Spread Goodness by Taking Notice

We often hear about people that are lazy. People trying to get ahead without putting in the time and effort it takes to be successful. Recently, a woman noticed that the same man that served her morning coffee was also working at the convenience store on her way home. She posted on Facebook when she learned that walked a total 16 miles to get to work and travel between his two jobs. A local car dealership saw the post and donated a car to the man so that he would have transportation to work.

While this is a story of good will, people noticing a need and reaching out to help, it is also a story about someone willing to work hard to meet their responsibilities. This man took on two jobs, sometimes working 20 hour days, to pay his bills and meet his family obligations. His work ethic and determination are to be applauded.

His hard work was rewarded because someone noticed him. A woman took the time to care and a car dealership stepped forward to help. We could do better at making the best of our situation and meeting our responsibilities without complaint.

Perhaps there is also a lesson to be learned about taking notice of those around us. Would you have realized that the coffee guy was also ringing up your chips in the evening? Taking the time to notice the world and the people in it, like this woman, opens the door to the goodness that lies in human nature.

Keith Mann Creates Great Scholarship Opportunity For High School Seniors

High school students with their eye on attending college are often looking for scholarship opportunities. The costs of attending a university are rather significant. Scholarships make these expensive institutions more accessible to those with limited funds. Keith Mann, the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, is doing his part to help a number of deserving seniors attended charter schools in Brooklyn. Business Wire tells the whole story, and it is an inspiring story.

The full title of the scholarship is the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Eligible applicants are those graduating seniors who are attending one of the charters managed by Uncommon Schools. The full amount of the award is $5,000. Applying entails writing an essay on a specified topic.

Keith Mann’s professional pursuits focus on finding the right people for executive jobs in various companies in New York. He is also known for his philanthropic work. This particular scholarship endeavor brings both spheres together. The students helped by the scholarship helps the young persons attend college in order to eventually contribute to the business world.

A college degree is important in many fields. The students are not necessarily locked into pursuing a business major or career in order to apply for this scholarship. Surely, a number of the students who do apply are probably interested in business endeavors.

Those graduating seniors who are able to provide a well-written, compelling essay about how a college degree will help their professional career are going to be seriously considered for the scholarship. All the applicants are sure to put a tremendous amount of effort into crafting the perfect result.

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Avi Weisfogel GoFundMe campaign-Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is the owner of the New Jersey Dental Sleep Masters. His background consist of sleep treatment and sleep disorders. With this background, it’s no wonder, Avi Weisfogel decided to place a $2000 GoFundMe page for Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international medicine charity organization that provides free surgical procedures for children. They work around the globe, ensuring that each child gets the best care and support available. Founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, Operation Smile was first established to help children in the Philippines. Of Course with a growing global network, Operation Smile had created thousands of volunteers from 80 nations. With Operation Smile expanding, its no wonder that the organization has done more than 220,000 free surgical procedures for children all over the world.

Avi Weisfogel has set a goal of $2000 in order to help Operation Smile out. He states in an interview “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.” Check out his educational YouTube Video here.

Weisfogel continues on to say that his passions and background led him to this GoFundMe campaign. With a goal of $2000, this charitable campaign is definitely attainable. I encourage you to visit Avi Weisfogels GoFundMe page, and give what you can to help out children all over the world get the procedures they need.

Why Entrepreneurs Should be Encouraged

Often times, entrepreneurs are greatly admired. However, when someone decides to be an entrepreneur, others may try to shut him down and stop him from achieving that success. This is quite a disservice to do to someone and themselves. For one thing, entrepreneurs are those that create jobs. If no one was going to be an entrepreneur, there would be less jobs. Fortunately, there are people that are willing to encourage entrepreneurs. Keith Mann is one of them. In fact, he has put forward a scholarship with his wife Keely in order to award the person that shows the most promise when it comes to business related activities.

This generous scholarship is put in place to help people pursue their goals in their business. This also helps one of the kids to make it through a four-year college. There is participation required to earn this scholarship as with other scholarships. Anyone applying for the scholarship ha to write an essay that is as long as 1,000 words which explains how earning a college degree will be helpful for them to achieve their goals in the profession of their choice. The best essay will be given the scholarship so that he or she can pursue her goals in education.

Keith Mann is someone who believes in education and a philanthropist. He also runs a company called dynamic search partners. He believes in giving people an opportunity to make a better life for themselves and improve lives for others. He has spent more than 10 years in the executive search industry and has launched the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. He has partnered with Uncommon Schools in order to put together this scholarship so that the qualified applicant can reach his goals. His philanthropist activities are centered towards the students of low income.

Avi Weisfogel Embarks On Philanthropy

Avi Weisfogel has created a page with the name Go-Fund-Me page to support the operations of the charity operation smile organization that he greatly finds inspiration from. The organization runs all over the Philippines and other parts to help children with deformities like cleft lips and cleft palates get their smile back through surgery. It was initiated by Dr. William Magee in 1982 when he performed an operation to his wife Kathleen who is a nurse by profession. They in collaboration with other medical professionals were overwhelmed by the high population of children who desperately need the operation, and they could no longer handle it by themselves, so they came up with the Operation Smile Organizations.

Their work involved getting people to donate medical equipment and supplies and volunteer nurses and doctor to handle the numerous cases of children with deformities. Since 1982, the program is helping children in over 60 countries with professionals from over 80 countries worldwide. The noble cause is a move that made Avi Weisfogel wants to raise more money for Operation Smile through his go fund page to increase the chances of more children benefiting from the donations and getting their smiles back.

Avi started the Healthy Heart sleep some years back to help him, and other doctors understand how to assist those with sleep apnea. He started owner unlimited sleep patients and was lecturing all dentists on sleep apnea and related problems of the disease. He also initiated a master’s program so that he teach more dentists how to use oral devices which help in combating sleep problems as according to his study dental problems are somehow related to causing sleep problems and Avi has been into this noble cause for more than 5 years. The system cost him very much but in the end, Avi was able to create a system that handles 200-300 oral patients in a month. He targets to reach more physicians and dentists to improve the health care in the sleep medicine discipline all over the world.

Born and raised in New Jersey Avi studied a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University and then obtained his dentist degree from New York University in the College of Dentistry. Avi is a renowned dentist, and he started his career with a dental office known as Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. He has won numerous awards for being the best dentist in the United States. His philanthropy is now going up with his one Go-Fund-Me page to help children with face deformities. He has a philanthropic aspect in him since the initiation of the sleep apnea program.

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Source: http://www.pr.com/press-release/653683

Operation Smile and Avi Weisfogel

With all the publicity Avi Weisfogel has received in the past none of it was as important as this. The New Jersey born and raised dentist is fully involved with Operation Smile. Operation Smile was formed in the Seven City area of Virginia in the 90’s to spread awareness and raise funds for operations for children with cleft lip syndrome. Millions of children around the world suffer from this horrific deformity and few can afford to pay for the operation. Avi Weisfogel knows all about problems with the mouth and children. He started his own dentist practice from the ground up in New Jersey.

Avi is a known philanthropist and has shown his passion for the conservation and creation of smiles for children for years. He is Now running a GoFundMe page for this exact cause. He is known for Healthy Heart Sleep which combined doctors and dentist together the help people who have sleeping problems because of other health issues and offered alternative methods of helping those patients. He has been lecturing to doctors and dentists for years about sleep apnea and the causes and ways to prevent the disorder. He has always shown a passion for helping people with the problems that no one else wants to lend a hand for.

Avi has won the title of best dentist a few times in his career. Avi holds a bachelor degree in psychology from Rutgers and a D.D.S from New York University of Dentistry. Avi’s long career has been filled with joy and passion for helping others and his GoFundMe page is just and extension of his heart.

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Keith Mann’s New Scholarship Program For Brooklyn Youth

The new Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a new campaign started by Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners. The program is designed for kids who are enrolled in charter schools in Brooklyn. There are many young people in charter schools in Brooklyn who are in need of money for college, and Keith Mann wants to provide money for kids who are truly deserving. This article explains the scholarship program, Keith’s desire to change education in New York and how charter schools are changing Brooklyn.

#1: Keith Has Worked With Charter Schools In The Past

Keith Mann is a committed New Yorker who has given his input on charter schools as a businessman. He has been brought in to talk to students in the past, and he has the funds available to start his own scholarship. The lucky students who wins the scholarship every year will have $5000 to put towards their education.

#2: The Scholarship Is For All Charter Students

Charter students in Brooklyn have been pulled out of failing schools to attend class in these new charter schools, but these students do not necessarily have the financial resources to spend on college. A child who was prepared for college should be afforded the opportunity go to college, and Keith believes that his $5000 scholarship will go a long way for a kid who needs a jump start.

#3: The Students Benefit The Most

Students in charter schools in Brooklyn are finding that they need competition in order to succeed. Keith Mann is creating a friendly competition among the students to see who wins the scholarship. Every student who wants the scholarship is trying to do more to improve themselves, and Keith believes that every kid benefits even if they do not win the award.

Keith Mann’s Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a simple way to help children in Brooklyn who are in need of funds for college. A child who gets a scholarship to college will be more motivated to make college work, and these same students will grow as they attempt to create resumes that are worthy of the scholarship prize.

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Keith Mann: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Young minds are both creative and innovative. With a college education, a budding entrepreneur has the necessary tools to make a positive impact on the future. Unfortunately, the expenses of higher education can be daunting for many students. Thanks to the philanthropic steps taken by business leaders like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners, young men and women can pursue their goals through scholarship programs. A graduating senior from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn is chosen each year to receive $5,000 from the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

As the co-founder of an executive search organization, Keith Mann is motivated to provide opportunity for the next generation. He started his own successful career as a manager for Dynamics Associates, a recruiting company for financial services. In 2002, the resourceful director recognized that the expanding hedge fund industry was in great need of staffing assistance. After organizing and leading the Alternative Investment Division for the group, Mann worked his way up to company-wide management and then to senior vice president. The alternative investment concept soon included private equity.

By 2009, Keith Mann was ready to co-found the current staffing firm over which he is Managing Director and CEO. The company is among the top databases nationwide for investment executives. Businesses in Europe and Asia, as well as the United States, depend on DSP for referrals when filling top-level positions. Since he understands the importance of training and preparation for upcoming business entrepreneurs, Mann makes a personal donation to the cause annually. He and his wife partner with Brooklyn’s Uncommon Schools non-profit organization to help a commendable low-income student afford college tuition. Uncommon Charter High School is a superior urban educational facility that is geared toward the success of their students after graduation.

Scholarship applicants are required to compose a 1,000-word essay about the ways in which their goals will be more easily achieved through the earning of a college degree. With the application deadline quickly approaching, bright young scholars are working to get their paperwork in by February 29, 2016. One very deserving senior will be chosen and presented with the $5,000 scholarship by the end of March.

Dentist Raises Donations to Make Children Smile

Operation Smile was started in the Philippines by plastic surgeon Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen, a nurse. The charitable operation was set up to help children born with facial deformities such as cleft palates and lips. It has expanded to involve medical professionals from over 80 countries, who have donated their medical skills to help children in more than 60 countries. Nearly 250,000 surgeries have been performed, and much needed training and medical supplies have been provided to the benefit of young children and teens worldwide.

Operation Smile is supported by donations and staffed by volunteers, and Avi Weisfogel is stepping in to assure funding needs are met. The work of the organization has so inspired him, he has set up a GoFundMe campaign with the proceeds going to Operation Smile. Weisfogel is a noted dentist in his home state of New Jersey, obtaining Best Dentist many times, and is well known for his charity work.

Weisfogel started his career with Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey after graduating from Rutgers University and the New York University College of Dentistry. Sleep problems and disorders became his area of focus and he founded “Healthy Heart Sleep” to assist dentists and doctors in understanding the problems of sleep disorders. Avi Weisfogel then expanded to form Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients to educate other dentists by lecturing on sleep apnea and its associated dental problems. He continued work in the field and his expertise led to his creation of Dental Sleep Masters of New Jersey. The company, under his ownership, teaches the use of oral devices to treat sleep problems.

Avi Weisfogel, dentist, lecturer, and philanthropist, is a busy man, but he is meeting his goal of continuing to help others overcome dental and health problems. The funding he is raising for Operation Smile will help to bring smiles to the faces of many children.

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The Real Estate Industry in New Jersey is Set to Rise from the Ashes

According to an article by realtytoday.com, the real estate business has made a comeback since the slumber in 2006 but New Jersey is not yet out of the woods. Despite the rise in the industry, properties in New Jersey remain below the slumber witnessed in 2006. An expert in real estate commented that residents of New Jersey are afraid of listing their properties owing to fears of price undercuts. Experts also rationalize that the slumber of prices in New Jersey’s property market is a result of: the high rate of foreclosed properties that stands at 8.12% and New Jersey’s small population. This can be considered a good opportunity for home lookers and investors in New York since homes in New Jersey are cheaper compared to the market prices in New York.

Some believe that the real estate industry in New Jersey is on the road to recovery. According to Housing Wire, there are 4 main reasons why the housing industry in New Jersey is going to bloom. First of all, the low down payment and interest rates are telling signs of an industry that is on the way to recovery. Secondly, technology has made marketing very easy. Online marketing strategies such as social media advertisements and search engine optimization are some of the ways that can be used to boost sales. Thirdly, the change in demographics is such that owning a house is not limited to families like the trend was in the past. The rate of single people looking to buy homes is steadily rising. Last but not least, it is possible to buy a home through real time brokers. In the past, you had to meet personally with a broker in order to buy property. Nowadays, you can learn all you want about a piece of property through the internet.

Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC begun purchasing neglected parcels on Albany Street in the late 80s and ever since, there has been no turning back. He first introduced first class offices- Street Plaza Tower One and Two and then continued to build condominiums for housing the professionals who occupied his towers. His future project will be Street Plaza Tower three.

New Brunswick just like New Jersey was not doing well when Omar Boraie and Boraie Development came along. However, just like New Jersey, the town had potential and for business men like Omar Boraie, this was an opportunity to invest in world class residential buildings. Employers and employees are now working and living in New Brunswick. The same scenario is bound to occur in New Jersey as more and more people seek for employment opportunities and homes to settle in, near their places of work.