Susan McGalla Was Bred to Win

Companies that have gender sensitive cultures are 15% more likely to outperform those that have no such policies. At the same time, those companies that are ethnically adverse are 35% more likely to outperform those companies that are not ethnically diverse. The above two types companies outperform the rest because of their openness to new ideas. Moreover, the diversity in the firms allows various perspectives to be employed, making them more accommodating to the workers. Despite the above findings, only a small percentage of all C-level positions in S&P companies are held by women.

Regardless of the hardships experienced by women to reach high-level positions within their organizations, some few women like Susan McGalla have helped lead the way. McGalla says that she was raised in a way that made it comfortable for her to work with both men and women. Susan grew up among two brothers and a football coach dad. The trio did not give Susan any break because she was a girl. Instead, she was taught to fight for her rights and to be tough. Susan was to work for what she wanted, and that is a lesson that she has carried in life. Even when she finds it hard to attain a position, she works hard and proves that she has what it takes to take the position. Consequently, she has won many high-level positions not held by many women. Case in point, in the American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked her way up through the ranks. When she began her career in the firm, all the executives were men. However, her effort made her outperform all the executives until she became president by the time she left the company. Later, Susan founded the P3 Executive Consulting and is the current vice president of business strategy and creative development for Pittsburgh Steelers. The achievement was marked as great, as the steel industry is mainly dominated by men. Susan was also actively involved in the ‘wear what we wear’ Campaign that encouraged fans to buy Steeler gear.

Susan McGalla is an American Businesswoman and executive consultant. She is currently the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Mike Baur is Helping Create Technology Companies of the Future

Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is the co-founder and CEO of Swiss Startup Factory. He is also the founder of Think Reloaded, a venture capital company with a focus on entrepreneurial families and their businesses. Mike Baur also co-founded Swiss Startup Association where he serves as a Director. The non-profit advocates for policy reform to create a more startup-friendly environment in Switzerland.


In addition, he is also a Director at Swiss Startup Invest, a leading venture capital company. Mike Baur has been fascinated by the subject of business and finance since he was young. He quickly developed a keen eye and became passionate about making it his career. His professional career started with banking as an apprentice at UBS. He rose through the ranks to executive positions. He established Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.


The company is a startup accelerator based in Zurich. It has a focus on technology companies. Mike Baur enables Swiss startups to grow into profitable companies. He provides capital financing, business incubation services and mentoring to the new entrepreneurs. Mike Baur maintains an open door policy. He encourages his associates to exchange experiences in business consulting and finance. He prides himself on being a practitioner and encourages new investors to follow his lead.


According to Mike Baur, it is better to do it now and do it quickly. Do not postpone investment decisions. You may miss out on crucial timing information and get into unfavorable deals. He believes now is the right time to invest in technology. He is committed to mentoring entrepreneurs in the technology space. Mike frequently gives talks on the subject in universities and seminars. He was also a keynote speaker in the next generation category at the World Web Forum.


Mike Baur oversees fundraising at Swiss Startup Factory. The main component of the accelerator program is a three-month business incubation service. Startups enjoy access to capital financing, working spaces, business services and mentoring. They also get access to services such as accounting, financial advisory, and payroll management.


Entrepreneurs can focus on the business of creating disruptive companies that succeed in the global market. They also get access to an extensive real world network of entrepreneur and investors.


Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester and the University of Berne. He has previously worked for Sallfort Privatbank, Innovation Lab Fribourg, Clariden Leu and UBS Wealth Management among others. During his free time, Mike Baur enjoys playing sports such as hockey and tennis.



Adam Goldenberg The Co-Founder and Co-CEO of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur, innovator and a successful businessman. He is a co-founder of JustFab and also serves as a co-CEO of the company. He is one of the most successful individuals in the fashion industry. And, at such a young age, one can’t help but be envious of his blossoming career.

The entrepreneurial and innovative side of Adam Goldenberg began to show back in the year 1996. Then, he was just 15years old but his brain was way sharper than his age. He began Gamers Alliance, which was an advertising network for gaming sites on His brilliant business quickly got spotted by Intermix and the company purchased his business in the year 1999.

Although he had sold his company, he continued to be actively involved in its running. Intermix took him in and gave him the position of Vice President of Strategic Planning at at Two years later, he was promoted to be the Chief Operations Officer of the company. That year saw him get recognized for being the youngest Chief Operations Officer of a publicly traded company.

Working at Intermix gave Adam Goldenberg invaluable experience. He learnt what it took to run a successful company and planning for the success of a company. It was also at Intermix that he met Don Ressler who was to become his business partner. The two met in the year 2001, when Adam Goldenberg was working as a COO at Intermix. At the time of their meeting, Don Ressler has come to sell his company FitnessHaven.Com to Intermix. The two quickly hit it off and became friends.

In the year 200, Intermix was sold to News Corporation or more than $650 million. It was then that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler decided to join efforts and start a business together. That year saw the birth of Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty was an e-commerce brand incubator. With the company, the duo was able to establish a number of brands that saw them become the health and beauty industry leaders on VatorTV. To the two business partners, it wasn’t just business as usual. Rather, they wanted to develop strategies that would maintain them in the e-commerce for a very long time.

Their keen eye for trends led them to coming up with the concept of subscription e-commerce. In the year 2010, they founded JustFab. The company is now an umbrella brand to Fabletics, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle.

Flavio Maluf’s role in the growth of Eucatex Group

Eucatex Group is a corporation that has majored in the manufacture of panels and tiles from eucalyptus. It was launched on November 23, 1951, and it has grown to satisfy the both the local and international markets. The company currently makes significant exports to Europe and other parts of the world. Eucatex is committed to ensuring that its industrial undertakings do not pollute the environment.


Flavio Maluf has been serving as the president of the Eucatex Group for about two decades. The company is owned by his family, and he started serving it 1987. Maluf’s first position was at the firm’s trade office. He served in the same office for about nine years and was later transferred to the technical department in 1996. In the same year, his uncle who acted as the president of the enterprise appointed him to be part of its executives. Maluf was endorsed by his family members to take over the leadership of the company in 1997.


Maluf strived to modernize the production process at the company from the time he was appointed to serve as the president. Under his leadership, the company managed to establish branches in various parts of Brazil. Eucatex Group has increased its production, and the firm currently exports its products to 37 countries. The broad market of the company has enabled it to generate a lot of revenue. Its records indicate that it made about R$ 10.7 billion in 2014 and the size of its market also increased by 30 percent.


As the president of Eucatex Group, Flavio Maluf has used strategic skills that have enabled the company to be successful. He is a graduate of PUC where he pursued his degree in mechanical engineering. Maluf later joined the New York University to study from his postgraduate in business management. His education accomplishments have enabled him to be highly knowledgeable in both trade and industrial undertakings.


Flavio Maluf also guided Eucatex Group in launching and industrial plant in Sao Paulo state. The company uses the factory in recycling its timber dust to manufacture MDF boards. Eucatex Group’s commitment to conserving the environment has enabled it to earn ISO 14001 and FSC® Certifications.

Mr. Andrew Rocklage – A Great Business Prodigy

Mr. Andrew Rocklage has completed his graduation from the renowned University of Suffolk Law School and also from the Isenberg School of Management. Mr. Rocklage is an excellent attorney and is highly reputed in the Boston area. He has shown an active interest in the business. Mr. Rocklage is the proud owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This is a highly innovative and famous indoor trampoline park in the nation.


Mr. Rocklage has got immense knowledge of the Boston business and knows the significance of awesome customer service in developing a service or a brand. Mr. Rocklage has been highly successful in making use of this knowledge by hiring the finest talented team members to have full interaction with the customers at his park location.


He has got immense talent for creating enormous potential for his employees and friends. He has created a great wave of being highly successful in the business world. Mr. Rocklage has got a broad range of experience as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He has got vast expertise in the technology arena. This has assisted him to be a great innovator. He has used his experience in the legal field, and that makes him so unique and a challenging individual. He has established himself in the local market and is immensely popular.


There has been much development in Mr. Rocklage’s career. He has continued to take up challenging professional tasks. He has been near the Boston area and is interested in travel. The sky is the limit for him as he is interested in starting another business.

The most important aspect about him is that he wants to keep his business highly creative. The central aspect of his business is providing exceptional customer service to develop a powerful business brand. The very basis of customer service is in finding team members who are highly talented and hardworking.


Sky Zone Trampoline Park is quite stringent in hiring the employees. This is because they want to have the best, talent individuals. People have provided their reviews about the Park’s team members and how they are so friendly and provide great assistance.


Mr. Andrew Rocklage has lots of awareness from the technological arena. This has made him a great innovator. He is an expert as he is aware how to reach out to the customer bases. He has got immense interest in traveling, and professional development and that will surely assist him to reach out to new places. People are inquisitive to know what kind of business he would wish to begin next. He will move far in his career. He does not exhibit any signs of getting tired.