Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Do Their Best to Help Others

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin always felt there were things they could do to make a difference. They believed in making sure other people had a chance at a better life and that’s how they did things that would help them become better activists for minorities who needed their help.

They always wanted to show people they could try different things and they knew there were options they could take advantage of if they needed to do something different for the minorities.

No matter what the men did, they had to look at different options and show people they had a chance at a better life. Since they did things the right way, they were better than many others who didn’t do anything right when it came to the options they were using.

Even though Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew how to protect people and how to help them in different situations, they focused on what they were doing with the options they had. They always want to do things that will help others.

If they have a chance to keep doing things right, they’ll make positive decisions for the future. Every time the men focus on things they can take advantage of, they begin looking at positive opportunities. It’s their goal of helping that allows them the chance to keep showing other people what they can do on their own. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/lacey-larkin-speak-out-on-trump-pardon-of-arpaio-9879938 and http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/

As long as the men do things that will keep helping others, they feel good about the options they offer to others. They also feel there are things that will allow them the chances they need for success.

It’s their goal of helping that gave them the motivation to keep doing things right for all the minorities they work with now. If they can keep doing things that will help others, they’ll make the most out of the situations they’re dealing with.

It will also help them see they can try things that others might not have the chance to try. Between the work they put into the business they have and the experiences they create for minorities, they’re doing the best they can.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin always make a point of showing people they can help them. They aren’t afraid to make things better for their clients and they feel it’s a good idea to keep giving clients positive experiences no matter the issues they face.

After they spend time helping minorities, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know what they can do. They have faith in the system and they believe they did the best job possible to keep helping people with the issues they had.

It is their goal to keep growing the Frontera Fund since they know their foundation is a great opportunity to try different things. They’ve always made sure they can do positive things with everything they offer and with the experiences they have for the people they help. The company relies on the best experiences to give everyone a better chance.

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Market America Wins BBB Award

The headquarters of Market America is located in North Carolina, and the company recently received an award from the Better Business Bureau that is located in that area. This is the second time that they receive the Torch Award from the BBB because of the ethical way in which they do business. This award is something that is given out to businesses that are doing a good job of being ethical in their day to day work. Not every business earns this award for the work that they do but Market America managed to earn the award for their work twice.

Market America has shared that they are happy about winning the award for a second time and their Chairman and CEO shared that winning it for a second time just shows that those who do the right thing will be noticed. Ethics and integrity are things that are important to JR Ridinger and to the whole company. The company has spent many years working on creating a business that is accountable and that always acts with integrity. They try to go above and beyond what is expected when it comes to serving their customers and making sure that they are happy.

The man who is President and CEO of the BBB in Central North Carolina showed up at a Market America convention. He praised the company at the convention and he shared that he is happy to have that company working in his area. He shared that the company is one that builds trust with their customers and that they do the right thing even when no one is watching them. The Torch Award for Ethics is given out by the BBB after a panel of judges considers the nominees for the awards and looks into each company. Market America was found to be deserving of the award and that is why it was given to them.



Aloha Construction Wins the 2018 BBB Torch Award For Ethical Practices

Aloha Construction is a construction services company that is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It serves the residents of both Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company has been in operation for over a decade, and in that time it has grown from a small family business to one of the leading contractors in the region. The company is known for the high integrity of its workforce and its unrivalled safety record.

Aloha Construction was recently awarded the 2018 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethical Practices. The BBB Torch Award goes to those companies that have demonstrated exceptional ethical practices in their operations. The competition is tough and the screening rigorous. The winners are selected by an independent panel of judges. This year’s panel cited the company’s contributions to the local community as one of the main reasons it won.

People make Aloha Construction what it is. The company’s team of managers, field specialists and office administrators deliver high quality service to the home owners of Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

The company specializes in a variety of home construction and repair solutions. If you have trouble with your roofing, for instance, the company can dispatch a team immediately to your location. Once there, the team of professionals will be able to assess the source of the problem and get to work straightaway to resolve it.

Drainage system repair and replacement is also within the remit of the company. The drainage system is one of the most important parts of your house. It collects the rain water that falls on your roof and deposits it safely in a ground-based sewer. If your drain is rotted or broken, the water will fall onto the grounds around your house, causing the soil to erode. This can also lead to a significant increase in the dampness in your home, which is the number one cause of mold growth.

Aloha Construction can also help with the installation and replacement of doors, windows, and flooring. If you are thinking about renovating the inside of your house or upgrading the window and doors of your home, the company can help you with the job.


Talk Fusion: A Simple Service but a Big Impact

Communicating has never been easier with the introduction of the Talk Fusion video messaging, conferencing, and emailing application. Since its debut in 2007, Talk Fusion has been making waves in the technological community by providing a necessary service at a reasonable price. For the low price of $20 per month, after purchasing the basic service at the one time cost of $175, consumers are able to create content and to store emails for later usage. The video content that they are able to create with this account can last up to five minutes, and they are able to customize it with a variety of templates or even their company’s very own logo. The storage, in and of itself, is a very valuable attribute to the service because clients are able to store up to 1000 different emails. This makes it possible for them to hang on to newsletters and other valuable content that they have sent out to their consumers.


For a company that is only 11 years old, Talk Fusion has done a wonderful job of making their services indispensable. If an individual or company is looking to establish themselves in the business world, or simply looking to increase their visibility in the online community, then they need to use the service in order to achieve those results. In fact, “Does the Talk Fusion App Live up to the Hype?”, an article featured on Engadget.com explains that this service will continue to be a necessary part of telecommunication in the future. They have expanded to almost 140 different countries and are available across a variety of platforms, including smartphones that run on Android or Apple software. In fact, clients are able to access the services anywhere that they are able to access the Internet. This means that they can do business from the comfort of their own home or while they are out in the world using their cellular data. This ability to cater to mobility is one of the reasons why storage is so important for customers.


While it seems like such a small service, one of Talk Fusion’s biggest selling points is that it allows for videos to be embedded into the emails that their customers send. This is why it has become so renowned and easy to use. It is specifically designed for people who are on the go. As it services continue to develop, there is no doubt that it will edge out more of the competition. Learn more: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talk-fusion-video-chat/id1014620741?mt=8

Aloha Construction Continues To Prove Why They Have Earned Their Outstanding Reputation:

Since 1996, the Better Business Bureau has been presenting its International Torch Award for Ethics to organizations that demonstrate a consistent commitment to being socially responsible and operating with a high degree of ethics towards their employees, customers and community. To become eligible, a business must operate within North America. They also must offer services and goods in the wholesale and retail markets.

Company’s that win the award meet certain criteria that include items such as their leaders showing that ethics are a top priority. This includes ethical practices in how they deal with their employees and customers. Commitment to community is one of the trademark qualities that an organization must demonstrate in order to become eligible for a Torch Award. The award is widely considered one of the greatest honors that a business can have bestowed on it.

Aloha Construction was founded in 2008 and serves the areas of southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The firm is family owned and operates within the sphere of general contractors. Aloha has developed a steadfast reputation for putting its customers first. The company’s employees are also treated in a grateful and respectful manner by company leadership. Employees at Aloha Construction often take up positions that are meant to be for the entirety of their working life.

This commitment to providing for the employment sustainability of its employees has gained the company much praise. Executives at Aloha Construction were thrilled when it was announced that the company would be a 2017 recipient of the Torch Award. BBB CEO Steve Bernas expressed his admiration for companies like Aloha Construction that put ethical business practices at the top of the list in regard to running their operations.

Aloha winning the Torch Award was largely due to the firm’s commitment to charitable activities outside of the company’s normal operations. The company’s commitment to philanthropic pursuits focused toward helping children was a huge factor working in Aloha Construction’s favor in receiving the award from the judges. Aloha Construction was a major player behind a toy drive that was launched for children who come from backgrounds of economic hardship.


Bob Reina: It’s Your Turn

Bob Reina has always been about doing big things in life. He does not want to just be mediocre or another face in the crowd. He wants to be someone that stands out, makes a difference, and influences people in a positive way. That is how he loves to live his life. He has gone on record in saying that he gets paid by the amount of dreams that he can make come true by people that use Talk Fusion. Bob Reina is a motivational speaker, and he knows how to reach people and get them inspired in life. Inspiration is a great tool to have at your disposal.

When someone is inspired, they can truly accomplish anything they want to accomplish in life. There is not a single thing out there that is too big or too hard for them. They have their head on straight, and it is just a matter of going out there and doing it. It is really simple, but sometimes people make it out to be bigger than it actually is because it is built up in their head. When they relax, follow the process of Talk Fusion, and listen to Bob Reina, they will see what can be achieved.

Bob Reina is not the kind of leader that is a demanding person. He wants everyone to feel comfortable and like they are doing something they want to do as opposed to something they feel forced into doing by someone else. It is a big reason why Talk Fusion offers 30-day free trials for new customers. It is to let them know they don’t have anything to worry about with Talk Fusion. If they don’t like it or it’s not a fit for them, they can walk away from it.

However, people don’t walk away from Talk Fusion. They stick with it and they see the tremendous results they have when they use it and follow through with all of the perks that come with it such as their great video applications. They see a life that is the one they have wanted since they were little. Learn more: http://bobreina.com/

Dr. Mark McKenna Pioneers New Botox Phone App

Dr. Mark McKenna is pioneering a new venture that will do for Botox, what Uber does for transportation. His new venture is called OVME, and it is essentially an app for cosmetic surgery. Through OVME, users will connect with freelance cosmetic practitioners that will perform low risk operations on demand, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of Tulane Medical School. The son of a doctor McKenna observed his own father’s struggles as changes in reimbursement and billing began to affect his practice. Coming to the conclusion that working as a doctor might not be frugal enough, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to go into real estate. He achieved much success selling real estate in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina shut him down. Now he is immersing himself in the world of cosmetic treatments. Since his graduation from Tulane in 1999 Dr. Mark McKenna has founded, built, and sold numerous businesses. Now the doctor turned businessman prepares for his biggest venture yet.

Cashing in on the phenomena of the retail medical industry, McKenna plans on taking the $4 million he’s raised on Equity 38 and turn it into a business worth $25 million in five years. OVME’s first two clinics will be built in Atlanta and Nashville. McKenna plans on creating a nationwide network of providers. The providers will be able to log into the app, much like an Uber driver, and set their availability. The app will then link the provider to clients in and around their area. As no other major group is operating this way OVME will be extremely unique. Primarily it will focus on Botox as it is currently brand-popular. As it continues and more clinics are established the list of procedures will expand.

The OVME app will not only benefit those searching for quick cosmetic operations, but it will also create extra revenue for practitioners. In a world where everything is available at your fingertips, the idea of app-requesting medical service is an extreme innovation. One that may very well spell the future of the industry.

Flavio Maluf’s take on the Business Oriented Exchange between Eucatex and Duratex

Recently, Eucatex and Duratexentered into a business-oriented exchange that is mutually benefiting. In this mutually benefiting business oriented exchange, Eucatex handed over their Capao Bonito farm to Duratex. In return, they received Duratex’s wood sheet production plant in Botucatu. Flavio Maluf, the Eucatex president, speaking after the exchange praised the exchange deal. He said that both companies are going to expand significantly their businesses thanks to this exchange deal.

The Eucatex president specifically mentioned that his companies are going to have a 70% increase in fiberboard production capacity. In addition to that, the companies paint production capacity was going to increase by 30% and that of paper printing by 40%. In a note to his employees, Maluf pointed out that this move was going to help the company to meet the demand both in Brazil and international markets. He said the exchange was only awaiting CADE’s as everything between the companies had been settled. The Eucatex president went ahead to say that the plants will start production as soon as CADE issues the approval. He further encouraged his employees to maximize this opportunity to improve their beloved company. Follow Flavio Maluf at estadao.com

About Flavio Maluf

Mr. Maluf is the current president of Eucatex and GrandFood. As an elder son of the famous Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf, he was born and raised in leadership. He learned his business laser sharp skills at a young age watching his father do business, and over the years he sharpened these skills. Today, he is one of Brazil’s most aggressive international business persons.

Flavio Maluf is famous globally for his cutting-edge business methodologies. He greatly believes that being open-minded towards new business methodologies and stay focused are vital elements to one’s success in business. According to Flavio Maluf, keeping an open business mind enables you to adapt faster to new business practices and staying ahead of the curve. It also allows you to quickly find solutions to your business oriented challenges that you may come across. Keeping focus enables you to keep going after your goals and objectives despite the obstacles that you may come across along the way. Read: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fl%C3%A1vio_Maluf


Stream Energy is enhancing its philanthropic arm Stream Care Foundation.

Stream has philanthropy as one of its core values. Giving back to the community has always been an effort part and parcel of what it is involved with. Stream has its philanthropic arm called Stream Care Foundation which has been actively involved in the rebuilding of homes for victims of hurricanes in Dallas. Also, Stream Care Foundation has partnered up with a charity organization to help those affected by homelessness. Recently in an article published by Patch.com Stream Energy and its philanthropic arm Stream Care Foundation were in the forefront in providing aid for victims of Hurricane Harvey that affected most of the neighborhood in Houston. The company also assisted its customers who live in Houston. Stream Care Foundation set an example for other organizations in Dallas by providing leverage for charities and the efforts of philanthropy. Giving back to the community has become an essential aspect of the Stream Energy brand. Stream Energy is an organization that provides energy services and other connected living services. The venture into philanthropy is a unique step, and the organization is bound to gain more collectively as a brand. Giving back will help the company kill two birds with one stone in that it will improve the lives of people. The second advantage of this step is that the organization would earn great respect from the community at the same time attracting more potential customers. Another advantage of this philanthropy effort for corporations like Stream is that during the rocky paths of the market this strategy would act as a buffer for the organizations. Patch.com pointed out that as of the statistics of 2016 the total contributions made to charities from business around the world cumulatively reached an approximate value of $19 billion. Stream Energy has managed the philanthropic process through its strategy of using associates who in turn earn commissions through their sales and in the end individually contribute to the causes of their choice. Stream Energy brand is however focused on the issue of homelessness as it has been on the rise in Dallas. The organization has teamed up with Hope Supply Co. and RedCross to help the community on the issue.


Adam Milstein Believes That Diaspora Will Rise To The Challenge

As a Jewish expert, Adam Milstein Knows that even though the Jewish people have major challenges, they also have a proven track record of great leaders that will rise to the challenge. Leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Henrietta Szold among many others laid the foundation for a strong, independent Jewish state.

Even though the leadership of the Jewish Nation is very numerous, they actually have a host of all new challenges today. It is truly time for a new generation of Jewish leadership to emerge. Where is this new generation’s Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion, or Henrietta Szold? Everyone, including Adam Milstein has to wonder about that. however, Milstein is confident that due to the creativeness and enginuity of the Jewish race a new leader will continue to emerge.

Why is Adam Milstein so confident of this? It is probably because in his work as a pro-Israel journalist, activist, and philanthropist, he has seen it first-hand. He also knows that the Next Generation of Jewish leaders will definitely be passionate innovative and hard-working. He sees it first of all when these youngsters return from the Birthright ceremonies, and how proud they are of their newly-discovered connection to Israel.

Milstein cannot help but be encouraged when he also sees them in the Israeli-American Council and being involved in the Tzofim and B’nei Akiva youth groups. Moreover, As a world traveler he sees them all over the world, and their energetic fight to take on racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism whatever they might find it.

Adam milstein knows that the task for the older generation is to equip these youngsters with a platform to help them express their ideas and become a part of the Jewish community. Simply put, if we equip them, they will be an asset. Even if we are the older Jewish generation, Adam Milstein knows that we can make an impact simply by what we leave behind.