How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Disrupt The Aesthetics Industry

As a medical doctor and entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna has found quite a bit of success over the years. Once he graduated from Tulane University Medical School he started to practice in his father’s office on patients. He also opened McKenna Venture Investments which bought property all over New Orleans, Lousiana. His real estate investment company was very successful and he even acquired two other local companies in the industry, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.

McKenna Venture Investments employed more than 50 people and offered a variety of services such as closing and financing. However, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina wiped out large segments of New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate empire ended up literally underwater. He tried to recover for a few years by flipping houses (buy a house, fix it up, and resell for a profit) but since so many people didn’t move back to New Orleans he found this pretty tough. Eventually he moved to Atlanta, Georgia so he could continue his medical career there.

Once in Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna launched a new company, ShapeMed. This company specialized in wellness and aesthetics. It was a rather successful company and when he was approached by Life Time Fitness Inc. about acquiring his company he decided to sell it. For a while he worked for this company as their National Medical Director but after this company was itself acquired he decided to once again strike out on his own.

It was in July 2017 that Dr. Mark McKenna launched a new business, OVME. This is a medical aesthetic company with a revolutionary concept. First, it will be national in scope while his competitors all compete only on the local level. Secondly, the procedures won’t be performed in OVME offices. Instead, people will use an app to have a licensed, independent doctor arrive at their house to carry out the procedure. Right now Dr. Mark McKenna is building up this network of medical professionals. He expects to start having the first patients treated in March 2018.


Bearing a wealthy experience of over 15 years in medicine, Dr. Imran Pasha Haque is an internist based in Asheboro, North Carolina in the United States of America. He is also the owner of Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro where he operates from.

Dr. Imran Haque undertook his medical degree at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and later proceeded to the University of Virginia for Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program and graduated in 1998.he later enrolled at the Carilion Health System where he underwent the licensed hospital residency training. It is after his successful training as an internist that he acquired a allowing him to practice medicine. He is, therefore, a certified physician and medical practitioner in North Carolina and is the primary internist at the Horizon Internal Medicine.

Apart from operating his facility, Imran Haque is also an affiliate physician at the South Eastern Regional Medical Centre, High Point Regional Hospital, and First Health Montgomery Memorial Hospital among others. He is a respected doctor for the services he provides to the people of North Carolina and has been praised for his compassion while attending to his patients.

There is no doubt that Imran loves his physician job and that is why he does it with passion and without discrimination. He is open to various insurance covers, unlike most medical practitioners who tend to be specific on matters insurance. As a matter of fact, Imran was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award which is usually given to physicians who attend to their patients with care and compassion. Imran is also able to attend to patients of diverse origins thanks to his multilingual ability.

Many people who have been Imran’s patients have talked highly of him and his services after recovery. Apart from his professionalism while dealing with patients, his staff members are also pleasant and courteous and his clinics well equipped.

Some of the services offered to the people of Asheboro and Ramseur at the Horizon Internal Medicine are; weight management, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal, and Venus body contouring and diabetes management among others.


Vaginal Myths Discussed By Jennifer Walden Plastic Surgeon

One of the top plastic surgeons in the Austin, Texas area is now in the center of a controversial topic about women and their bodies. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin. She went to high school and attended all of the dances and parties that most teenage girls attend and dream about. Jennifer was also dreaming about becoming a surgeon. Her dreams focused on the reality that she may help others through cosmetic and plastic surgery one day. Jennifer went to college and received her BA before going on to study medicine. After completing her medical schooling she took a position in New York. Being in New York helped her to become the surgeon that she is today. Jennifer chose to leave behind the fast pace of New York to return home to Austin with her twins. Family being very important to her is the reason why she chose to return home to be close.


Jennifer Walden spoke on the three myths women and men have about female bodies. The first myth is a result of women and how they see themselves. They try to tell everyone that men are expecting beautiful genitalia. The truth of the matter is that women are wanting to look good all over. Women are choosing these surgeries for other reasons. One being urinary leakage. After a woman reaches a specific age they begin to have some urine leakage on sneezing, coughing, and laughing. This becomes very embarrassing so the women seek alternatives to fix the problem. Some women try undergarments, some try bladder sling surgeries, and others try female devices that apply pressure to the urethra. Plastic surgery is now another alternative to help women control their incontinence issues.


Another myth that Jennifer spoke about is the decrease in the size of the labia. This change in size helps women when they are wearing specific pants and it helps increase the possibility of orgasm during intercourse. Myth three helps with tightness and the woman’s ability to experience orgasms. Each issue comes up when a woman is looking at the possibility of having a vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Jennifer works really hard to help others understand what is going on with the surgeries and what to expect as an outcome.

Every woman who comes in to get her first consultation will be able to change a part of herself that she has not been happy with in the past. The shape that a woman is able to achieve when she comes in for the surgery is important, and it is going to give her the perfect curve and thigh gap that she is looking for. She can wear yoga pants and bikinis with confidence, and she will look just the way that she has wanted to for a long time. This small change can make a woman’s life much more comfortable when she gets dressed.

A Tiny Brazilian Mosquito Has Spread Fear All Over The World According To Dr. Sergio Cortes


Most North Americans and South Americans didn’t know what the Zika virus was until about nine months ago. But the Zika virus is not a new disease. Africans in Uganda, Tanzania and Sierra Leone have been coming down with the symptoms of the Zika virus for the last seven decades. People in Thailand and India have known about the disease since the 1950s. The sad news is, there has never been a vaccine made to prevent the disease from spreading.

Brazil didn’t report its first case of the Zika virus until 2015. Right around that time, cases of the rare birth defect microcephaly were reported in same Northern towns in Brazil. The Ministry of Health, under the leadership of Dr. Sergio Cortes, put the two conditions together and the government put an alert out that said pregnant women in Northern Brazil may be especially venerable to the Zika virus because of the extensive breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito in that area of the country.

Dr. Cortes and his team went to work to prevent the spread of the virus. His team of researchers are trying to produce a vaccine. The World Health Organization also put out a travel alert that warned people to stay away from the Northern towns in Brazil. Sergio Cortes wasn’t convinced that the Zika virus and microcephaly were related. More studies got underway in order to stop the fear that was causing people in North and South America to panic at the mention of the Zika virus.

On his website, Dr. Cortes writes about the symptoms of the Zika virus and how long the symptoms last. He also writes about microcephaly and the potential cause of that disease. Cortes now believes that Zika and microcephaly are not as related as once thought. New information about crop-spraying with the Monsanto product, Pyriproxyfen, may be the cause of microcephaly. Pyriproxyfen causes a defect in new born mosquitoes, and that defect reduces the mosquito populations.

Dr, Cortes thinks there is a strong relationship between the Monsanto product and the increase in birth defects in the towns where Pyriproxyfen, is used to control the mosquito population, but more study is needed to confirm that theory.

For more information about the Zika virus and microcephaly visit the Dr. Cortes official site or his LinkedIn page. Facebook users can friend him on that social media site. And Twitter users can tweet Cortes.