Dr. Mark Mofid Has Perfected The Art Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid is a medical practitioner who strives to provide the highest level of care to his patients, which can be seen by his ever-increasing reputation around the United States. Mark Mofid works out of the San Diego area in California and has been board-certified for many years. Some of the hospitals he works at as a staff surgeon include Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center, and Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. The majority of Dr. Mark Mofid’s training came from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Mark studied plastic surgery, general surgery, and even craniofacial research during his attendance there as well.

Currently, Mark’s area of focus is Gluteal Augmentation, where he is spending most of his research. In the United States today, there is an ever-increasing interest in this augmentation, especially through the influence of South America, where such procedures are already popular. The number one reason people opt for this surgery is to gain the so-called “hourglass” shape. Dr. Mark Mofid has done a high number of these procedures and is pretty much an expert at it today. Of course, this procedure is mainly centered around women, and most women want a very precise ratio that Mark Mofid has managed to perfect in his procedures.

Mark knows how popular the buttock augmentations are within South America, which is why the trend is growing more frequently as of late in the United States, though it is slow compared to other countries. Despite the critics in the field, Mark is not typically at odds with anyone as he takes great care in his work and abides by the highest ethics. This is the major reason Mark refuses to give patients unnatural sized implants that do not fit with the body as it just creates a higher chance for complications in the future. Dr. Mark Mofid also encourages other plastic surgeons to follow the same ethics, to increase popular opinion of the field and help patients find happiness in their surgery and search for increased confidence.


Lime Crime Stands Out Among Beauty Competitors

The beauty industry is one of the top businesses in the world. There are dozens of companies who aim to provide quality cosmetics for their customers to buy. With so many cosmetics on the market, companies are looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competitors.


One company who is standing out in the beauty industry is Lime Crime. Founded in 2008 by creator Doe Deere, the company quickly set itself up as one of the most unique cosmetics brands on the market. Doe Deere’s main reason for creating the company was to provide colorful, quality beauty products to fit their customer’s personalities.


As a beauty company, it offers products such as lipstick, eyeshadow, press on nails, and hair dyes just to name a few. Of course these are items you’ll find in any beauty company, but their products are different due to their style and colors.


Lime Crime lipsticks come in a variety of styles including Diamond Crushers, Velvetines, Mattes, Metallics, and Unicorn Lipsticks. They also come in an assortment of colors such as Bomber, Fluke, Hoodie, Mirage, and True Love; which are shades of reds and pinks. But if you want to be creative you can go for a shade of blue with Denim, add a touch of green lips with Alien lipstick, or brighten up your face with a Zenon metallic.


Aside from their colorful lipsticks, they also offers hair dyes for anyone wanting to spruce up their hairdos. For a pop of pink to your treads, a jar of Bunny Unicorn Hair will do. But if you want a darker style, then a touch of Dirty Mermaid, Blue Smoke, or Leeloo will work wonders.


Not only do they provide a range of quality products, but they’re also a firm believer in cruelty free cosmetics. They don’t test their products on any animals, and to show their dedication, all their products are vegan made, which means no animal ingredients are used in the cosmetics.


With their dedication towards cruelty free makeup along with high-quality, colorful cosmetics; it’s no wonder that Lime Crime is quickly becoming one of the top sellers in the beauty industry.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye Helps Folks Express Themselves Free of Judgement

Doe Deere is a flawless woman who has truly embraced her own unique personality. From a very early age, she realized that she loved bright and bold colors. As she got older, she decided to do something with that love by creating a makeup line that emphasizes unique looks. If you’ve ever seen Doe Deere, chances are that the first thing you’d notice would be her unique look. Deere loves to sport bright colored makeup and equally as bright colored hair.


Doe Deere has embraced her inner magical unicorn and now she wants to help others do the same! That’s precisely why Deere launched her own makeup line called Lime Crime. She wanted to give creative souls an outlet to express themselves. Deere’s makeup line offers bright colored lip wear, eyewear, and so much more. From glitter to bright colors and everything in between, Deere is helping customers grasp their creative side with makeup.


Deere is now helping more people become magical unicorns! That’s because she just launched a brand new product that’s here just in time to turn heads this summer. Her unicorn hair dye is sure to quickly become a huge hit! Much like her other products, Deere developed the unicorn hair dye because she saw that there was a need. Most store shelves held natural colors like blondes, browns, and reds. Deere realized that there are people out there who want to be a bit more exotic and that’s how the unicorn hair dye was born!


The product isn’t permanent and will eventually wash out after several washes but that’s the fun of it! People can constantly play around with colors to suit their mood. The unicorn hair dye comes in pinks, purples, blues, and more! The hair dye is also safe on people’s hair. There is no harsh chemical and it’s vegan free. Deere has truly made a product that everyone can enjoy without having to worry about cause their hair serious damage. At the end of the day, Lime Crime is a makeup line that inspires men and women to truly express themselves without worrying what others thing.

Unicorns Are Wild About Lime Crime Semi Permanent Hair Color

It seems like everywhere you look lately Unicorn themed colors are on display. From fanciful dresses, all the way to blended coffee beverages, bright hues take center stage in modern beauty culture. Now your hair can finally match the rest of you and let your inner unicorn out with a new line of hair coloring products from Lime Crime.


Available in both tint (for a lighter effect) and full coverage (for brighter, richer colors), Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is semi-permanent and generally lasts from 6-10 washes. All colors are vegan and work best on blonde or very light hair. For maximum results apply to freshly bleached hair that has not had any toners added; toners can mute or “muddy up” the colors and keep you from getting the full unicorn benefit.


Brand founder, Doe Deere, is the self-appointed “Unicorn Queen” and has been seen for years proudly displaying vivid hair colors. Now everyone can enjoy the 13 available colors with whimsical names like “jello” for a bright green or “dirty mermaid” for a vivid grey-blue.


Unlike costly salon treatments, Unicorn Hair is highly affordable at only $16 per color so unicorns everywhere can either brighten up with one color or go wild and use all thirteen; for the truly adventurous you can mix shades together to create a unique, custom color. All shades are available in both tint and full coverage on the Lime Crime website along with their full product line which includes eyeshadow and nail coverage.


Application is a breeze as no additional toners or developers are needed. Simply apply the color straight from the container to your hair and allow to work its magic for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your desired depth of color. After rinsing thoroughly, the dye from hair, you can condition if desired and simply style and go! Unicorn hair is designed to not transfer to clothing, skin, etc., but it is worth noting that after the initial application for deep coloring a slight transfer may occur for the first 1-2 washes. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html


Beauty Care Products that Inspire Fantasy and Wonderful Accessories by Lime Crime

To women and men who are conscious of fashion, what they put on, how they do that, and the overall effects the accessories they wear have on their appearances means a lot. The things that are considered trendy and hip today may not be regarded as chic and smart the following day, so the organizations like Lime Crime that manufacture and supply products of beauty and other accessories that enhance looks must keep evolving with the changing tastes of the consumers. There is no guarantee that your company will sell profitably if you don’t invest in research to find out what people like or don’t like about your brand.



The ability to match along with the changing preferences of the buyers is what has prompted Doe Deere the President and CEO of LimeCrime beauty accessories to invent a popular type of hairstyling that resonates well with the present generation. The hair products are found in a range of shimmering shades of color women can use as hair dye. The Generation X or the Millennial people who pay a lot of attention to how they look have discovered their true companion in the Unicorn dye for their hair. Since they enjoy surprising friends and relatives by how crazily they can alter their appearances, the Lime Crime varieties of hair dye give them what they want.



The company is selling fast, and it has become so fashionable because the different colors of hair dye it manufactures inspire many young people with the kind of fantasy they like. Apart from multicolored highlighters or unicorn hair-brush, now the colors on offer are nothing if not surprising. You can get any color you ever imagined under the sky with the hair dyes from Lime Crime. The Unicorn dyes for hair are as wild and dreamy as your imagination can go, and they have no ammonia or bleach. Every color you pick can be washed out when you are fed up with it, and they have total tinting ability. They also have full coverage and formulas that will give you precisely what you need. https://www.beserk.com.au/collections/lime-crime


Colors For The Lips From Lime Crime

When I started using Lime Crime cosmetics, I though that they were like any other makeup on the market. As I used the lipsticks and the eye shadows, I noticed how different the products felt on my skin. They are lightweight and don’t feel like they are caked onto my face. My favorite product so far is the Velvetine lipstick. It has a matte look when it’s on the lips, which gives an appearance as thought I’ve used more than I really do during the day. The colors are amazing. I like the gray and the blue the best, but I did order a set that has a few different shades of reds and pinks. The Velvetine lipstick sits well on my lips, and it will last all day. I don’t have to worry about the lipstick smudging or wearing off, even when I’m working in a warm environment or in an atmosphere that is just sticky and hot. The bundle options are the best way to go when it comes to ordering items from Lime Crime.


Diamond Crushers are another favorite. The lip gloss or lipstick shines on the lips. It makes the lips look like there are small pieces of diamonds on them. The neutral color is at the top of my list of products to use, but I also like the pink and purple. The best thing about this product is that I can use it over the lipstick that I have on to give depth to my lips instead of relying on just the Diamond Crushers to give color and enhancement. The water-based formula glides on and stays in place during the day, something that I’ve grown to love about Lime Crime products. The lipstick dries so that it doesn’t smudge, which is something I need as I don’t have to worry about the makeup that I wear when I buy from the company. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en

Lime Crime Has a New Hair Dye Just for “Unicorns”

If you love fanciful beauty products inspired by unicorns, you’ll love Lime Crime’s new hair dye line. The company has come out with a line of 13 vivid colors that are extremely whimsical and eye-catching.


Lime Crime founder Doe Deere and her team have been working on the hair dyes for about three years, and are happy to present these products to the public, which are made from certified vegan ingredients (the dye is glycerin-based). The dyes are also free of bleach or ammonia, and both tints and full coverage formulas. The tints last for 8-10 washes and full coverage dyes will last for 10-12 washes. The dyes are $16 each.


Lime Crime fans, who often refer to themselves as Unicorns, are excited about the new dyes because the colors actually make them look like unicorns. The dyes are of professional quality and color is applied to the hair with a direct deposit effect that actually conditions the hair. Of course, Doe Deere enthusiasts are also excited about the fact that Deere would wear the dyes herself, since she is known for rocking purple, pink, blue and green tresses.


The Full Coverage dyes have a higher pigment and saturates the hair with more color. These dyes are ideal for hair that is lightly bleached, platinum blonde, and anywhere in between. The Tints from the Unicorn line have a sheer effect, and work best on pale blond hair, since they create a pastel hue on the hair.


In addition to the Unicorn dyes, Lime Crime also offers a number of eye shadows and lipsticks that are rich in color and made from quality ingredients. The company also provides a line of nail polishes that are bold and nourishing for the nails. Fans of the brand can even submit their photos to be featured on the site, to serve as style inspiration for those who are looking to make a fashionable, drastic change to their looks.


For more information, visit www.limecrime.com.







Lime Crime’s New Hair Dye Line Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

If you’ve been a fan of the whimsical and colorful makeup brand Lime Crime, you know that it’s only natural that founder and CEO Doe Deere would release a series of hair dye products for those who love all things bright and bold. Deere herself has been rocking pastel-colored hair for years and is delighted to have finally created the perfect formula for her loyal customers.


The Unicorn Hair line is a series of semi-permanent dyes that come in rich pastel shades. While the pastel hair look has been in style for a while now, Deere has brilliantly developed a series of colors that are refreshingly unique and haven’t been seen before. Instead of playing it safe with the standard lavenders and candy pinks that have been so trendy for the last few years, Deere has created shades like Gargoyle, a moody muted indigo, and Neon Peach, a bright pastel orange. Like all of the dreamy Lime Crime products, the Unicorn Hair dyes are expected to dictate color trends for the next year.


The colors aren’t the only thing that make the Unicorn Hair line unique from all of the other pastel hair dye products on the market. To start, like all Lime Crime products, these dyes are completely vegan and cruelty-free. In fact, the dyes have a vegetable glycerin base, ensuring that they will provide tons of moisture to hair as an added bonus.


Each semi-permanent dye can be purchased in the form of a tint or a full coverage dye. Tints are ideal for those with light-colored hair who want a more subtle effect. Full coverage is for those who are ready for a serious change in the hair color department. Both types of dye will wash out within a few weeks.


The Unicorn Hair line is sure to be yet another hit from the wild imagination of Doe Deere. The whimsical CEO is no stranger to success. Her first big product, the Unicorn Lipsticks line, became one of the most highly coveted items among beauty bloggers upon its launch. Since then, Deere has been formulating highly unique products in unconventional shades that have set the trends for the makeup industry as a whole. follow them on the instagram for more details.



Lime Crime Releases New Product For All Its Unicorns

Fellow Unicorns it is finally that time! The Lime Crime web store finally has released their line of Unicorn Hair Dyes for all of us unicorns to try. As with every new product release from Lime Crime, I jumped on the opportunity to try their new product out first and I can thankfully say the new dyes are easily my new favorite product from Doe Deere’s collection. Lime Crime’s eye shadow palette still comes in a close second place though.


My First New Color Using The New Unicorn Hair Dyes


As you we all have come to expect of our favorite indie makeup line, the hair dyes follow the same standards as all of the other amazing products available from the web store. That means these dyes are 100% animal cruelty-free, naturally sourced, and of course perfect for all of us unicorns.


Coloring my hair has always been a love/hate kind relationship as I love the way my hair looks when it’s dyed vibrant and strange colors but the damage that the dyes I usually use wreak on my hair makes me almost decide to go all natural with my normally red hair. Almost.


Though unlike the other dyes I’ve used in the past, the Unicorn Hair dyes condition hair as it treats it so after my first wash my hair not only looks beautiful but feels amazing too.


Using The New Anime Unicorn Hair Dye


Second to my love for all things bright and fashionable is my love for anime, truth be told the reason I started dying my hair was my first cosplay. So it was without a seconds hesitation that I ordered the Anime Unicorn Hair Dye from Lime’s Crime web store. After going through my coloring ritual of putting on old 80’s new wave and making a cup of tea, I went about turning my hair into a bright blue anime vision. True to its name the anime dye actually had me looking like the newest member of sailor moon.


If you would like to try out Lime Crime’s newest product, and you totally should, visit their web store.


Scandal : The Newest Lime Crime Velvetine


Lime Crime is one of the most popular lipstick brands. Loved for its unicorn colors, this lipstick brand is on a league of its own. The brand has grown from a mere EBay account to a full-range company that has its own website. Lime crime, owned by Doe Deere was started in the year 2004. Then, it was only an EBay account. Four years later saw the brand being launched and in the year 2009, their first unicorns were produced.



When the year 2012 came knocking, Lime Crime ensured that velvetines were introduced to Love-Makeup.co.uk. Velvetines came with a crazy range of colors. And, in a recent press release, Lime Crime announced an addition to its Velvetines, Scandal. According to Doe Deere these new addition is like all other Lime Crime products. It is 100% in tandem with vegan requirements.



With a concentrated purple-violet, Scandal is the perfect velvetine for every girl who loves to pout. The purple no only adds a sexy sassy appeal, it also shows people that you are in control. Scandal is bound to be the new trend and every girl will want to lay lips on it.



Doe Deere advises on the Lime Crime blog that Scandal should be worn with a black liner if one is to have a maximum don’t-care effect. This is the dream-lipstick for every punk or gothic girl. Further talking on how to make the new velvetine pop, Deere advised that one pats a good lip balm 15 minutes before they can put on Scandal. Scandal can be removed when your day is done and you want to rest natural. Just use a fad of oil or waterproof makeup remover and voila.



Just like most velvetiness under the Lime Crime profile, Scandal will be going for $20.00. To learn more about Scandal and other velvetiness by Lime Crime, feel free to visit their website LimeCrime.com. We hope that this velvetiness is as successful as the rest. To ensure that the public enjoys new products from these company, Doe Deere always ensures that she is the first to test it. If she likes it, then she releases it and hope that businesses and individuals will be thrilled too.  See pictures of Lime Crime’s Scandal Velvetine line in action on Facebook, or see where you can buy it for yourself on UrbanOutfitters.