Mindless Fun With “Dunk on Trump”

A quirky artist created a retro-style game that allows you to do one thing only, slam dunk on the President Donald Trump. Jayson Musson is a Brooklyn, New York artist and creator of the popular Hennessy Youngman character that was featured in his “Art Thoughtz” series. His game is called “Dunk on Trump” and is currently available to download on his website. Musson chose the Soundcloud artist, MegaPixel Music to feature the slap bass-friendly main theme song that’s played throughout this cheeky game.

Dunk on Donald is simple to play and for the fun to begin, all you will need is your trusty space bar. Yes, that’s the only active button for this game and you can rapidly press it as much as you want, even after you’ve maneuvered an impressive dunk on Donald Trump, all before the game resets itself. The artist’s project isn’t really a game, “I just wanted to offer people the opportunity to slam dunk on Donald J.Trump,” said Musson. It’s just repetitive fun for your own enjoyment and there is no way to best your own score. Dunk on Trump is compatible with all desktop browsers and don’t expect it to not be somewhat addictive.

Jayson Musson was born in Bronx, NY and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He later received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting while attending there in 2011. Musson was one of the original members of the Philly rap group, Plastic Little. The rap group formed in 2001 and has performed and collaborated with Mark Ronson, an English producer, musician, DJ, singer and songwriter. Jayson Musson has opened many solo art exhibitions in the New York and Philadelphia areas throughout his career.

Lost Wallets Prompt Social Experiment

Honesty, dignity, kindness. Three words every person should live by, but do they? Atlantic Canadian Bank decided to test the honesty of people in their area with a little experiment. The set up was simple. Take 12 wallets, fill them with cash, debit cards, and contact phone number to call if the wallet is found. They placed the 12 wallets around the four provinces and waited to see what would happen.
Within hours their phone began ringing. The good Samaritans were in for a pleasant surprise. For their honesty the bank offered to let them keep money. Taking human kindness one step further, some of the finders opted to donate the money to charity. Atlantic Credit Unions matched all donations to the chosen charities.
How many of the wallets were turned in? Surprisingly 9 out of the 12. Atlantic Credits Unions shared their results. Were they pleased? Check out what the marketing director had to say: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/credit-union-lost-wallet-atlantic-canada-1.4480255
What prompted people to turn the wallets in? Empathy. Many stated they knew first hand the hassle of replacing identification cards and that if the wallet was theirs they hoped someone would turn it in. The experiment took place just before Christmas, the perfect time of year to prove simple kindness does exist.
The four missing wallets could still be out there, only time will tell if they could still be turned in. Overall the experiment was a success. Jennifer Murray, the marketing director for Atlantic Canadian, stated “It’s fantastic and speaks to who we are as Atlantic Canadians.”

Diet Coke is Getting a New and Fun Makeover

If there is one thing to be said about millennials, it’s that they love to try things that are new. Anytime there is a new restaurant, product, app, or movie released, millennials are some of the first people to line up to try it. It’s because we’re an adventurous bunch that enjoys trying things first so that we can gloat and offers advice to others. This is great news for advertising companies. All they have to do is tweak their products slightly and they’ll continue to see a growth in sales. One of the companies is doing this.

Diet Coke is getting a makeover! Maybe it’s part of a “new year, new me” campaign or perhaps it’s just to get over an advertising slump. It’s actually a little bit of both. According to Buzzfeed, Diet Coke sales have been falling as many are turning towards healthier beverages like sparkling water. There are four new flavors which include ginger lime, twisted mango, zesty blood orange, and feisty cherry. Not only are there new flavors but there are also new cans. Diet Coke got a facelift! Their cans are sleekish and more stylish. The new products will hit store shelves at the end of February in the United States.

It’s kind of silly that millennials will try something new just because it looks different. It works, however! As a millennial myself, I’m actually quite interested in the new flavors. This rebrand, however, has another agenda. Most sparkling water cans and healthier beverages come in the sleeker cans. Diet Coke might be trying to convince their customer base that their product is healthy. These new cans are two years in the making and therefore by all intents and purposes, they should help to boost sales. Diet Coke did their research, listened to input from customers, and spent countless hours dreaming up the new cans.

Diet Coke is Getting a Makeover Millenials Will Love

The iconic drink Diet Coke is getting even better in 2018. The company recently revealed they will be introducing four new flavors, along with an updated look to their cans.

With younger people seeking out healthier alternatives to sugary beverages, Coca Cola has been on a mission to create something that will appeal to them. They hope their new flavors will entice people of all ages and cultures to pick up a can and give it a try.

According to People, the new flavors will be Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango. Along with the new flavors, the packaging is also getting a makeover. The new cans will be taller and slimmer, although they will still hold the traditional 12-oz. portion.

The colors of the cans are designed to really pop off the store shelves. The base color of the can will still be the well-known silver metallic shade, while the change will include a bright band of color down the center of the package. Ginger Lime has a green stripe, Feisty Cherry has a purple stripe, Zesty Blood Orange has an orange stripe, and Twisted Mango has a yellow stripe. The regular diet coke will have the traditional red stripe down the center.

The plain Diet Coke recipe will not change, due in part to the backlash the company experienced over recently changing the Coke Zero recipe. Although the company’s goal is to appeal to a wider audience, they don’t want to disappoint the loyal customers they already have.

The new items will hit store shelves in mid-January. Coca Cola plans to launch new commercials aimed at promoting the products later this month. The ads will also appear during the Winter Olympics. Free samples will also be offered to generate excitement about the new products.

Will Sony’s Spider Films Be Successful?

Sony has had some mixed results in their attempts to jump on the superhero bandwagon. Their main property is Spider-Man (their Fantastic Four movies are best ignored), and after giving Peter Parker two series, they now seem content to sell his films to Marvel while instead giving spin-offs to his supporting cast. The question is, will this prove to be a viable strategy now that Venom and Into the Spider-Verse are coming out this year?

Venom (set for release October 5) focuses on Eddie Brock, a villain turned anti-hero (though this film seems to be skipping to the latter) who gains powers from an alien symbiote that, unfortunately, also threatens to make one crazy and violent. Into the Spider-Verse, meanwhile, is an animated film about Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of an alternate dimension where Peter Parker died early in his superhero career.

While many were skeptical about these movies when they were first announced, both have managed to gain some credibility. For Venom, this was the casting of Tom Hardy in the title role; the actor does not always choose huge hits, but his characters always have some good depth to them. For Into the Spider-Verse, it was its teaser trailer, which provided some stunning visuals and, with hardly any lines, helped to sell Miles as a character while also strongly implying that Peter Parker was still in the movie, too.

That said, will these unusual movies manage to find an audience, when they lack the recognition of Peter Parker or the legitimacy of an established franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Only time will tell, but hopefully Sony will manage to make these projects worthy successors to the web-slinger.

“X-Men” Films That Are, May Still Be Coming

Though Disney buying Fox properties has left the X-Men films in limbo, they still have thirteen movies in production. Let’s see what they are.

Definitely still coming:

New MutantsDeadpool 2X-Men: Dark PhoenixGambit
• New Mutants will be released on April 13. It will be a superhero/horror combo, and Josh Boone hopes to get two sequels from it.
• Deadpool 2: Comes out June 1. Despite Disney’s family friendly reputation, they admit that they want to keep this raunchy, violent series going.
• X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Set for release November 2, this will be a loose adaptation of the famous comic book story line where Jean Grey is possessed by the Phoenix Force.
• Gambit: Set for next Valentine’s Day, this will star the charming Cajun mutant bad boy as he navigates a war between rival criminals.

These, however, are in early stages of development and thus could still be canceled:

X-ForceDeadpoolMultiple ManKitty PrydeX-23LoganAlpha FlightExiles
• X-Force: Spin-off of the Deadpool films, with a team led by Cable.
• Multiple Man: An odd choice, given a less popular character. May be based on his “X-Factor Investigations” run when he leads a team of superhero detectives in a noir style.
• Kitty Pryde: Recently announced, this would star the popular character who can turn intangible.
• X-23: Spin-off of Logan, starring his young female clone. They would need to hurry, though, if they want to do this before her actress grows up.
• Alpha Flight and Exiles: Simon Kinberg mentioned that there were plans to maybe give these two teams films (well, he said “X-Flight,” but there is no such team), but nothing else is known yet.

Did Santa Rescue a Reindeer? That’s What the Internet Wants to Know

Those near Salem saw quite the holiday scene on Tuesday. A man dressed in a bright red suit, similar to the one Santa Claus wears, could be seen saving a deer from a frozen pond. Sadly, it wasn’t a scene out of the North Pole. This fun little version, however, took place in Oregon after a deer got stuck on frozen golf course pond.

The man in the red suit was not Santa Claus, although his good deed would make the jolly old fellow quite proud. Rather, the man was a firefighter by the name of Jeff Johnston. According to Reddit, the man noticed the deer struggling on the frozen pond. He took the ice-rescue sled out to the deer and coaxed it onto it. It took some kind words and petting to get the deer to trust the firefighter. Alas, it did. The deer tried to get onto the sled before it was able to gain solid footing and push off onto the snowy ground. The deer scampered off into the woods, hopefully, to reunite with its friends or perhaps the real Santa Claus.

This video has gone viral. It’s being shared all across social media and on newscasts throughout the country. The reason this story is so fun is only because of the time of the year. It’s hard to ignore the similarities between this good Samaritan and a real-life Santa Claus saving a reindeer. Another correlation with Christmas, they even used a sled to do the rescue. The sled was actually paid for through Firehouse Subs which raises money for rescue personnel.

The story has been very well-received across all platforms. It seems that many are finding the red-suited man to be a real kindred spirit. That’s because the whole time that the man was trying to rescue the deer, he was talking to it as if it were an old friend. It’s something that people really connect with.

Daphne and Velma Receive Their Own Scooby-Doo Spinoff

The female members of the Mystery Inc. gang will once again be appearing on the big screen, but this time without their male counter parts. The well known characters of Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley, popularized by the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, are receiving an origin story set in their high school years before they joined forces with Scooby-Doo and their other Mystery Inc. pals. The live-action film follows the pair at Ridge Valley High, where the school’s most promising students are vanishing and returning in a zombie-like condition. The mystery-solving duo suspect the students’ unusual behavior is linked to their school benefactor, successful tech pioneer Tobias Bloom. Set in the present day, Daphne and Velma have received modern updates such as their friendship beginning online before they meet in person.

The film is being produced by Blondie Girl Productions (founded by Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical fame and her sister Jennifer) and Blue Ribbon Content, a subset of the Warner Bros. Television Group. Additional production services are being provided by Lifeboat Productions. When speaking of the project, Blondie Girl Production says it’s “committed to telling stories from a female perspective and could not be more thrilled to give Daphne and Velma their own story.” Blue Ribbon Content agrees, stating Daphne and Velma are “iconic and strong characters” and they believe this new saga will be “inspiring and entertaining.”

Sarah Jeffery from Shades of Blue will take on the role of Daphne and Sarah Gilman from Last Man Standing will star as Velma. Currently, the film is shooting in Atlanta and is expected to be release in 2018.

Thanksgiving Mishaps Read by Jimmy Fallon

The Thanksgiving season has just passed, which means that people are likely still eating leftovers while doing their Christmas shopping. SNL alum and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon recently shared Twitter posts about mistakes made during Thanksgiving preparations made by viewers, and many of them may make you feel a little better about blunders you’ve made while preparing what is usually the biggest meal of the year.

One viewer shared that her grandfather’s dentures fell into the mashed potatoes while he was preparing them. He made her promise not to tell any of the other family members. Another Twitter user said that her uncle got so drunk during Thanksgiving dinner that he started cutting the turkey with the handle of the knife instead of the blade! Another viewer shared a hilarious Thanksgiving memory of the time her grandmother was complaining about how bad the snacks were at dinner, when she was actually eating potpourri without realizing it. Another viewer tweeted that one Thanksgiving, her cousin forgot to bring dessert and her grandmother forgot the turkey, so the family ended up eating varieties of potatoes for their holiday dinner. One viewer recalled the time she used a chocolate fountain for Thanksgiving, but the fountain stopped working properly and chocolate splattered all over the kitchen and hardened. One viewer even posted holiday memories of a family member making gravy and accidentally poured all the gravy in the sink through a strainer, since there was no pan underneath to catch the sauce.

Check out www.huffingtonpost.com for more hilarious Thanksgiving stories.

Huffington Post Lists Fun Halloween Ideas

With the coming holiday season, many Americans are seeking new ways to celebrate traditional holidays in fun and interesting ways. Because Halloween kicks off a series of exciting American holidays, The Huffington Post recently published a piece which details ways that people can engage in holiday activity in innovative ways. The article lists places of interest to those who celebrate Halloween as well as places that should be avoided by those who do not engage in the spooky activities. The article also listed areas that would be family friendly during the coming holidays and areas that groups with small children should avoid.


In one particular instance of holiday points of interest to avoid, the Huffington Post article described the festivities that will take place at local Burger King restaurants across the country. According to the article, the restaurant chain is offering free whoppers to the first 500 customers who visit the franchise location dressed in traditional clown costumes. The restaurant chain featured an advertising campaign at the beginning of October that featured a spooky clown figure who resembled the McDonalds mascot, Ronald McDonald. After the clown was chased down a street, it arrived safely in a well lit Burger King facility and offered free whoppers to the chain’s first 500 customers on Halloween night.


The franchise represents one of several Halloween points of interest that may not be suitable for groups that include small children during family outings. Other points of interest include several haunted houses and events. The Huffington Post article stated that families should visit events that are approved for families such as Halloween and Fall festivals and local fun houses that will be open to the public leading up to Halloween night. The article also featured unique ideas that families could use to celebrate the coming Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Holidays.