New Waiakea Water Bottles Are Truly Eco-Friendly

The very innovative Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water brand will start using a full degradable bottle by the end of next year. The push to change their original bottles into the brand new nano-degradable ones will ultimately reduce the lifespan of the packaging by roughly ninety-three percent. For many years, scientist have worked hard to create the perfect technology to change what the packing industry distributes for the better. These new Waiakea Water bottles will be absolutely a hundred percent recyclable. Regular plastics can take thousands of years to fully break down, the new Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water packaging will break down much faster. It will use TimePlast, a patented and nano-degradable additive for all plastics. This tech additive will be used during the manufacturing process and the plastic’s original chemical bonds will be substituted with a less complex ones. The plastic will now be weaken and have a shorter ecological footprint, thus being extremely eco-friendly in the long haul. This will be TimePlast’s first time partnering up with a company to use specifically for packaging.

In 2012, the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water company was founded by successful entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons. Emmons longed for a beverage company that was environmentally conscious and socially responsible. His company has become a huge success and its annual profits have increase over 170 percent since their start.

The story of how Waiakea Water came to be all started when Ryan Emmons would visit Hawaii for his family summer and winter vacations. The water in the area where he vacationed at was so pure and naturally filtered that he wanted to share it with the world. The pristine water is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano. The naturally enriched waters are filled with magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. This mineral packed water goes down silky smooth and also has electrolytes, 30mg of silica and alkaline.

The company has a very charitable background, they have partnered with the organization Pump Aid to help vulnerable areas in Africa get a continuous flow of fresh water. Each bottle of water sold will help contribute to this cause.


MB2 Dental Picasso

A Guide To Working With MB2 Dental

If you live in the Texas area and want to get high quality dental services, you can’t go wrong by working with MB2 Dental. They are a company that has thrived for years, providing patients with the help and care that they need to truly unlock their smiles. By visiting MB2 Dental, you will be able to receive tremendous care that is unrivaled, when compared to other dental clinics in the area. To learn a little more about MB2 Dental, their practice and their expansion with a Picasso location, read on and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is the news on the Picasso clinic?

Earlier this year, MB2 opened up a new clinic – Picasso Dental + Orthodontics. This new clinic is located in the Seagoville area and is headed up by Dr. Rishank Korupolu. she is the owner of this new practice, which is yet another initiative for MB2 Dental to continue its legacy and the level of hard work and community orientation that has gotten them to where they are today. Read more on to know more about MB2 Dental.

What makes MB2 Dental Clinic so successful?

The main priority of this dental clinic is to provide high quality care for people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. The dentists and owners at these practices recognize that oral health care is very much a necessity. They also realize that the cost of healthcare has continued to rise, while people of all walks of life are trying to make ends meet. Because of this, the clinic focuses on doing everything that they can to provide people who otherwise might not be able to afford dental service with high-quality care.

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It is for this reason that MB2 Dental has emerged as a serious competitor in the overall dental market in Texas and a variety of other states. In addition to general dentistry, these professionals provide pediatric care and all sorts of other work. Their office in the Seagoville area opened on April 10 and has been thriving ever since. These dental clinics owned by MB2 Dental are so successful because every owner has autonomy and is able to run it in their own way of doing business. They all stick to the overall policies and create of MB2 Dental, which provides excellent brand recognition and a consistent face in communities all over America.

Now that you know a little bit more about this practice and how they do business, one of the best things you can do is reach out to them for service. They will be able to serve you with any sort of help that you need and will provide high-quality care. You will be able to get an excellent price on the services that they offer and will be glad that you turned to MB2 Dental for service. So whether you live in the Seagoville area or anywhere else in the surrounding area, take advantage of this advice and get in touch with a clinic near you.

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Copa Star: Revolutionizing Healthcare

In its endeavor to make medicinal services more available to patients, the new Hospital Copa Star as of late reported its enhanced electronic patient accommodation framework. The doctor’s facility was opened in October and has as of now turn into a sign of innovative extravagance and proficient medicinal services conveyance. Unique arrangements began in 2013 with the designer of the hospital seeking for it to end up distinctly a definitive therapeutic office without bounds in the headway of restorative care.

The most recent addition to the framework gives patients the capacity to get to a greater amount of their medical information and data. In each patient room, there is an iPad with extraordinary communication embedded systems. This permits the patient to enter critical information, discuss in a split second with attendants and has moment’s access to individual medicinal information. The warmth and comfiness of the rooms are likewise made possible by innovation, and patients have a more noteworthy arrangement of control over those components as well.

Notwithstanding profiting the patient, the Copa Star is extraordinary for families. It gives them true serenity and takes out unpleasant holding up times when they wonder who is the right person to contact, what is happening or when they will know something. With correspondence innovation set in working rooms, families can get electronic updates significantly quicker than they would by sitting tight for an individual from the surgery group to leave the working room and give them a verbal update. Additionally, this guarantees all surgical personnel remain in the OR to concentrate on the operation. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Each level of correspondence is streamlined, instantaneous and effortlessly recorded with the doctor’s facility’s truly unique system of gadgets. Specialists are told the moment an exam result is accessible, and they can send it to an attendant or even a patient with the tap of a screen. If a specialist is far from the office and needs to convey something, there are likewise video correspondence alternatives. The final product is faster and more proficient administration for each patient and less worry for the experts.

The excellent plushness of the Rio de Janeiro healing facility helps patients to see it as more of a resort than a clinic. Within its gorgeous architecture is clear that greatest of consideration was dedicated to even the littlest points of interest. This plan was deliberate and is intended to break the cliché picture of a healing facility. While a great many people connect healing centers with ailment and sickness, a resort-style is more characteristic of unwinding, recuperation, and pleasure. These are immensely vital components of wellbeing, upkeep, and recuperation. Numerous patients have rated their experience of and in this healing facility nearer to that of a resort than an ordinary doctor’s service. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

A Hedge Fund is Rescuing a Company with a Merger

One hedge fund is in the process of selling to another hedge fund. The hedge fund that is being sold is Old Park Lane Capital which is a stock broker for natural resources. It is on the verge of a collapse because of the many losses it is facing. There is a lot of speculation on who the buyer is. One of the companies that is believed to be buying the natural resources stock broker is Solo Capital Partners, a privately owned London based firm that was started by Sanjay Shah.

Shah is a serial entrepreneur. After spending a few years in an office setting working for other companies, he branched out to start his own hedge fund which has proven to be a successful endeavor because of his understanding of the market. Given the strength of the company, Old Park Lane Capital is being offered in the hopes of achieving more security in its footing. As of right now, there is no comment on the merger from either Old Park Lane Capital or Solo Capital Partners.

Sanjay Shah is also involved in other activities that are geared towards health and charity. One major activity he is focused on is funding autism research. He has a charity company called Autism Rocks in which he accepts donations. He also runs fundraisers with concerts for charity. Among the artists that perform there are Snoop Dogg, Drake, Prince and many others.

Sanjay Shah is an inspiration to people. He has the courage to take risks accompanied by the wisdom to assess the possibilities and potential for profit. He takes the time to calculate the risks in order to make sure that he is not blind to all of the potential downfalls that could occur with the wrong steps. He is also willing to help other firms that are suffering from major losses so that they can find better financial footing. Sanjay Shah is one person who looks to the best interests of everyone.

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Highland Capital is Recognized for it’s Performance

Highlands short/long health subsidiary has been awarded the 40 act award thanks to its stellar performance. The annual awards honor the best performing Hedge fund based on a combination of many factors. These factors include quantitative and qualitative considerations like investor relations, team experience and customer relations. Michael Gregory heads the health firm. He leads a team of 11 health experts who have a combined experience of 130 years. He is also the head of the global alternative trade unknit. He was praised by the president and founder James Dondero at the award ceremony. He recognized his efforts in leading the subsidiary at a time when most hedge funds are risk averse.

Highlands’s capital management is an SEC certified firm with a big market experience. It was founded in 1993 and has over the years grown to be a financial conglomerate. It has over $ 21 billion of assets in management with over 1000 employees all over the world. It is noted as the pioneer of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and other structured financial products. It is a specialist in high-yield high-risk bond trades and securities market.IT also has considerable experience in the credit market. It in 2008 faced near collapse but has since recovered to profitability. It required the professional help of Jim Dondero to get there. He has taken a high-risk high-yield approach that has seen it achieve its current reputation.

James Dondero founded Highlands with his business partner Mika Okada in 1993.It has since grown to become one of the giants of the financial industry in the ultra-competitive world. He is responsible for the strategic management wing of the company. He is a certified credit professional with over 30 years’ experience in the market, and he holds the tag of a CMA. He is also a chartered financial analyst and a CPA. The impressive academic credentials don’t end here as he was the best in his accounting and finance class of 84 at the University of Virginia.

Jim Dondero is an active philanthropist with interests in veteran’s affairs and public affairs. He has since a young age helped the poor and was a boy scout. He lives in Dallas with his family and three kids. He is a popular country music fan. With Jim at the helm, the company is set to continue its growth trajectory.

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Bernardo Chua Put Hard Work Toward His Company

Years of experience in the business world helped Bernardo Chua out greatly when he decided that he was going to start up a company that would sell products made with the Chinese herb that he loved greatly. The Chinese herb that he uses in his products is one that he believes in, himself, and that he loves for all of its health benefits. He knew that it wasn’t very well known around the world, and he wanted that to change. He wanted others to be able to experience the benefits that he had been able to, and so he took the herb and built a company around it.

Bernardo Chua has become a big name in the business world, and he shares a lot of his knowledge on Twitter. People think of him and they think of a man who was brave enough to take what he loved and form it into a company. They think of a man with passion, and a man who is excited about the company that he has formed. Bernardo Chua was able to give many people a product that they can feel good about consuming every day, and many people are happy with him for doing that. They appreciate his efforts in bringing the Chinese herb around the world.

Some people seem to know better than others what will and will not work for a company, and Bernardo Chua’s years of business experience helped him to know how to form his company well. The years that he spent working for other companies made him realize all that he would have to do in order to make his company a success. And now many people have been able to start using the herb that he has always loved because of all of the hard work that he has put toward his company and getting it known across the world.