Huffington Post Lists Fun Halloween Ideas

With the coming holiday season, many Americans are seeking new ways to celebrate traditional holidays in fun and interesting ways. Because Halloween kicks off a series of exciting American holidays, The Huffington Post recently published a piece which details ways that people can engage in holiday activity in innovative ways. The article lists places of interest to those who celebrate Halloween as well as places that should be avoided by those who do not engage in the spooky activities. The article also listed areas that would be family friendly during the coming holidays and areas that groups with small children should avoid.


In one particular instance of holiday points of interest to avoid, the Huffington Post article described the festivities that will take place at local Burger King restaurants across the country. According to the article, the restaurant chain is offering free whoppers to the first 500 customers who visit the franchise location dressed in traditional clown costumes. The restaurant chain featured an advertising campaign at the beginning of October that featured a spooky clown figure who resembled the McDonalds mascot, Ronald McDonald. After the clown was chased down a street, it arrived safely in a well lit Burger King facility and offered free whoppers to the chain’s first 500 customers on Halloween night.


The franchise represents one of several Halloween points of interest that may not be suitable for groups that include small children during family outings. Other points of interest include several haunted houses and events. The Huffington Post article stated that families should visit events that are approved for families such as Halloween and Fall festivals and local fun houses that will be open to the public leading up to Halloween night. The article also featured unique ideas that families could use to celebrate the coming Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Holidays.


What Will “Shazam’s” Hero Be Called?

Shazam is set to be released April 5, 2019. But the question remains: will its protagonist be named “Shazam” or his more traditional moniker, Captain Marvel?

Part of the problem? Marvel has their own hero called “Captain Marvel,” and her film is coming out less than a month earlier, on March 8.

A comic book history lesson: in 1941, Fawcett Comics created a young boy named Billy Batson, who could transform into the adult superhero Captain Marvel by shouting “Shazam!,” the name of the wizard who gave him this power. His comics, called Captain Marvel and variants thereof, made him one of the biggest superheroes of the Golden Age of Comic Books.

Long story short, DC Comics bought the character, but by then the copyright on the name had expired, and a newer company, Marvel Comics, snatched it up. Several Marvel characters have since borne the name, including the upcoming film’s protagonist, Carol Danvers.

This does not mean that DC Comics can’t call their own hero “Captain Marvel,” however; it simply means that they cannot advertise him that way. As such, DC has traditionally titled their comic books “Shazam,” after the magic word Billy shouts, while Billy’s alter ego continues to be called “Captain Marvel” within the story.

That changed in 2011 with the “New 52” initiative, however, where his hero form is also called “Shazam.” That said, many changes to the character from the New 52 were disliked by fans, who generally seem to prefer his more lighthearted “Captain Marvel” title.

What he will be called in the new movie is still a mystery, as so far official materials have used both names. At this point is may be be up to director David F. Sandberg, who is already bracing for backlash.

Huffington Post Reveals Fun Netflix Trends

In an entertainment piece published by the Huffington Post, authors reveal the top shows on Netflix that viewers choose when planning a fun night in. Netflix has gained national, and even global, accreditation as one of the leading providers of entertainment and its often noted for revolutionizing the way that people view their entertainment. The multi-million dollar corporate streaming service has expanded every year and now includes in-studio productions that feature some of the most famous names in Hollywood. It is now reported that a great percentage of the 16-38 year old population gets its entertainment primarily from Netflix, or a Netflix-type streaming service. This fact has changed the way that marketers interact with customer bases and has turned the cable industry inside out. Still, consumers typically do not associate Netflix with cable revolution or business, but use the service for fun purposes.

According to the Huffington Post article, Netflix has spent over 6 billion dollars on the development of original content that caters to the subscription service’s fan base. Although all the new productions do not become primary choices for viewers who enjoy planning a fun night in, many of the Netflix originals have become top 10 picks for viewers looking for a fun night of entertainment. Netflix originals like House of Cards and Stranger Things have become fast fan favorites and have resulted in entire theme parties being planned for the series premier of several shows.

When compiling a list of the top Neflix shows that have earned a faithful audience that often hosts fun parties for premiers, shows that make the list include the previously mentioned House of Cards and Stranger Things, as well as shows like American Vandal, Mind Hunter, Bojack Horseman, Master of None, Dear White People, and Joan Diodon: The Center Will Not Hold.

Photographer Holds Photoshoot for New Kitten

While most people reserve the occasion for a newborn child, this professional photographer pulled out all the stops to commemorate adopting a new cat.

Huffington Post talks about how the appropriately named photographer Kitty Schaub decided to celebrate her new pet. She and her five year old daughter recently adopted a cat named Luna, with the two of them becoming immediately enamored with the kitten.

One day, while preparing to wash a set of props she would normally use for newborn photoshoots, she noticed Luna napping on the couch and had a brilliant idea – to photograph their cat as if she was a baby.

“I picked her up, loosely wrapped her in a blanket, and set her down,” she said. Most amusing of all, Luna refused to wake up despite all the pictures being taken of her. It wasn’t until Schaub purposely tried to rouse her did she finally open her eyes.

Proud of her work, Schaub posted the photos to her Facebook page, which quickly went viral. Demand came immediately for more pictures of Luna, which she gladly provided.

Additionally, after a comment by her sister-in-law comparing Luna to Dinah the cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, she had the idea for a new shoot featuring both Luna and her daughter themed after the story.

Due to Luna’s popularity, Schaub compiled some of her work into a six month calendar people can purchase from her website for just $20. All proceeds from the sales will go to the charity Save a Stray, an animal rescue organization based out of St. Joseph, Michigan.

How Soon Will Abraham Lincoln Visit President Donald Trump?

According to many accounts, the White House is often visited by spirits of deceased presidents particularly Abraham Lincoln’s in times of crisis such as the release and non/release of JFK files by current President Donald Trump appears to be. Lincoln is said to haunt the second floor “when the country needs a leader most.” This bodes two questions: one, how soon will this occur, and two, if so, how likely will it be that it is disclosed to ‘the American people’ sooner then later?

Although Lincoln died in 1865, his spirit is rumored and documented to have been visiting the White House since 1942 and before, when he appeared to the Queen of The Netherlands who was sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. A 1989 account maintains that President Reagan’s dog would not cross the threshold of the Lincoln bedroom. In 1932, a staff member of Eleanor Roosevelt claimed she saw him sitting on the Lincoln bed donning his boots. Former President Harry Truman reported being visited by a spirit in the presidential suite in 1946 while his wife and daughter were on a holiday away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Historical accounts maintain that both Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln were visited in the White House by the departed spirit of their son who died of a medical issue there.

Perhaps the weirdest angle of this visitation is that Lincoln himself had a dream of his impending assassination three days prior to its occurrence while sleeping at the White House.

AI Meets Tragic End, At A Water Fountain

Back in the 1970s, people thinking about the future would have a very Jetsons like view of what we would end up with. With flying cars and mind reading technology on those lists, there are few things that we have managed to meet, which would say we are living in the future. Artificial intelligence is one of the things that we have managed actually to do, which would point towards our futuristic lives, but robots do come with their own sets of troubles and turmoils.

Recently, an artificial intelligence called K5 was stationed in Washington. The model was made to be a combat AI, ready to attack in the case of an emergency. One would think that such kind of AI would be equipped with the very best, and would also know to safeguard itself at the time of a crisis. Apparently not.

The K5 soon met its demise after being stationed in its designated area. The cause of death? Drowning. Well, not literally, since all that happened was that the robot slipped and fell into a water fountain nearby. Since the makers of this robot probably did not envision death by fountain to be one of how the K5 would meet it’s end, the model was not made waterproof, instantly rendering its circuits useless.

The K5 was developed by a company known as Knightscope, which is located in Silicon Valley. The company took to Twitter to mourn the tragic loss of their dear AI but soon decided to release a statement that a replacement would be making its way to the Washington area again, sometime next week. Hopefully, this robot performs its functions of guarding the place well and doesn’t meet another tragic end, courtesy the water fountains in the area.

Stan Lee Honored with Handprint Ceremony in Hollywood

Stan Lee is the man you can currently thank for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Stan lee is the most legendary comic book writer of all time and the creator of the biggest super heroes that the world has ever seen. His work alongside Marvel in creating the ultra popular Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to go down as the thing of legend once the franchises are all wrapped up and complete. At 94 years old Stan Lee is going to start taking a smaller and smaller workload every year and Hollywood was sure to honor him for his efforts. Lee was recently honored with a Handprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the TLC Chinese Theatre.

Stan lee’s Walk of Fame ceremony was attended by some of the biggest of the big figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among those attending the event were James Gunn (Writer/Director for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), Kevin Feige (Marvel Studio Boss), and a host of actors including Chadwick Boseman and Clark Gregg. Lee spoke at the event, albeit in short form, and made sure to thank everyone who had supported him along the way. Lee is notorious for his wit, even at 94, and he said during his ceremony: “If I had known I was so good, I’d have asked for a raise.” Lee received this honor after recently being awarded another high honor at the Disney D23 Expo the weekend prior where he was confirmed as a ‘Disney Legend’ alongside Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Stan Lee is one of the highest grossing actors of all time thanks to his numerous cameos in every Marvel Cinematic movie. He is also one of the most highly decorated comic book writers to ever walk the planet and has been credited as saving the industry.

Philadelphia Neighboorhood Becomes Pop-Up Concert

It’s not everyday that a random concert just shows up in a town and takes it over for a day or so. That’s pretty much exactly what happened in Philadelphia not too long ago.


West Philly went through a very sudden transformation, by taking the porches of the area and turning them into music performance venues in what is called the “West Philly Porchfest.” This is the second annual festival for music and is essentially a do-it-yourself music festival that was organized by all of the neighborhood’s residents. The free shows by artists took up more than 65 porches.


According to Morgan Melissa Robinson, who hosted the first West Philly Porchfest in 2016, the success of the previous year’s festival showed everyone how much the neighborhood wanted to be involved in an event like this. So naturally, repeating the event for the following year was a logical and wanted step. The event featured several musical acts, from hip hop groups, up and coming punk bands and jazz trios and some old school rock, all made up of friends and visitors to the area.


Porchfests are a fairly recent trend in society, starting with the first organized one in Ithaca, New York in 2007 but then began spreading all across the country. The idea of a porchfest is simply to have fun and also encouraging participation from musicians from all backgrounds, talents and experiences. Overall, the entire event is meant to create a relaxed and friendly environment where visitors can just come, sit back and enjoy all kinds of good music.

Too Social To Be The Police

A police dog in Australia has a new job thanks to his overwhelmingly polite demeanor. As it turns out, Gavel was a bit too friendly to be a police dog. Queensland government officials say the German Shepherd was way more interested in being “social.” Police were quoted as saying he lacked the “aptitude” to catch criminals.


Perhaps Gavel just needed a different calling. So he unfortunately lost his opportunity to be a police dog. He was trained from his puppy years to be the dog who fought crime. Gavel just didn’t seem to get that he was supposed to be more bite than bark.


Fortunately, those who knew Gavel fell in love with his big heart.

Gavel has now been relegated to a different position. He will greet visitors in Queensland at as a very polished professional. The one time police dog will say hello to people who visit the government house in Queensland.



Gavel is now called the VRD of Queensland. That means Vice-Regal Dog.

The irony of Gavel’s move into the government home might be that he has a strong line of police dogs in his family. Gavel had a great pedigree but that didn’t mean much. His training at the police dog academy didn’t muster much of a crime fighter.

The one time police dog will face his senior years as the pup who welcomes visitors in in Queensland. Gavel will get to attend various events with the Governor with his new found duties. It’s quite possible the German Shepherd could still remember his bloodline should he ever be needed.


Man Gives A Ketchup Bottle Its Proper Funeral

Call it silly or call it crazy even, but there was one man who showed off his absolute love for ketchup. He had purchased a bottle of the tomato goodness from a store known as Morrisons. He had it stored away in his cabinet but for whatever reason the bottle how exploded and thus left a dry ketchup mess all over his cabinets.


The man took a picture of this and tweeted it out to the Morrison store’s Twitter account. He asked them what had gone wrong and why his ketchup bottle had ended up like this. He wasn’t furious with them exactly, he was more humored by what had happened. He wanted to make his little burial joke about the bottle as well. reports that just about 10 mins after the initial tweet, the man put out some more tweets about how he was going to hold proper burial for the ketchup. It was a funny tweet in which he showed all of his other condiments and other things that are commonly in one’s kitchen surrounding the “body” of the ketchup bottle. It was done this way to show them in a way that made them look like they were mourning the bottle having perished.


The store actually played along with what this guy was doing and tweeted back to him asking where their invitation was. They said that it must have gotten lost in the mail. He sent them back pictures of the funeral plot that he had dug up in his back yard as a memorial to the bottle of ketchup. This of course was a very funny and ridiculous little thing to do, but a lot of people enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a funny little way for one man and one company to engage with one another on social media.