Market America Convention 2017 & The Right Attitude Makes Everything

At the 2017 Market America Convention, they celebrated 25 years and looked ahead to many more years of entrepreneurial success. Things that were discussed included exciting new ways to build your business as well as the different ways to be able to boost retail sales as well. Things announced that should help in that regard are Shopping Annuity, which consists of personalized recommendations for customers that is suggested based of what they buy. Customers will be able to see up to six recommendations for each category in the assessment from Annuity AutoShip. A SHOP.COM MasterCard Gift Card was also introduced, with this it can be used anywhere and will save you 2% IBV and the card should be available pretty soon. Possibly one of the most exciting presentations in Market America Inc. was the introduction of a new virtual reality system which will allow people to learn about Market America with virtual Corporate Team members. In business, the right attitude plays a large role in how successful a business will be. By keeping the a positive mindset towards success, it will translate over to your business so that it will see success. By keeping the right attitude and by having the knowledge to be able to relate your message, these are two very important things that will go a long way towards helping your business be successful. Jim Winkler, the Vice President of Sales for Market America believes that what separates those who are successful and those who are not is because of what they are willing to do. According to Winkler, those who are successful are willing to do more so that they are able to create success for themselves. Winkler states that attitude comes before the money as he believes that before someone is able to see success with their business, one will need to have the right attitude first.


The Business Guru, SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is the chief executive officer at Kerrisdale Capital. The alumni of Yale University have a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. His finance career took its course at Deutsche Bank; a banking group that invests in leveraged finance. At the billion-dollar Longacre Management, he further reinforced his professional proficiency. He first came to limelight when he made a list of the Chinese companies practicing fraudulent transactions. The companies have since undergone scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission.This discovery paid him handsomely. However, due to fear of exposure, he published but remained anonymous until others followed suit. He then started posting under Kerrisdale Capital. The stock exchange field has since undergone improvement. Under Kerrisdale Capital, he saw the growth of the hedge fund accumulate to millions of dollars He is not only the chief executive officer at Kerrisdale Capital but also the sole founder. Sahm has been devoted to the company’s development since 2009 when he pioneered it.He has used his professional capability to raise over a hundred dollars from the stock exchange. He has created a unique company. He operates entirely differently from other entrepreneurs.

Kerrisdale Capital focuses on shorting the stocks as other firms invest in recovering businesses and constructing residential mortgages. Sahm explained that with this diversification, the company raised so much money in a short duration of time. With the precise guidance of the chief executive officer, Kerrisdale now manages about five hundred million dollars. The fair yearly return of the company is approximately 28%. Since it bets both for and against companies, the returns are not concrete but steady at a particular percentage. Either way, the company never fails to make profits. Kerrisdale capital faces challenges like a drop in returns. However, with the specialization of the chief executive officer, Mr. Adrangi, and the entire team, the company wallows in massive profits more often.Courtesy of years of experience and the academic credentials, SahmAdrangi is equipped with skills in diverse fields of business management like investment management, capital market, valuation, portfolio management, trading, alternative investment, financial markets, investment strategies and financial analysis among others. These skills have seen the growth and expansion of Kerrisdale Capital over time.

Louis Chenevert’s Great Career

Investing in technology has the biggest chance of making any company very competitive. This is a notion that is held highly by former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert, and current CEO Gregory Hayes. They also believe that great leadership also plays a big role in making any company successful.

Chenevert personally believes that great leadership is all about investing in the latest technology and the employees of any given company. This is why he went ahead and massively invested in employee education and training. This was his dream and vision during his tenure at UTC.
Since his appointment as the CEO of UTC back in 2006, at a time the American economy was below par, he turned the face of the company in terms of overall growth. The company performed at its highest and delivered in its service to assemble some of the world’s most advanced jet engines, refrigeration and air conditioning systems and helicopters.
Of particular praise is the aerospace system unit that managed to produce the Geared Turbofan (GTF) which was regarded as a technological feat in UTC history and Chenevert Tenure.
Before being CEO of UTC, Chenevert worked as president at GM motors at the start of his career. He was the Production General Manager of its St. Therese operation. After leaving GM and before joining UTC he served as the president of Pratt & Whitney, from April 1999 to March 2006.
Besides the company life, he also serves in other different capacities in various organizations. He is a member of the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable and Board of Directors for Cargill; others include; the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and is Chairman of the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board.
The French-Canadian is a graduate of the University of Montreal, School of Business, where he graduated with a bachelor’s honors degree in Commerce with majors in production management.
His career highs include: striking an $18.4 billion deal to acquire Goodrich a feat he achieved in just less than a year. Another key career high and the one which he forever will be proud of will be the development of the Geared Turbofan that was hailed as the best technological Innovation by the airspace stakeholders.
Watch Louis Chenevert speak:

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Brain Behind Crypto-Currency

To many people, Daniel Mark Harrison may just pass as a regular figure. However, to those in the cryptocurrency industry, this name is more than just a name. Daniel has invested widely in the cryptocurrency industry thanks to his role at Monkey Capital, a company that specializes in the decentralization of hedge funds and the sale of ICO options. Under his stewardship, Monkey Capital brings together a unique blend of quality services, an exceptional managing team, and compelling projects that have helped a wide array of people in investing immensely in the cryptocurrency industry.

For the short period that the company has been operational, it has received positive reviews from some of the leading pacesetters in the industry. For instance, Huffington Post branded the company as a “Billion Dollar Baboon” that is set to revolutionize the industry.
Thanks to its COVEAL form of marketing, the company plans to launch its ICO once its buyers have been able to subscribe to their services. As a way of encouraging investors to join his worthy work, Daniel Mark Harrison has published a book entitled Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World. In this book, Daniel lists down some of the effects associated with millennial attitudes. His journalistic work as seen in this book has also earned him a positive reputation from Azeem Khan who applauded him for creating a platform that allows the exchange of ideas among different people.
Daniel Mark Harrison’s career has spanned for decades, and his hard labor is evident. In 2014, he served as a senior manager at Minisuco Limited, a leather manufacturing company based in Shanghai China. As a Senior Manager of the company, Daniel was mandated with offering consultancy services to the company.
Mark also worked as a co-founder of Stanley Court Limited for four years. The company is based in Thailand Bangkok, and it specifically deals in asset brokerage and investment holding.
Currently, Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO and founder of Daniel Mark Harrison Co., a family-oriented company that deals in managing the assets of his family. Additionally, Daniel is also the managing partner of Monkey Capital.
Daniel holds a BA in Theology from the University of Oxford, a Master of Business in Administration from the BI Norwegian Business School, and a Master’s degree in journalism from New York University.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Offer Beauty in the Fashion Industry

For people who take the time to do so, they can discover the beauty in the different designs that the fashion industry brings forth. This is especially true when it comes to the clothing that is designed for women. With men, the styles are more or less the same. However, even men have a little room to be stylish and stand out from the norm. However, it does not hurt to push the boundaries of fashion so that it moves forward. With women, they get to explore all of the new designs that bring forth a lot of creativity from designers and fashion companies.


Among the designers is the TechStyle fashion group headed by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. This company is filled with different brands that offer really inspiring pieces of fashion that are amazing to look at. One can only imagine how it must feel to wear it. People who wear the most amazing and elegant pieces of clothing are bound to experience something beautiful, especially if the fabric is comfortable and the fit works. TechStyle is especially active in bringing this type of elegance to every area of the fashion industry. The creative team is taking on gaps in the fashion industry so that everyone can feel good about themselves at every point in their lives.


The TechStyle is hoping to influence the trends across the globe. However, in order to do that, it is going to have to take note of all of the different cultures for both men and women. While men’s fashion in the west can be seen as stagnant and conservative, men’s fashion in the west actually takes on some interesting forms and designs. Therefore, TechStyle has a lot to consider in how it is going to move forward in the fashion industry.


One of the best things about the TechStyle fashion group is that it gives people the chance to bring forth radical change to their wardrobe and style. With the unique designs and affordable pricing, it is very easy for customers to reinvent themselves with the new designs and comfortable fabrics that are offered from brands like Fabletics and JustFab.

David Giertz Advises Financial Advisors to Discuss Social Security Benefits with Their Clients

David. L. Giertz, or as commonly known by his friends, Dave, is a leading financial advisor, who once worked for the biggest insurance company in the nation. From the year 2004, he served as the Vice President of NF Sales. He was in this position until the year 2009 when he was promoted to FI/WH.


But, before Giertz joined Nationalwide Distributions, he worked for Citicorp Investment Services. That was from the year 1991 to the year 1999. He also worked with Financial Horizons Security Corporation from the year 1989 to the year 1993.


Having more than three decades of experience in the financial industry, Giertz is one of the most influential financial advisors. His track record makes people stop and want to hear what he has to say. Recently, he was quoted talking about social security retirement benefits.


Giertz mentioned that many financial advisors fail to discuss social security retirement benefits. This is in accordance to a research that he had undertaken where the majority stated that their financial advisors did not discuss retirement benefits with them. Also, four out of five interviewees stated that they changed financial advisors when they noticed that they wouldn’t discuss their social security retirements benefits.


So, why do advisors fail to discuss these benefits? The major reason is the huge number of rule on the program. With about 2,700 rules, financial advisors find it difficult to digest it all and discuss with their clients. Therefore, they find it more convenient to keep quiet about it.


However, what these advisors don’t understand is that they would be able to retain clients if they would discuss these benefits. Besides, most people find these benefits to be too critical to be left out. In fact, they contribute to more than 40% of their income after retirement.




Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s Entrepreneurial Journey

This zealous duo has a record of not stopping at anything to achieve their goals. Beginning with Mr. Goldenberg who kicked off his journey as a minor (15 years) and even went to the extent of dropping out of school to focus on the online advertising company that he had started and became the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of the company. He specialized in marketing gaming companies at the time. On the other hand, Don Ressler was running an online fitness company that had already started gaining popularity.


It was not until 1999 when Intermix Media did its magic and facilitated the meeting of Mr. Goldenberg and Mr. Ressler. Adam sold his advertising company to Intermix at the same time Ressler was selling his fitness company and a healthy relationship sparkled between them. They met at a time when there was very high demand for fashion and beauty and hence their decision to merge their knowledge, experience, and efforts to venture into the fashion and beauty sector.


The two great minds carried out a research and realized that there was a gap in the beauty and fashion sector. They did work hard to earn their money and dislike struggling to spend it by walking from one stall to the other looking for what they wanted. They also spent a lot of time looking for exactly what could satisfy their needs and wants. The duo, therefore, proceeded to build their business upon these two pillars:


  • Tailor made products
  • Accessibility of this product


It was a new dawn for JustFab and TechsTYLE Companies where they placed all their focus in satisfying the needs of the customers and came up with one company which they named Fabletics Company. They ensured that their products were up to date with fashion and had clothes and shoes that embrace all body types and sizes. They also had a lot of promotional offers which even won them over more clients.


Additionally, they used women with all body types in their clothes advertisements to make them feel that the company cared about all of them. Their products included bras, leggings, and t-shirts among many others.


As the company grew, they deemed it fit to open physical outlets due to the increasing customer base. They opened brick and mortar stores which incorporated technology that could recommend products to their customers. These two entrepreneurs are geniuses, to say the least.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Know How to Run a Business

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of Fabletics. They tried to create a business that would be both profitable and successful for their customers. They wanted customers to know a lot about the things that they were doing and they wanted them to be able to have an enjoyable experience no matter what was going on in the fashion industry. This was something that set the company apart and something that made it easy for the men to try new things while they were in different situations with their business and with the opportunities that they had to help other people out.


For Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to be able to start, they had to figure out what type of risks they were going to take with the business. The business was not going to be a success from the beginning because they were building it from the ground up but they knew that with hard work they would be able to get exactly what they needed from the company and from the customers who they were going to be able to cater to with the way that the company worked for other people.


Since Fabletics has been in business, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done a lot of interviews. Recently, they did one where they were talking about the things that were going on in different areas. They wanted people to be aware of what Fabletics had to offer but they also wanted people to know about all of the hard work they had to do to get to that point. Since Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were both good at business, they knew that this interview would help them to gain even more customers than what they already had within the Fabletics area.


During that interview, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also talked about what they had to do to figure out what their niche would be. They needed something that was positive and something that was going to be enriching for the people who were in different areas. They wanted a business that would cater to everyone and every person who worked out. The clothing company with subscription options and online shopping options was something that gave them the chance to be able to try new things and do more with the business that they had already started building up from where they were at.

Rick Smith Efforts at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that enhances communication between inmates and their loved ones. Rick Smith has served in this company with much dedication to ensuring right services are rendered to people with loved ones in prison. He has been CEO of the company since 2008, and the position could not suit him any better. With his fascinating experience and many exceptional qualities, he has met all the required attributes for overseeing the firm. Smith’s leadership qualities are of integrity and rich wisdom. His background holds admirable experiences which automatically polishes his reputation.He has established the company in aid of inmates, and the company serves more than a million inmates in North America and almost 3,000 companies linked to the law.

Rick’s Rise to Success

Most of what Rick is today is as a result of education. Smith’s education is remarkable. He studied his bachelor’s degree in engineering at New York University and proceeded with his masters in engineering at the same institution. He acquired an MBA from the University of Rochester.Rick Smith has been incredibly active most of his life and won’t stop at anything. During his early life, between the year 1972 and 1998, he committed himself to Global Crossing North America with his position being the controller and Chief information controller. His effort put his name under important titles for various companies. As if his resume could not get any better, he worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and during this time, the profit graph of the company shot up.His stay at all these companies he worked at was legendary. In 2007, he left the Eschelon Telecom Inc. to join Securus Tech. He was named chairman, and he leads the company to great victories against other competing companies globally. Their investments have been noted to be on the rise.

Great Future for Securus Technologies

Securus’ Chairman and CEO states that the company is a stable and reliable investment. It comes in handy to correctional facilities in law enforcement and solving crimes. This could provide leads on pending and unsolved cases, save a large multitude targeted on certain attacks, among other ugly situations that could be plotted by people attached to locked up criminals. Richard Smith praises Securus Tech with the reference of customers who are appreciating their services through emails and letters. It is incredible how big the crowd receiving help from Securus is and airing their comments hence creating a market for those unaware of it! The company has ensured the inmates, and their loved ones are provided with protection. Smith sees to it that the service provided is satisfactory to the majority. Securus has been serving its purpose for decades and believes in safety for all to render their services to people in good conditions.

Susan McGalla Was Bred to Win

Companies that have gender sensitive cultures are 15% more likely to outperform those that have no such policies. At the same time, those companies that are ethnically adverse are 35% more likely to outperform those companies that are not ethnically diverse. The above two types companies outperform the rest because of their openness to new ideas. Moreover, the diversity in the firms allows various perspectives to be employed, making them more accommodating to the workers. Despite the above findings, only a small percentage of all C-level positions in S&P companies are held by women.

Regardless of the hardships experienced by women to reach high-level positions within their organizations, some few women like Susan McGalla have helped lead the way. McGalla says that she was raised in a way that made it comfortable for her to work with both men and women. Susan grew up among two brothers and a football coach dad. The trio did not give Susan any break because she was a girl. Instead, she was taught to fight for her rights and to be tough. Susan was to work for what she wanted, and that is a lesson that she has carried in life. Even when she finds it hard to attain a position, she works hard and proves that she has what it takes to take the position. Consequently, she has won many high-level positions not held by many women. Case in point, in the American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked her way up through the ranks. When she began her career in the firm, all the executives were men. However, her effort made her outperform all the executives until she became president by the time she left the company. Later, Susan founded the P3 Executive Consulting and is the current vice president of business strategy and creative development for Pittsburgh Steelers. The achievement was marked as great, as the steel industry is mainly dominated by men. Susan was also actively involved in the ‘wear what we wear’ Campaign that encouraged fans to buy Steeler gear.

Susan McGalla is an American Businesswoman and executive consultant. She is currently the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development Greater Pittsburgh Area.