No, Virginia, It’s Not a Marshmellow Roast…Duh!

Most people find little humor in volcanic eruptions. However, the good folks at Huff Post did indeed try to inject a little levity into an otherwise rather sobering series of events. They dedicated an entire article to a rather offbeat question by a Twitter user. Reportedly, Jay Furr asked the U.S. Geological Survey whether someone could safely roast marshmallows over volcanic vents?


And the website saw fit to cover the story, LOL! If you’ve ever spent any time seriously contemplating a fun camping event on Mt. Kilauea, you’ll want to pay close attention to this topic. It will at least alert you to a few of the practical challenges you’ll face mixing lava with Java as you savor your S’mores.


No Question Outside The Realm of Science


To their credit, it appears the USGS took the Tweet in good humor. They did not flinch from presenting a practical answer. Indeed, if you’ve ever expended angst over this issue, rest assured even a very, very, very, very, very long marshmallow stick won’t allow you to create a culinary marshmallow masterpiece the next time you tour Kilauea.




The raw stench from the sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid in the volcano will indeed cause more than a temporary loss of appetite. It will upset your tummy! As it happens, erupting volcanoes do not make trendy party sites.


So the United States Geologic Survey and Huffington Post don’t recommend volcano roasts. If you choose to visit the evacuation zone near the base of the mountain this year, kindly leave your marshmallows at home if you wish to stay safe. Of course, the fact the Tweet elicited an accurate response from the USGS testifies to the broadmindedness of federal employees these days. They do first class work!

Thomas Weighs-in on Lebron vs. Jordan

The sounds of that old never-ending debate keep getting louder. No, I’m not talking peanut butter vs. jelly, or Pepsi vs. Coke. Not this time.


Seemingly the most important debate we’ve all become accustomed to this time of year pits one Lebron Raymone James against another guy who wore number 23 – Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Who’s the G.O.A.T? For those unfamiliar, G.O.A.T. stands for “greatest of all time,” and the answer to that question is pretty divisive among people who follow basketball.


And now Isiah Thomas, the former all-time great Detroit Piston himself, has decided to chime in.


“Lebron James is a much better basketball player than Michael Jordan,” said Thomas on a recent episode of ESPN’s “Get Up” morning show.


That bold statement is sure to add fuel to the controversy that has been brewing for many years now in the Lebron vs. Jordan debate. Jordan, who won six NBA titles and five MVPs, was generally considered to be the greatest that there ever will be when he retired from basketball in 2003. He was so dominant that many were ready to slam the record books closed, lock them up, and throw away the key. James, however, has given pause to many basketball fans. With three NBA titles and four MVPs (so far), Lebron’s ability to consistently and completely dominate games with his physicality have many believing he might eventually take the throne from Jordan.


Apparently Isiah Thomas is already on board. Of course, Thomas may be a bit biased. He had many well-known feuds with Michael Jordan back in their playing days. Thomas’ “Bad Boy” Pistons were huge rivals of Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. It’s no surprise that he is willing to mix things up a little, even now.


Will Lebron vs. Jordan ever be decided? Probably not, at least definitively. But it sure is fun to debate.

Conroy Thinks Fans Prejudged Affleck

Kevin Conroy, one of the most famous actors to play Batman, says that he enjoys Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the character and was annoyed when many fans prejudged him.


Affleck plays the Caped Crusader in the ongoing DC Extended Universe, but when he was first announced for the role back in 2015, many fans were skeptical, some even loudly decrying the decision. Nevertheless, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out the following year most agreed that his acting was one of the best parts of the film, even if the way his character was written alienated fans.


Conroy has some experience as Batman, having portrayed him in the DC Animated Universe and several DC Universe Animated Original Movies. He not only likes Affleck’s work, but always thought that the fans were giving him too hard of a time.


“[Affleck] really pulled it off,” he said. “I thought he was really good. So I’m more in his court than a lot of people are, I guess. I think people gave him a hard time before they even saw what he would do with it. There’s a lot of pre-judging.”


This is not the first time that he has spoken about Affleck’s portrayal of the character; last year, for example, he said that Affleck may do the best job out of any Batman actor in balancing his portrayal of both Batman and Bruce Wayne.


Conroy has still been playing that role recently with the TV series Justice League Action. As for Affleck, there have long been rumors that he wants to leave the DCEU as soon as possible, while newer rumors say that he may have changed his mind about that; as with much in the franchise, what is actually going to happen remains to be seen.

How to Care For Your Dogs In The Summer

Sometimes your pets need more than to be fed and given water. Sometimes they need much more when it gets hot. There are things pet owners need to know about summer pet safety. Here is a list of some helpful hints.


  1. Never leave your dog unattended in a closed car. In hot weather, a car can reach 120 degrees in mere minutes.


  1. When you are outside with your animals keep them on a leash. This prevents them from fighting with other animals and eating and drinking things that could make them ill or even poison them. Coolant, for example, is one thing you often find puddled in the streets during the summer and can kill your animals should they drink it.


  1. Make sure your animals always have water. Prevent dehydration.


  1. Veterinarians agree that pets can actually get sunburned. Experts suggest you keep your animals out of prolonged, direct sunlight between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p. m. If you must have your pets out during these hours, apply sunblock on specific parts of your animal such as the tips of the ears, the skin around the lips, and even the tip of the nose.


  1. If you have a long-haired dog, keep your pet groomed. Thick, long hair tends to hold the heat. You might even want to have your pet clipped.


  1. Don’t let your pet get overly active on humid days. Humidity hampers the way that animals rid themselves of extra body heat.


  1. Taking precautions such as these will hopefully prevent more serious conditions such as heat-stroke. Should your pet still somehow get heat-stroke, cover the animal with wet towels and call your veterinarian immediately.


Protect your pets from summer parasites. Purchase preventative products and consult your veterinarian regarding appropriate testing. Monitor your pets at least as well as you would your children!

A Cookbook Written by Preschoolers : A Surprise in Every Dish

New recipes are hard to come up with, but this bunch of preschooler’s ideas takes the cake when it comes to unique ingredients. Their views of what tastes good will make you smile, and you might remember the days of play cooking with plastic pots and pans.


Jordan Adams shared these funny pages on his Twitter account. They came from his nephew’s classroom cookbook. The preschoolers made up all the recipes. It may make you wonder where all your creativity went.


A favorite dish called Ethan’s Eggs is presumably by Ethan, who is Adams’ nephew. The recipe, made with pancakes and Skittles, takes only two seconds to cook, but preparation can take one hour.


Who doesn’t love macaroni? Ariana’s macaroni dish calls for a mixture of fruit, dolls, and a backpack. She goes on to explain the cooking directions, and how the oven needs to be hot like a candle, a birthday candle to be precise. The instructions begin to ramble about a swimming pool and her sister. At some point, it is deliciously done.


Don’t miss Joe’s taco recipe. It turns into a cheese roll-up after he decides a taco recipe is too hard. Cheese roll-up is easy, and all you need is cheese and a tortilla shell. That indeed does sound easier than tacos. Joe does not care for beans either. He is not a fan of bean burritos. You will learn all of this from the taco recipe, and If you are in the mood for a leisurely breakfast dish, try Sebastian’s’ pancake recipe. The only ingredient is salt.


Jordan Adam hopes you laugh and enjoy these recipes that remind us how much fun it is to be a preschooler.

Teacher Receives Amazing Graduation Invite

Teacher Judith Toensing inspired her students to reach for the stars. She encouraged them, and it paid off with a special invitation.


In the late spring, early summer of 1997, school was just ending for the sixth graders in Judith Toensing Arizona classroom. Toensing wrote a special note on the student’s reports cards. The note said, “It has been a joy to have you in class. Keep up the good work! Invite me to your Harvard graduation!”


Christin Gilmer was one of the students in that Arizona classroom, and she has just graduated as a doctor of public health from Harvard. Gilmer was 12 when she received that encouraging memo. She is now 33 years old. Gilmer went on to explain how this teacher was one of the first to inspire her and encouraged her to study health. Toensing spoke of human rights and international health issues. As a teacher, she shared the plight of people living with AIDS.


After hearing the story, Harvard made the decision to fly, free, Toensing out for the graduation. The speech given at Harvard by Dean Williams praised teachers who gave their time and heart to help students grow.


Judith was surprised by the invitation, more like shocked. Christin made sure to deliver the invite herself. Judith expressed feeling honored and proud to be invited to the ceremony and states she feels she is now a better and more inspired and energized teacher.


Gilmer has been infused with that same passion from her early teacher. She shares her fondness for Arizona and working with community projects and health programs that benefit people.


The Silly Side of Love

Bruce Lee once said, “Love is like a friendship caught on fire,” which is a quote that perfectly depicts the relationship of Jackie Nguyen and Nate Huntley. Before getting officially engaged, this epic couple spent an entire year shopping for costumes, props, and researched ideas before putting the most incredible engagement photo shoot into effect.


Dressing as famous couples from movies, Nguyen and Huntley proved to a dismal world that true love exists and it is truly silly. Dwight and Michael from The Office, Dr. Grant and Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park, Rose and Jack from The Titanic, and Thor and Harry Potter were only a few of the disguises worn by the couple during their shoot, perfect poses and all. Despite the magnitude of the shoot and the longevity of obtaining all of the outfits, the newlyweds insist that the entire ordeal was budget friendly, a fact that certainly has viewers anticipating their own unique shoot!


While the overall idea of this couple’s engagement photo shoot is enough to want to run out and find “the one,” the message of their love is probably the most prominent. Nguyen and Huntley have fun together; they accept each other for who they are, even if that means acting silly and- no pun intended- out of character. Some couples want pictures of themselves dressed to the nines with ideal hair and attire, but these two wanted to portray the simpler part of love. In a world so full of hardships, Jackie and Nate surely shed some brighter times with their fun, inspiring story.


Bounce into “I Do” with These Epic Wedding Castles

The term, “Wedding,” strikes many emotions in people. From joy to fear, to excitement and stress, weddings of all types and sizes are just strikingly amazing. Certainly, the concept of DIY (Doing It Yourself) has allowed people to lead their special days away from the stereotypical white flowers and table cloths, chicken or beef, matchbox party favors and into the world of creativity. From unforgettable, cascading centerpieces to strings of lights as far as the eye can see, weddings are modernizing an ancient tradition and this fact alone makes some companies soar as they release more game changing ways to customize the day of all days.


British company, A Wedding Wonderland, adds pizzazz to weddings by making seventeen by twenty wedding bouncy castles. Yes, you read that correctly: A Wedding Wonderland makes bouncy castles fit for a king and queen or, in this case, a bride and groom.


Able to be customized to fit a given theme and color scheme, these castles allow guests to get away from the buffet line and dance floor for an activity they are guaranteed never to forget.


Currently and unfortunately, these castles are only available for sale in the United Kingdom. For four hundred dollars, wedding couples are able to channel their youth and add an element to their weddings that none have been able to in centuries before. Sure, one always had the ability to rent a bouncy house for that dare-to-be-different aspect, but doing so certainly diminished the general elegance of this sacred time. A Wedding Wonderland is doing different right and that sole reason is sure to make mock companies and castles come to life throughout the world.

Stunned Wedding Couple Finds Photographer in Tree

The big day has arrived! You got your cake, wedding dress, the groom is in place, the venue is looking sharp, but your photographer is little to be desired, a reality that can lead to devastating consequences. When planning a wedding, it is safe to say that you check the credentials of every service you plan to use. You found the dress? Next, you ensure that other customers were satisfied with the craftsmanship, professionalism of the business, etcetera, by doing some research. The same process should be applied to finding a photographer, which is the case for satisfied newlyweds, Shaiz and Navya.


Upon discovering photographer, Vishnu of Whiteramp Photography, the couple knew that he would be as professional as he is talented, but they never expected his level of dedication when it came to capturing their perfect shots.


Surely Vishnu captured the standard photos: The bride and groom kissing, the couple cutting the cake, a few parents here and there, but the guests and couple never expected Vishnu to climb a tree and hang upside down to get the perfect angle for one particular shot. This surprise element delighted guests and the newlyweds, but also ended up being immensely beneficial for Vishnu’s career when the video of him doing so went viral three days later.


When realizing this newly acquired fame, the photographer offered some humble words, “I have taken photos from the top of trees before as well.” Though Shaiz and Navya admitted to being worried at first when Vishnu climbed the tree, they could not be more happy with their wedding pictures and those looking for a wedding photographer are sure to opt for Whiteramp Photography.


Robotics Expert Uses New Technology to Rescue Puppy

A miraculous rescue recently occurred in New Delhi India. Local resident Milind Raj works in the artificial intelligence industry. He spends his days building robotic arms and other parts at his Lucknow lab. His expertise was put to the test in this emergency rescue situation.

He was out for his daily walk when he heard a slight whimper. Milind eventually discovered a puppy that was trapped in a dangerous situation. The beige and brown puppy was stuck in a drainage tunnel between two streets. As it continued to cry, Milind rushed back to his Lucknow lab to find a solution. He began to construct a quick fix with his robotic supplies.

Luckily, he had a robotic arm controlled by artificial intelligence. He also happened to have a large drone. Milind attached the arm to the drone in hopes of using it to rescue the puppy. He had recently built both devices himself. The arm had a smart heartbeat monitor to make sure the hand grip wouldn’t squeeze too tightly and ensure the puppy wasn’t overly stressed. To him, it was worth the risk to save the dog’s life.

The drain was murky and unsafe for people to enter. The poor puppy had been stuck there for over two days. Sick and thirsty, it didn’t have much time. After six hours in his lab, he finally had all the parts assembled. This is when the rescue operation commenced.

As bystanders gathered, Milind Raj put his devices to work. He lowered the drone and arm down into the drain. Once the puppy was safely secured in the robotic arm’s grasp, Milind was able to begin the drone’s ascent. He slowly lifted the puppy out of the drain. The drone carried the puppy across the street to his lab and gently dropped it on the ground. The puppy immediately ran up to Milind as if to thank him! It suffered a few fits of vomiting but thankfully had no serious health complications.

This innovator and his machines provided the life-saving escape the puppy needed. This new technology could mean that many more animals are saved from situations just like this. The puppy is currently living at Milind’s home and getting some