Harry Styles Transitions to Movie Star

There is a name in the music industry t hat will be infinitely more familiar with teenage girls than with grown men. However, that same name will be dragging grown men to movie theaters to watch one of the more critically acclaimed war movies in the past decade — ‘Dunkirk’. That name is, of course, Harry Styles. Styles is the frontman for the insanely popular musical group One Direction and now it seems like he is trying to take his name even higher up in the entertainment world by transitioning to becoming an actor. According to preliminary reviews of ‘Dunkirk’, Styles’ first step has been a successful one.

Harry Styles joined the cast of ‘Dunkirk’ to instant loud and wide reception from people all over the entertainment world. Christopher Nolan is an acclaimed director with quality work in his library so his decision to cast Styles was immediately filed under the ‘cautiously optimistic’ label. Still, others saw it as a publicity stunt for Nolan or Styles or both. Styles joins a star studded cast that features some of the most talented working men in Hollywood: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and more. Despite the legendary names in that line up, it appears that Styles managed to fit right in.

‘Dunkirk’ is an early favorite to land some Oscar success and while we don’t think Harry Styles will be nominated for anything, he’s barely a supporting player, that will look very good on his resume. If Styles aims on pursuing more A-List level work in order to follow the footsteps of other musicians like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, well, he’s put himself in the right position to do so. As Styles shines in a WW2 epic, One Direction fans have to wonder if they might be losing their star singer to another industry entirely.

AI Meets Tragic End, At A Water Fountain

Back in the 1970s, people thinking about the future would have a very Jetsons like view of what we would end up with. With flying cars and mind reading technology on those lists, there are few things that we have managed to meet, which would say we are living in the future. Artificial intelligence is one of the things that we have managed actually to do, which would point towards our futuristic lives, but robots do come with their own sets of troubles and turmoils.

Recently, an artificial intelligence called K5 was stationed in Washington. The model was made to be a combat AI, ready to attack in the case of an emergency. One would think that such kind of AI would be equipped with the very best, and would also know to safeguard itself at the time of a crisis. Apparently not.

The K5 soon met its demise after being stationed in its designated area. The cause of death? Drowning. Well, not literally, since all that happened was that the robot slipped and fell into a water fountain nearby. Since the makers of this robot probably did not envision death by fountain to be one of how the K5 would meet it’s end, the model was not made waterproof, instantly rendering its circuits useless.

The K5 was developed by a company known as Knightscope, which is located in Silicon Valley. The company took to Twitter to mourn the tragic loss of their dear AI but soon decided to release a statement that a replacement would be making its way to the Washington area again, sometime next week. Hopefully, this robot performs its functions of guarding the place well and doesn’t meet another tragic end, courtesy the water fountains in the area.

Stan Lee Honored with Handprint Ceremony in Hollywood

Stan Lee is the man you can currently thank for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Stan lee is the most legendary comic book writer of all time and the creator of the biggest super heroes that the world has ever seen. His work alongside Marvel in creating the ultra popular Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to go down as the thing of legend once the franchises are all wrapped up and complete. At 94 years old Stan Lee is going to start taking a smaller and smaller workload every year and Hollywood was sure to honor him for his efforts. Lee was recently honored with a Handprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the TLC Chinese Theatre.

Stan lee’s Walk of Fame ceremony was attended by some of the biggest of the big figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among those attending the event were James Gunn (Writer/Director for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), Kevin Feige (Marvel Studio Boss), and a host of actors including Chadwick Boseman and Clark Gregg. Lee spoke at the event, albeit in short form, and made sure to thank everyone who had supported him along the way. Lee is notorious for his wit, even at 94, and he said during his ceremony: “If I had known I was so good, I’d have asked for a raise.” Lee received this honor after recently being awarded another high honor at the Disney D23 Expo the weekend prior where he was confirmed as a ‘Disney Legend’ alongside Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Stan Lee is one of the highest grossing actors of all time thanks to his numerous cameos in every Marvel Cinematic movie. He is also one of the most highly decorated comic book writers to ever walk the planet and has been credited as saving the industry.

‘Deadpool 2’ to Be Funnier Than the First?

We are currently living in one of the most celebrated times for cinema. We are seeing new franchises sprout from the ground while others find their mark. In particular, the comic book industry seems to have been fully embraced by the mainstream and that has led us to get films like ‘Deadpool’. Deadpool is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time but he was considered to be unlikely to make a film adaptation due to his, well, edgy quirkiness. Ryan Reynolds helped to make it happen, the first film was a success, and now a sequel is in the works. Also, just so you know, ‘Deadpool 2’ is likely going to be funnier and darker than the first — according to co-star T.J. Miller.

T.J. Miller, a hilarious comedic actor, played Weasel in the first film — the bartender that helped Deadpool whenever it was convenient. Miller is known for his comical chops on the hit HBO series ‘Silicon Valley’ so you can trust him when it comes to the concept of ‘funny’. According to T.J. Miller the second film is going to outdo ‘Deadpool’ in just about every way possible, including scoring some bigger laughs. Miller said that the script made him laugh so hard that he actually dropped his iPad while rehearsing. Miller says, “Most importantly, we know the tone, we know how to hit it pitch perfect.”

The big allure to the ‘Deadpool’ film franchise is, of course, the acerbic wit and charm of the lead actor and Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds had spent the majority of his career trying to angle a ‘Deadpool’ movie into reality and he finally succeeded. With Reynolds dedicating so much of his reputation to the film we cannot see it being anything other than a huge success.

Philadelphia Neighboorhood Becomes Pop-Up Concert

It’s not everyday that a random concert just shows up in a town and takes it over for a day or so. That’s pretty much exactly what happened in Philadelphia not too long ago.


West Philly went through a very sudden transformation, by taking the porches of the area and turning them into music performance venues in what is called the “West Philly Porchfest.” This is the second annual festival for music and is essentially a do-it-yourself music festival that was organized by all of the neighborhood’s residents. The free shows by artists took up more than 65 porches.


According to Morgan Melissa Robinson, who hosted the first West Philly Porchfest in 2016, the success of the previous year’s festival showed everyone how much the neighborhood wanted to be involved in an event like this. So naturally, repeating the event for the following year was a logical and wanted step. The event featured several musical acts, from hip hop groups, up and coming punk bands and jazz trios and some old school rock, all made up of friends and visitors to the area.


Porchfests are a fairly recent trend in society, starting with the first organized one in Ithaca, New York in 2007 but then began spreading all across the country. The idea of a porchfest is simply to have fun and also encouraging participation from musicians from all backgrounds, talents and experiences. Overall, the entire event is meant to create a relaxed and friendly environment where visitors can just come, sit back and enjoy all kinds of good music.

Too Social To Be The Police

A police dog in Australia has a new job thanks to his overwhelmingly polite demeanor. As it turns out, Gavel was a bit too friendly to be a police dog. Queensland government officials say the German Shepherd was way more interested in being “social.” Police were quoted as saying he lacked the “aptitude” to catch criminals.


Perhaps Gavel just needed a different calling. So he unfortunately lost his opportunity to be a police dog. He was trained from his puppy years to be the dog who fought crime. Gavel just didn’t seem to get that he was supposed to be more bite than bark.


Fortunately, those who knew Gavel fell in love with his big heart.

Gavel has now been relegated to a different position. He will greet visitors in Queensland at as a very polished professional. The one time police dog will say hello to people who visit the government house in Queensland.



Gavel is now called the VRD of Queensland. That means Vice-Regal Dog.

The irony of Gavel’s move into the government home might be that he has a strong line of police dogs in his family. Gavel had a great pedigree but that didn’t mean much. His training at the police dog academy didn’t muster much of a crime fighter.

The one time police dog will face his senior years as the pup who welcomes visitors in in Queensland. Gavel will get to attend various events with the Governor with his new found duties. It’s quite possible the German Shepherd could still remember his bloodline should he ever be needed.


Man Gives A Ketchup Bottle Its Proper Funeral

Call it silly or call it crazy even, but there was one man who showed off his absolute love for ketchup. He had purchased a bottle of the tomato goodness from a store known as Morrisons. He had it stored away in his cabinet but for whatever reason the bottle how exploded and thus left a dry ketchup mess all over his cabinets.


The man took a picture of this and tweeted it out to the Morrison store’s Twitter account. He asked them what had gone wrong and why his ketchup bottle had ended up like this. He wasn’t furious with them exactly, he was more humored by what had happened. He wanted to make his little burial joke about the bottle as well.


MSN.com reports that just about 10 mins after the initial tweet, the man put out some more tweets about how he was going to hold proper burial for the ketchup. It was a funny tweet in which he showed all of his other condiments and other things that are commonly in one’s kitchen surrounding the “body” of the ketchup bottle. It was done this way to show them in a way that made them look like they were mourning the bottle having perished.


The store actually played along with what this guy was doing and tweeted back to him asking where their invitation was. They said that it must have gotten lost in the mail. He sent them back pictures of the funeral plot that he had dug up in his back yard as a memorial to the bottle of ketchup. This of course was a very funny and ridiculous little thing to do, but a lot of people enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a funny little way for one man and one company to engage with one another on social media.


What’s Fun and New in Media this Week



Most TV personalities make few mistakes, especially on the largest stage, due to extensive experience, strong presentation skills, and preservation of self image. However, hosts on the Canadian show ‘Global News Calgary’ showed extreme distaste in a artichoke dip that was brought on set. The hosts’ attention was averted from news topics at hand and focused on a gag-worthy vegetable dip.


Nicki Minaj was reported on recently that she has been donating to a small, poor village in India over the past few years to help grow its infrastructure to help its inhabitants succeed. Social media videos of the families Minaj helped, of which a fun write up can be found here, showed the nice clothes, houses, and overall great things that these once-poverty stricken people never had.


Jimmy Kimmel Live has had an all-star lineup of music artists playing in the Mercedes Benz-sposored concert series that has been running for the past few weeks on his show. Lil Yachty performed most recently, showcasing a new song with a vibe far different from the Yachty we all know. Still a great song, don’t you just love the red-haired Yachty?


The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors will meet again, for the third straight time, in the NBA Finals. Very rarely does anybody get to live through a championship in a popular league getting repeated three times, especially for teams that are fun to watch. Both teams are chock full of stars, yielding yet another NBA Finals experience we are unlikely to forget any time soon.


The NHL Cup is later this week. Playoff hockey is fun to watch, especially in person. Too bad tickets for this much-awaited finals matchup cost more than $1,500 at the lowest!


Lots of happy times had around, even in our chaotic world. Keep your heads up, guys!

Tim Tebow Minor League Baseball Card Needle In Haystack

It won’t be easy to find the first Tim Tebow Minor League Baseball card. The former NFL and Florida Gator football player is taking his swings in the sport of baseball these days. Tebow is also known for his devout religious beliefs off the field. He helped lead Florida to two National Championships in college football. He won the coveted Heisman Trophy in 2007. Tebow had a giant fan club before he even ventured into the NFL.


That means Tim Tebow fans are anxious to find his baseball cards if they can. The only hitch is his minor league cards aren’t readily available. The statistics won’t be with consumers if they aim to land a Tim Tebow card. It will be downright improbable.


Topps has unleashed the 2017 Pro Debut cards. It includes Tebow all decked out in his Columbia Fireflies apparel. Unfortunately for Tebow fans, Topps is only doing a short print version of the card. That means they’ll be in low supply. That also means the actual card could bring a few more dollars. Sporting News estimates the odds of getting a Tebow card will be about 1 in every 100 packs.

For that reason, the Tebow card is already going in auctions on sites like eBay for $100 to $150.


Another issue with the Tebow minor league card value is how well he actually does in baseball. Tebow has swatted a few home runs so far during his brief baseball career. He’s giving it a go after only mustering a few years in the National Football League. Tebow is an elite athlete with amazing hand eye coordination. Tebow plays in the New York Mets organization. Could he potentially end up on a Major League team down the road?


Baseball analysts aren’t convinced Tebow has the capability yet to move up within the ranks. Tebow has illustrated power on the minor league level but hasn’t hit for average quite yet. That means the Minor League Baseball card consumers are searching for so furiously might not end up being worth much at all in the scheme of things.


If Tebow somehow makes it, the Tebow minor league card could be one of the most valuable cards of 2017.

Getting Your Kids Out in the Summer

The summertime is soon upon us and it’ll be time to get out into the sun after a long and harsh winter. Unfortunately, you can make all of these fantastic plans, only to find that your kids don’t necessarily follow your lead. After a difficult school year, a lot of children just want to spend the summer vegging out and literally doing nothing. The issue with this is that it causes kids to gain weight and generally become sedentary because they’re not doing very much.


The best way to get your kids out in the summertime is to keep things fun, light and entertaining. Don’t make plans according to what you want to do, but instead figure out activities that are specific to kids. For example, make arrangements to go to a local arcade where you know your kids are going to have a blast. Go to the beach and bring along some toys and games that the whole family can play together. The key here is to get your children interested in having a fun summer day outside. If you’re tight on cash, there are dozens of things you can do that won’t cost a lot of money.


Another important note to consider is that you shouldn’t try to overload the summer with different activities. Instead of planning something to do every single day, only do fun things a few days a week. This still allows your child the ability to veg out when they want to, while still staying relatively active. You’ll find that when you put the time and effort into finding things to do, your whole family will want to get involved. This is a great way for you all to spend more time with each other while having an amazingly fun time in the hotter months.