Troy McQuagge Has Been Aiding The Community Through HOPE For Almost A Decade at US Health

For almost a decade, Troy McQuagge USHealt has been making a difference in peoples lives all across the United States through his company and his initiative, HOPE. This is actually an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Everday and it is a mission that Troy and the USHEALTH Group value above all else. For Troy and many others at the USHEALTH Group, HOPE is a way of living and a constant mission for every day. Troy started at the USHEALTH Group back in 2010 at one of the company’s subsidiaries. It was at this time that Troy started up the HOPE initiative. Since then, Troy has become the Chief Executive Officer and President of the USHEALTH Group and he has brought the company a huge amount of success and awareness.

HOPE’s first steps at helping out the community at large were aiding in the recovery of New Orleans by rebuilding the homes and lots that had been destroyed or flooded by Hurricane Katrina. There was a huge amount of support in wake of the New Orleans disaster, and the USHEALTH  Group worked with Pheonix of New Orleans on their project to provide disaster relief. Hundreds of man-hours went into rebuilding the community through the HOPE initiative. Read more about TroyMcQuagge USHealth on

Another branch of the HOPE initiative is HOPEKids Arizona, a non-profit part of the initiative that focuses on helping families and children that have terminal illnesses or chronic diseases. Troy McQuagge’s philanthropic efforts can be seen throughout his entire career, and the HOPE initiative is no different in this case. While the HOPE initiative brought a lot of success to the USHEALTH Group, that was never the main goal for Troy. Aiding people in need and building stronger more positive communities is the mission. As a primary focus for the company and its staff, helping others is taken very seriously and there is constant research into expanding the HOPE initiative to spread even more goodwill around the world. Even if HOPE brings the USHEALTH Group more sales and success, this is a good thing under the leadership of Troy McQuagge since he will continue to expand the philanthropic capabilities of the company.

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Imran Haque’s Greatest Advancements in the Field of Internal Medicine

Technological development has been widely used all across all sectors including the medical industry mostly common in surgery. Cases of diabetes have also increased that is the reason doctors all across the world have combined the use of technology and surgery to help Diabetic patients. Imran Haque is a doctor at the Horizon Internal Medicine, a clinic in North Carolina which uses the latest technology for medical purposes. The doctor has an experience of over fifteen years in internal medicine and treatment of Diabetic patients. Imran Haque uses technological advancements to treat Diabetic patients while minimizing risks of infection to the bodies of the patients. Using robotic guided cosmetic surgery, Dr. Imran Haque and his fellow doctors combine electronics and computers to perform operations to their patients.

The system involves the surgeon making small incisions on the body of the patient called surgical portals. Once the incision is made, the doctors use a computer guided device with a camera which displays all proceedings on a monitor. The surgeons use their arms and fingers to control the movement of the device using a robotic console to help in accuracy. Imran Haque uses this method mostly on Diabetic patients since it only involves small incisions which limit the risks of infection of the patient’s body and excessive bleeding.

Another advantage of the system is that it offers an extensive view of some of the internal organs without being forced to make large incisions to the patient’s body. The system also reduces the use of painkillers after the end of the surgery since only small incisions are made thus patients have reduced pain. Imran Haque has also used his medical expertise in other several hospitals such as Randolph Hospital, High Point Regional Hospital, and the South Eastern Medical Hospital. Imran Haque is also a member of the Maintenance of Certification Program in internal medicine.

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InnovaCare Health Provides Medicare Advantage Plans and Practice Services

InnovaCare Health is one of the top healthcare companies in terms of providing physician practice services as well as care through Medicare Advantage plans. Over the years InnovaCare Health has established itself as a reliable company that consistently meets the needs of its many patients. With this company a number of patients can get the care they need at affordable fees as well as get treatment that is among the best available. Along with providing top patient care, InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services which help a number of healthcare organizations better manage themselves. A lot of InnovaCare Health’s success as a company is credited to its leadership. The company is currently run by chief executive officer and physician Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides who is the current chief administrative officer.

One of the things that make InnovaCare Health a leading company in the healthcare industry is its ability to provide high quality care that is affordable. The company offers patients the opportunity to cover their healthcare costs by using Medicare Advantage plans. These are healthcare plans that provide comprehensive insurance coverage for a number of healthcare related expenses. With these plans patients will get health coverage from a private company that is subsidized by Medicare according to Penelope Kokkinides. They can choose a number of options such as Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee for Service plans and also Medical Savings Account plans. Therefore patients will have a number of options to choose from when looking to get healthcare coverage through these plans.

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The Medicare Advantage plans cover a wide range of healthcare costs. These include surgery, cancer treatment, prescription drugs and also physician office visits. As a result patients will be able to get compensated for just about any medical expense they incur. In terms of physician office visits, patients who receive Medicare Advantage plans will have the ability to cover most if not the entire cost of the visit. They will also be able to use these plans to cover cancer treatment procedures at hospitals as well have coverage for any medications they need to buy.

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As well as offering Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services. These services include billing collections, consulting and also providing technology and medical supplies to a number of clinics, hospitals and physician offices. With physician practice services, healthcare organizations will have the resources they need and the administrative procedures to provide top patient care as well as maintain efficiency.

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Family Crisis Inspires Sanjay Shah to Create a New Charity

Sanjay Shah who is the CEO of Solo Capital Partners was born and raised in London, England in September 1970. He studied Biomedical Science at Kings College in London,England. He worked in the banking sector for fourteen years before he joined securities finance desk at Rabobank. By 2006, Shah was a partner in Morgan Stanley Securities where he’d originally joined as the financial director in 1996. Shah moved to Dubai in 2009 where he set up Solo Capital Partners as CEO and president.

Solo Capital Partners is a financial services company primarily located in London, England. There is another branch in Dubai. This company deals with lending in areas of investment and management.

Sanjay Shah is married and the father of three children. He and his family live on an island in Dubai. When his youngest child, a son named Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism in 2011, Shah knew that he wanted to do something to find a cure for this disease. Last year, Sanjay Shah created Autism Rocks Solo Capital. Being in the position in life to meet many celebrities, the CEO and president happened to be having a cup of tea with rapper Snoop Dog. It was then Shah had brainstormed the idea to have a musical fundraiser for autism and launched it in 2014. When the charity began, acts such as Michael Bublé, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Drake to perform in charity concerts.

Autism is when a child has a problem communicating and social relationships. Their interests are strongly focused on only a few things and experience repetitive behavior. One in 68 children are born autistic. Five times more boys are likely to have this affliction than girls. One in 42 boys are diagnosed with autism. Many preschools are working towards helping autistic children by giving them a special diet, consistent speech and occupational therapy that should be done before an autistic child reaches the age of 6. Parents are encouraged to join support groups and learn how to read their child’s cues. Autism Rocks Solo Capital is barely 2-years-old; it has 15 long-term continuing projects.

Heart Recipient Meets Mother of Donor

Organ donors provide a chance for others to live and there are millions of stories about such lifesaving events around the world. Crunchbase had a report that said the families of the donors do not always have the chance to meet with the person who received the organ from what Brian Torchin had said, but when they do get the chance, the experience is nearly as life altering as the transplant itself was.

One woman recently met the woman who received her son’s heart after he suffered from a fatal gunshot wound. It is nearly two decades later and the heart the 14-year-old girl received works perfectly. The mother of the boy who died only wanted one thing. She wanted to feel her son’s heartbeat again. She got that chance at the emotional meeting that took place in the airport.

The girl who received the heart brought a special gift to the woman who helped save her life. If it had not been for her decision to allow her son’s heart to be used, the girl would likely have died. The gift was a heart-shaped pendant with the boy’s initials on the back. It is a simple reminder that life does go on even if it is not the way we dreamed it would. The mother said that she now feels as though she has received the gift of a daughter. The heart recipient said she will do everything in her power to make sure that the heartbeat goes on for many years to come.

What is Mark Ahn’s Opinion On The Success Of Biotech Startups?

Mark Ahn, Ph.D. has spent over two decades in the biopharmaceutical industry. In that time, he’s been an entrepreneur, consultant, and even an executive. It’s fair to say that he knows a thing or two about this particular industry. A recent press release by PR Newswire revealed Ahn’s opinion on biotech startups and their success or failure. Without a doubt, his comments were intriguing for investors and companies alike.

Biotech companies often see some measure of success. However, few startups become major names in the industry. Plenty of companies are forced into obscurity or even bankruptcy, though. Biotech startups face various obstacles and challenges along the way. According to Ahn, the most resilient startups are the ones that become successful companies. He states that resilient startups follow their own plans, despite outside pressures.

Ahn provides useful advice for investors and entrepreneurs, too. Typically, investors place their money in biotech companies with a proven product or technology. While these investors see gains, Ahn states a more fruitful path is available. He recommends that investors acquire a minority share in startups or fund small research firms. By investing early, Ahn tells investors they can maximize their return on investment.

These days, Ahn is a leading voice in the biotech industry for entrepreneurs, investors, and even the startups themselves. He believes that far too many individuals invest in proven concepts and see smaller gains in the process. He holds a firm belief that startup success is related to resiliency, too. In the end, plenty of biotech startups have seen success because of their desire to follow their own goals.

Physician Incentives Lead To More Medical Corruption

There is an unspoken trust that patients hold towards their physicians. When people seek medical treatment, they seek the advice and expertise of their doctors. But is that what we are really receiving when we seek medical treatment? What if doctors are advising us to take medications against their better judgment because they are being offered incentives to do so?

A recent article in the New York Times has revealed that physicians are offered pay bonuses, better online reviews, and even bumped into Tier 1 statuses with insurance companies if they meet certain criteria, Jason Halpern has reported. These criteria can range from prescribing a certain medication to a target number of patients to reducing the overall cholesterol in a given group of individuals by whatever means possibly. Basically, if a certain medication has more negative side effects than an alternative one, but offers a more significant drop in cholesterol levels, a doctor will opt to prescribe that medication so they can reach whatever goal they need to meet to be awarded, with no regard as to what is best for their patient.

This is yet another example of corruption that is found in the world of medicine. At least such schemes are now being widely recognized and attempts are being made to put the focus back on patient centered care, such as the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. This legislation publicly links all physicians to their financial ties.