it acquire recognition as one the best insurance provider in the country. Most of its customers claim that USHEALTH Advisors’ agents are quick to respond to complaints and queries posed by the customers.


USHEALTH Advisors and technology


This company also has an e-commerce platform where it interacts with customers. This avenue allows business transactions to be conducted promptly. USHEALTH Advisors also pays its agents generously for their sales efforts. These employees are paid salaries, ranging from $10.69 to $25.42 per hour. Additionally, USHEALTH Advisors offers an opportunity for future sales managers to grow and develop exceptional business skills. This company works in collaboration with other key stakeholders, such as the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

USHEALTH Group Inc: Your Ultimate Health Care Insurance Partner

It is a family of various companies that focus on providing competitive and acceptable standards of health coverage needs. The coverage services offered by the company include accidents, disability, and sickness. The company has a particular host of plans that ensure the clients are catered regardless of their income. Its broad and friendly coverage plans have led to an upsurge of customers who admire these services.

Innovativeness at its Best

At USHEALTH Group, innovativeness has always been the game changer in this crowded insurance sector. For instance, USHEALTH Group came up with a plan where the company could offer ‘first dollar’ benefits for all the coverable plans and a subsequent discountable plan for clients. Since its inception 50 years ago, the company’s customer base has grown from 2500 clients to over 15 million customers courtesy of the various deliverables that the firm provides. Nevertheless, these plans present financially viable packages providing security and assurances in all these covered areas.The great milestones have been achieved through partnership efforts of various subsidiary companies such as the National Foundation Life Insurance and the Freedom Life Insurance.


USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

The company’s family insurance group has always been at the forefront in offering affordable coverage for family health need. With an array of plans to choose from, you can get flexible and secure coverage that not only suit your needs but also offer you a worthy coverage platform. In the spirit of managing a family health care, there exists a host of online resources that ensure two things. Firstly, making informed plans for your coverage plans and reviewing detailed explanation of the benefits that the family stands to get from a given choice of plan.

Running a Savings Center

Also, USHEALTH Group Family Insurance includes a Savings Center that that aids you getting viable ways and plans of saving money when you engage in coverage plans. These services mostly include detailed comparative cost options that pit generic and brand options. It also focuses on assessing the family’s savings that always depend on the existing delivery options for the family. In managing health care, family insurance department at USHEALTH Group considers provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requiring individuals in the family to maintain ‘basic minimum coverage.’ As such, the family insurance group projects the amount by the annual net income of individuals in the household. Suffice to say, the various plans such as Accident and Sickness Plans, provide benefits concerning expenses that the people incur. USHEALTH Group in turn premises such benefits regarding days, months and even years where the maximum amounts also include costs of services under the coverage. With such portfolio plans, your family’s health coverage needs get addressed with an affordable scheme that is worth your pocket.