Fan-Made “Shazam” Poster Includes Cyborg

A fan of the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Shazam has made an amusing poster for the film that includes fellow young hero Cyborg.

MessyPandas had already distinguished himself in another way to fellow fans of this movie: on his DeviantArt page, he made a “Big Gulp Shazam Transparent” PNG file that allowed you to insert the first official picture of the film’s star (played by Zachary Levi) into any video. The movie’s own director, David F. Sandberg, utilized it for a humorous video based on a clip from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In the poster, he shows Levi’s character (who may wind up called “Shazam” or “Captain Marvel) sitting on a rooftop, holding a video game controller. Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher in the DCEU, though here only shown from behind) is sitting next to him, and using his robotic attachments to project their game, Street Fighter 2, on a billboard across the street from them.

Shazam focuses on Billy Batson (played by Asher Angel), a teenager who who can change into a superpowered adult (Levi) with the magic word “Shazam!” Sandberg, Levi and others have made it clear that the movie intends to milk this concept for humor; the official picture, which shows the superhero casually slurping on a soda, captures that level of silly immaturity, as does this fake poster.

Cyborg is also a teenager, albeit a few years older than Billy; in the New 52 comic continuity, the two were friends specifically because of their relatively close ages, being the two youngest members of the Justice League. Whether or not that will happen in the DCEU remains to be seen; in any event, there has been no official word about Cyborg showing up in Shazam.

“Birds of Prey” Said to be Moving Forward with “All-Female Crew”

The latest rumor about the DC Extended Universe says that Birds of Prey could begin filming as early as next year, and may feature an “all-female crew.”


The latter phrase, reported by the website, presumably refers to the key creative positions, as hiring nothing but women (for everything from camerawomen to caterers) would seem to be a difficult and rather questionable endeavor.


Rumors about the franchise seem to change constantly, particularly in regards to their supposed upcoming slate of films; that said, Birds of Prey have been mentioned a lot lately, with word that Warner Bros. wants to fast-track the project. If the newest rumors are correct, it could be the first DCEU film to come out in 2020, after this year’s Aquaman and next year’s Shazam and Wonder Woman 2.


We know that Christina Hodson has already been hired to write the script for the film (as well as Batgirl), and that Cathy Yan has been brought on to direct. While hiring these key players would seemingly confirm that the movie is coming, it should be noted that other DCEU projects, such as The Batman, Nightwing and Gotham City Sirens, also have directors lined up.


In the comics, Birds of Prey is an all-female team of heroes (well, Hawk was technically a member, just so that they could also get his partner, Dove), focused mostly on Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary. This movie will apparently also include Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), who premiered in the DCEU with 2016’s Suicide Squad. It is unclear if she will be an antagonist or a member of the team; knowing her personality and history, either option makes some sense.

“Nightwing” Has Not Cast Zac Efron, Despite Rumor

Chris McKay, director of the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Nightwing, says that the rumor about having cast Zac Efron in the title role is “Not true.” He made the comment on Twitter in response to a fan.


Nightwing was announced about a year ago but has had little in the way of concrete updates since. This is true of many other DCEU projects; about thirty are supposedly in the works, and word of which are being fast-tracked changes constantly.


McKay, who previously worked on The LEGO Batman Movie, says that he is taking his time because he wants to make sure that he gets the character right. To that end, he even took an informal poll on Twitter recently, asking fans what they believed to be his most important quality.


Questions about who would play him have been animated among fans. Names that have been thrown out include Colton Haynes from Arrow, Dylan O’Brien from the Maze Runner movies (his co-star Dexter Darden supports this), Jared Padalecki of Supernatural, Finn Wittrock and Steven Yeun.


The possibility of this movie ever getting made, however, and further confused by the fact that McKay is in talks to direct Dungeons and Dragons, with many wondering how long Nightwing could be pushed back as a result. McKay, however, insists that he is unlikely to leave the project unless Warner Bros. fires him.


In the comics, Nightwing is the adult superhero name of Dick Grayson, who was also the first Robin. He took up the new mantle after a falling out with Batman, but the two eventually reconciled and continued to team up, even after Batman took up a series of new sidekicks over the years.

“Shazam” Costume a Commentary on DCEU?

Several photos have been leaked from the sets of Shazam, the DC Extended Universe movie that is set to come out in April of next year. In particular, we have now seen images of the protagonist’s superhero costume from both the front and the back, which has, in turn, led to much discussion among fans and critics about its merit or lack thereof.

What many have focused on is the costume’s decidedly “old school” design—that is, the fact that it looks like spandex, rather than the sort of “armored” look that has been used through the DCEU. This style came into fashion with the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy and is designed to look more functional. The Shazam outfit, as seen worn by star Zachary Levi, looks more like something Christopher Reeve would have worn in one of the old Superman films.

Of course, that may be the point. From the beginning, Shazam has been billed as a lighter, more humorous film than the other entries in the DCEU, which have been criticized as being overly dark (except for Wonder Woman, which notably has also been the franchise’s only unqualified success). A decidedly “sillier” costume could help to emphasize that point, giving Shazam/Captain Marvel (real name Billy Batson, a teenage boy who transforms into a superpowered adult) a purposefully less “realistic” look.

We already have some hints that Shazam will go for some meta humor; one of the leaked photo shows a toy store filled with superhero plushies, which interestingly do not match the characters’ appearances in the DCEU. For now, we are left wondering just how different this movie will be, and how well the costume will help reflect that difference.

“Shazam” Begins Filming

The upcoming DC Extended Universe film Shazam has finally begun filming, with director David F. Sandberg announcing the milestone on his Instagram account.

His photo from the set does not give us a lot of information, however: it simply shows a clapperboard with the film’s working title, “Franklin” on it, along with the scene, take and roll (308, 1, and B1, if you’re curious). Sandberg’s message: “Let’s go!”, along with a lightning bolt emoji (lightning being a motif of the movie’s superhero).

Based on the classic Golden Age superhero Captain Marvel, Shazam stars Billy Batson (played by Asher Angel), a teenage boy who can transform into an adult superhero (Zachary Levi) when he says the magic word “Shazam!” He will have to go up against the evil Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, who will apparently be some kind of sorcerer (in the comics he’s usually a mad scientist), as well as his children Beautia and Magnificus.

It is set to be the seventh entry into the DC Extended Universe, premiering in April 2019 after this year’s Aquaman.

Sandberg has promised that Shazam will be a more humorous take than the other entries in the franchise, which (with the exception of Wonder Woman) have been criticized for being overly dour and convoluted. This story, about a poor and orphaned child who turns his life around by becoming a superhero, however, has always been about wish fulfillment, and Warner Bros.’s decision to fast-track it may be a deliberate attempt to turn the perception of the DCEU around.

Levi’s character may not be the only superhero in this movie, either; current rumor says that Henry Cavill’s Superman may show up for a cameo in this film, but so far this remains unconfirmed.

“Teen Titans Go” Trailer Pokes Fun at DCEU

It upcoming film Teen Titans GO! to the Movies is aiming for some meta humor, with its first trailer making some jokes about the DC Extended Universe.

Based on the Teen Titans Go! TV show on Cartoon Network, the film will star Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven as they go to Hollywood and try to get their own movie, thus proving that they are a legitimate superhero team.

If that synopsis wasn’t meta enough, its first trailer, released on January 10, begins with Robin addressing the audience and assuring them that it is not costumes or powers that make a great hero—it’s getting your own movie. As he is talking, his teammates show up, all of them, male or female, wearing Wonder Woman costumes. They all sing her praises and admit they she inspires people… unlike them, who do not.

For those not following the DCEU, Wonder Woman has been a fan favorite since she showed up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and her solo film is the only one which has won the approval of both critics and audiences. It could also be read as a response to how she was played up more in the marketing of Justice League as a result.

The DCEU nods continue at the very end, where we see a certain Atlantean king standing with a dolphin as the narrator says “Because if Aquaman can get a movie… anyone can.” His film is currently in post-production and comes out December 21, a few months after Teen Titans Go! to the Movie’s July 27 release.

Though a divisive show, all this suggests that the TTG movie may have a bit of clever humor for its detractors to enjoy.

DC Starts to Talk ‘Black Adam’ Film

There is no genre hotter right now in the entertainment world than that of the comic book. While Marvel continues to take top flight at the box office, the DC Universe has slowly and steadily been climbing back into action. Most recently the ‘Justice League’ film, which is expected to be DC’s highest grossing film, is set for release. Now, fans are looking ahead to a potential ‘Black Adam’ feature film that has Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson attached. While Johnson has been talking up the project for months, nothing definite has been in the works behind-the-scenes until now.

Black Adam is a popular villain/anti-hero in the DC Universe and the attachment of Dwayne Johnson only fueled fan expectation that a project would get made. Johnson is one of the most prolific working actors in the industry today with a film set to release seemingly now until the end of time. While fans were excited, the action seemed to be slow behind the scenes. However, a report by The Tracking Board seems to indicate that a script is in the works. Adam Sztykiel is set to pen the script but that shouldn’t exactly give fans much heart. Sztykiel is most famous for his work on a trio of light-hearted projects like ‘Due Date’, ‘Undateable’ and ‘Made of Honor’.

With Sztykiel attached to the project, it gives us a glimpse into the world that Dwayne Johnson might soon inhabit. With Johnson’s natural charisma and Sztykiel comedy chops it makes sense that DC might be pursuing a ‘Guardians’ or ‘Thor’-esque comedic slant. Dwayne Johnson is one of the most likable actors in all of Hollywood so it doesn’t make sense for DC to chase the traditional ‘dark and gritty’ route that so many of their other films have fallen prey to recently.