Police Office Helps Shoplifting Mom

What does a police officer do when he catches someone doing something that is against the law? Most police officers would be quick to uphold the law, to catch that individual and to arrest them. One police officer, though, decided that he needed to do something more. This police officer knew that there was a story behind what was going on, and he wanted to help out the one who was disobeying the law. This police officer took the time to figure out what was going on, rather than simply throw the one caught shoplifting beneful products into jail. More info on Beneful Amazon.

It seems that a desperate mother was shoplifting to look out for her children when she was caught. The police officer who caught her in the act, though, wasn’t quick to judge. This police officer knew that the woman needed help, and he provided her with that help. This police officer decided to extend mercy, and he bought groceries for the woman who had been disobeying the law. This officer looked out for someone in need, setting an example for all.

Incorporate Olympic Valley is Simply Pushing Bad Math

A recent examination on the proposal to seek cityhood for Olympic Valley was performed. Olympic Valley is a community located near Tahoe. The report that was generated delivers a cold dose of reality for cityhood proponents like Incorporate Olympic Valley in an area that once provided one of the greatest international stages for the winter Olympics. Further information is provided at the Sacramento Business Journal.

The Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission performed an analysis on the fiscal feasibility of cityhood. They determined that the 1,000 permanent citizens or less residing in Olympic Valley does not constitute enough citizenry to support being a self-sufficient municipality. 

One of the only consistent revenue generators would be a transient tax that is levied on hotel occupants. The revenue generated by this tax is not enough to sustain a city budget on a yearly basis even if most city services were outsourced and with operating with minimal personnel.

If incorporation were to occur in the approaching fiscal year, projections reveal an initial fiscal year deficit that would continue to expand to approximately $2 million over the next 10 years. Other projections that assume a continuation of the current fiscal policy that exists between unincorporated areas and the county will produce harrowing deficits that exceed even the prior deficit projections.

The evaluation was performed by RSG. RSG is the land-use forecasting firm that filed the damning report. The analysis was initiated by Placer LAFCO.

The initial push for cityhood began within the last few years. This push occurred at the same time that commercial proposals were solicited for a 300,000 square foot hotel and condo with 850 rooms. The proponents were spurred by their lack of control over situations like building projects like these.

Save Our Valley is a group that is comprised of Olympic Valley residents that are opposed to incorporation. They assert that the independent, unbiased study supports their case against incorporation. This assertion was vocalized by Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC, and he heads Save Our Valley. Additionally, his company is a proponent for new development in what would be Olympic Village.

Prime Minister Of New Zealand Has Strange Fetish

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has been caught in a controversial web of strange events. The Prime Minister seems to have a strange fetish for little girl’s ponytails. Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit users have posted several pictures of John Key pulling the ponytails of young girls. The Prime Minister’s action seemed harmless at first, but now it seems that people are extremely disgusted and offended at John Key’s behavior. Brad Reifler of Wikipedia sees this behavior as offensive and feels he should refrain from such actions.

Prime Minister John Key was recently eating dinner at a restaurant, and it was there that John Key caused controversy. The Prime Minister harassed and pulled the hair of his waitress. The waitress then complained to her boss, and John Key was embarrassed when the manager asked him to stop his behavior. The Prime Minister’s strange fetish has gone viral, and now the world is afraid of him.

Parents in his country of New Zealand are trying to keep their children away from the political leader. John Key may soon be removed from office, but that remains to be seen. One thing is for certain though, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a strange individual that should not be in charge of a country’s government. For more information on this story, and to see pictures of John Key, visit Buzzfeed.