Adam Milstein Believes That Diaspora Will Rise To The Challenge

As a Jewish expert, Adam Milstein Knows that even though the Jewish people have major challenges, they also have a proven track record of great leaders that will rise to the challenge. Leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Henrietta Szold among many others laid the foundation for a strong, independent Jewish state.

Even though the leadership of the Jewish Nation is very numerous, they actually have a host of all new challenges today. It is truly time for a new generation of Jewish leadership to emerge. Where is this new generation’s Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion, or Henrietta Szold? Everyone, including Adam Milstein has to wonder about that. however, Milstein is confident that due to the creativeness and enginuity of the Jewish race a new leader will continue to emerge.

Why is Adam Milstein so confident of this? It is probably because in his work as a pro-Israel journalist, activist, and philanthropist, he has seen it first-hand. He also knows that the Next Generation of Jewish leaders will definitely be passionate innovative and hard-working. He sees it first of all when these youngsters return from the Birthright ceremonies, and how proud they are of their newly-discovered connection to Israel.

Milstein cannot help but be encouraged when he also sees them in the Israeli-American Council and being involved in the Tzofim and B’nei Akiva youth groups. Moreover, As a world traveler he sees them all over the world, and their energetic fight to take on racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism whatever they might find it.

Adam milstein knows that the task for the older generation is to equip these youngsters with a platform to help them express their ideas and become a part of the Jewish community. Simply put, if we equip them, they will be an asset. Even if we are the older Jewish generation, Adam Milstein knows that we can make an impact simply by what we leave behind.

The Career And Experiences Of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele serves numerous companies in biotechnology, defense, internet and aerospace as general counsel. He has invested in early stage technology and founded firms in the hospitality and restaurant industries. His experience is in drafting, closing and negotiating technology, development, distribution and licensing agreements in international and domestic internet, hardware, software and telecommunications. He is additionally experienced in many different types of commercial agreements in relation to technology companies. This includes intellectual property sales and purchases, marketing arrangements and analysis and sales of portfolios for intellectual property rights.

Michael Hagele previously served as the general council for numerous internet companies. He handled the legal aspects including employment issues, intellectual property strategy, merger and acquisition activity, stock option plan administration and corporate governance. Michael Hagele learned from his experience as both an in-house and outside counsel that cost effective and high quality services are often provided by the smaller firms. He attended the University of California at Berkeley where he earned his J.D. His studies at the University of Iowa resulted in a B.A.

Michael Hagele begins his days taking care of his technology clients. This is usually legal counseling involving either intellectual or general property. He reviews and drafts contracts and technology licensing agreements. He spends part of the day on a road bike to enhance his creativity and change his outlook. He firmly believes the key is tenacity and he refuses to give up. He believes the best possible outcomes are due to challenging ideas, iteration and being open to new opportunities and ideas.

Michael Hagele is excited by the world of artificial intelligence. He finds the genetic programming and various applications appealing. He has worked with algorithms and machine learning. He believes every entrepreneur should place their customers first. He realizes his client’s businesses are dependent on his performing his job well and handles the pressures involved. Although he is now a practicing attorney Michael Hagele once worked at a car wash in Chicago during the winter. He still remembers the numbness and pain in his hands. This was when he learned he needed an education so he could do something meaningful and fulfilling.



How Wealth Solutions is a Life Changer to Many People

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions which is an Investment Advisory Firm that is located in Austin, Texas. He had an aim of changing people’s lives positively. Before he ventured into the business of empowering people, he was living in a world that appreciated the education system. His mother, spouse, plus his grandmother were all teachers thus he understood and saw how knowledge and people’s confidence grew each day. Therefore, after he was done with his education, he started working in the finance sector.


In 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions to educate his clients. He has experience and knowledge in retirement planning thus he helps people to a successful retirement. Additionally, he helps people to avoid making mistakes and offers them strategies that can help them in retirement income planning. Wealth Solutions is therefore known to provide financial planning that is personalized and comprehensive for all people, including business owners, families and individuals in Austin and its surroundings. Richard Blair has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, thus provides the best investment advice to all people.


In most cases, financial markets always change, thus Wealth Solutions believes that financial strategies, also do change and must always adapt. It also ensures that clients get dynamic investment solutions that ensure clients participate and do not become risky for them. On the other hand, most clients who are about to retire seek advice from Wealth Solutions so that they can lead a better life during their retirement.


Wealth Solutions ensures that their clients have the best financial plan that will help them achieve their retirement goals such as having a steady retirement income and how to preserve their wealth. Through the company, most people have transformed their lives by having steady income and means to earn retirement income. People who have gotten advice from the company have achieved the best in life.


Richard started the company to offer services that could enable people to grow, protect and manage their assets. By collaborating with Richard and the entire team in Wealth Solutions, clients receive the advice that they desire for and most importantly how to preserve their wealth. Most people who have always had less time to plan on their retirement income, seek advice from this company to have a plan in their finances during the retirement period.


Transformation of other people’s lives is the best thing that Richard Blair decided to do in order to ensure people led a comfortable and normal life. Wealth Solutions continues to be the best financial investment company that gives advice, especially to people who want to preserve and have retirement income. Learn more:


Nick Vertucci – A Real Estate Mentor and Trainer

Nick Vertucci is the CEO and founder of NV Companies, Inc. in Orange County, California. Currently, he is a professional real estate investor but his earlier career was in law enforcement as a Huntington Beach police officer and a computer management leader who provided U.S. businesses with computer systems. He has accumulated a vast experience in real estate beginning with his knowledge of buying bank owned properties, then adding to that his ability to help investors develop single family homes.


Nick travels throughout the country as a professional trainer and mentor for real estate investors on all levels. He teaches people real estate tips in buying, renovating, and selling real property. In the early 2000s, Nick’s financial situation came under fire due to the internet bust which negatively affected his computer business. A friend invited him to a 3-day real estate training seminar where he became enthralled with real estate. His financial situation soon improved and now has made him one of the top real estate investment trainers in the country.


The Nick Vertucci real estate academy “Flip with Nick,” teaches people the strategies that helped him improve his finances. His NV Real Estate Academy was incorporated in January 2013. He shares his experience and techniques in three to four-day workshops across the United States. He also makes himself available with one-on-one mentoring programs and online tutorials. He also hosts a radio program, “The Real Estate Flipping Hour.”


Nick Vertucci has a byline for his Academy and real estate events, entitled “get in, get out, and get paid.” He developed this system to teach individuals how to find the best properties and how to get funding for the properties with no money down. When you sign up for a ”Flip with Nick” seminar event, it is free. Even though most events take place in Orange County, California, he hosts workshops and training events throughout the country.


Nick Vertucci carries a reputation for standing behind his products and not leaving his students behind. He is considered a professional with integrity, compassion and is committed to training anyone who believes in working tenaciously and putting in the time, you too can be successful in the real estate market.

Nick Vertucci Made a Bad Situation Better

For years, Nick Vertucci struggled to figure out what he was going to do. While he thought that he had the right thing when he was selling computer parts, but that ended up being a terrible business for him. He knew that he would have to do something that was longer-lasting and that he would have to show people that they could also do it no matter what they had a background in. For Nick Vertucci to be able to do this, he had to try and make sure that things would continue to get better and that he could show others what he was doing.


After being introduced to a real estate seminar, Nick Vertucci knew that he would want to do that for a long time. He also knew that there was job security in that field because people would always need property if they wanted to be successful and they would have to have someone who could help them with it. He tried his hardest to make things easier while he was becoming a real estate agent and that is what allowed him to keep making his real estate business better than any other business he could have started.


Nick Vertucci learned a lot about the industry and learned what he needed to do to be successful. He used all of this and truly became a millionaire. He was successful for the first time in a long time and it meant a lot to him because he knew that he could do more with the things that he had in real estate. He also knew that things would always get better as long as he was helping people out with the properties that they had. It was a way for him to make things easier and a way to show people what they could get out of real estate.


Just because Nick was successful didn’t mean that nobody else should be successful. In fact, he wanted more people to learn about the real estate methods that he came up with and he wanted them to have a chance to be just as successful as what he was. That is where the idea for an academy came into play and he started it out so that people could attend the academy and learn more about the way that they could sell real estate and make money while they were doing it.

David Giertz Advises Financial Advisors to Discuss Social Security Benefits with Their Clients

David. L. Giertz, or as commonly known by his friends, Dave, is a leading financial advisor, who once worked for the biggest insurance company in the nation. From the year 2004, he served as the Vice President of NF Sales. He was in this position until the year 2009 when he was promoted to FI/WH.


But, before Giertz joined Nationalwide Distributions, he worked for Citicorp Investment Services. That was from the year 1991 to the year 1999. He also worked with Financial Horizons Security Corporation from the year 1989 to the year 1993.


Having more than three decades of experience in the financial industry, Giertz is one of the most influential financial advisors. His track record makes people stop and want to hear what he has to say. Recently, he was quoted talking about social security retirement benefits.


Giertz mentioned that many financial advisors fail to discuss social security retirement benefits. This is in accordance to a research that he had undertaken where the majority stated that their financial advisors did not discuss retirement benefits with them. Also, four out of five interviewees stated that they changed financial advisors when they noticed that they wouldn’t discuss their social security retirements benefits.


So, why do advisors fail to discuss these benefits? The major reason is the huge number of rule on the program. With about 2,700 rules, financial advisors find it difficult to digest it all and discuss with their clients. Therefore, they find it more convenient to keep quiet about it.


However, what these advisors don’t understand is that they would be able to retain clients if they would discuss these benefits. Besides, most people find these benefits to be too critical to be left out. In fact, they contribute to more than 40% of their income after retirement.




Igor Cornelsen: Article About This Person

Igor Cornelsen: One of Brazil’s Best Investment Gurus

Igor Conrnelsen is a Brazilian investment expert. Currently, he works for the Bahamas based Brainbridge Inc., which focuses on inventing new and exciting ways to buy stocks that will be profitable in the future. He joined the company in the year 2011 and has been working as the stock markets consultant.


Cornelsen is respected for his expansive knowledge on the topic of stock markets. To him, he doesn’t understand why people underestimate this industry whereas it is the fifth largest in the world. As can be seen from the life of Igor Cornelsen, it is perhaps one of the most profitable industries. However, it is also one of the most complex.


He has learnt how to be successful in this industry and continuously seeking to improve his knowledge. His prior experience has also helped in molding him to be one of the best there is in the industry. Besides, he worked for some of the world’s leading banks before he joined Brainbridge. Today, he derives joy from educating others on how to be better in the industry. If you are new in the industry and are having trouble getting started up, here are some tips you could take from this finance and investment guru.



If you want to be successful in the investment industry, you must be willing to diversify. No matter how attractive stocks for a certain company look, do not be tempted to invest all your money there. Besides, if the stock starts losing, you stand a chance to lose everything.


Stop Investing if You Are Only Losing

If you invest and are only making loses, then you should stop investing in that specific stock. Besides, the only reason you are investing is to make profits. Therefore, if you are only making loses, you need to stop immediately and consider investing in another stock.


Learn the Regulations

You need to learn the rules and regulations of Brazil before you can begin investing. This way, you avoid penalties and the frustration associated with being on the wrong side of the law.


Igor Cornelsen Stresses How Important It Is To Invest Early On

Igor Cornelsen believes that investing should be a major part of everybody’s life. He also shares the sentiment that everybody should plan for the future, especially for retirement. One of the key things that people should consider for the future is how much money you will need to retire in comfort and with peace of mind. Investing your savings is a great way to reach your goals and grow your nest egg for retirement. This is why Igor is such a strong advocate for early investment planning and saving.


Mr. Cornelsen says that a scary thing most people imagine is that they will outlive their money and not have enough money to live a lifestyle that they want in retirement. The solution to this dilemma is to effectively plan out well in advance how much funds you will need to live out a retirement. A key part of the planning for retirement is knowing how much money you will need and working towards that goal as son as possible.


Why does Igor Cornelsen have such a strong stance on early retirement planning and investment? He points out that the sooner you start investing and saving, the easier it will be to reach your goal and retire the way you want. Early investing can be the difference between having enough money to retire in security and not having enough or just barely enough.


Igor Cornelsen says that even if you do not have large amounts of cash on hand to set aside, if you start early enough you can earn tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the years. The more money you can set aside the better, but starting early is just as important if not more important says Cornelsen.


As for what you should invest your money in, Igor says that you should look for safe long term investments that will have a guaranteed growth. Bonds are a great way to set aside money for retirement but you should not over look mutual funds or stocks either. As with all investments diversifying your retirement investments is very important.

Felipe Jens – Famous Businessman and Expert

The name of Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has become a very highly known one in Brazil as he is one of the most profitable investors and businessman in the country. Brazil is known for its large number of successful businessman, lawyers, and doctors. Most businessmen in Brazil are company owners and a large percentage work in the industry of real estate.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is also carrying the responsibility of an infrastructure expert.

He has been a part of the corporation called Energipar Captação S. A. for a large number of years. Up to date, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is serving at the large corporation at a leadership position as the chief executive officer (CEO. He is chairman for Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S. A. as well. Mr. Felipe Montoro has been working in the industry for more than twenty years. He has made many contributions and has also developed a vast set of skills.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens recently spoke on the topic of water concessions as the Brazilian government had announced that the projects will start going in motion. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens was one of the experts who discussed the different features of the water concessions as well as the pros and cons. One of the main points that Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens believed to be extremely important to asses were how the water concessions would be affecting the citizens.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens also mentioned that not every region in Brazil is equal in profit and ability to go along with the project plans. As a way to take care of each region separately, the government will be partnering up with the regional officials in order to create custom plans for each of the regions. The customized plans will be created according to the best interest of the citizens.

Another expert that was present and took part in the discussion was Mr. Edison Carlos – President of Trata Brasil. He is a strong supporter of the water concessions and has been working in the industry for decades. He will participate in the custom plans.


Export Growth And A Record Harvest Help Pull Brazil Out Of The Recession

The largest country in Latin America is finally getting its economic motor running again. For the last four years, the worst recession in the country’s history has been relentless. But in the first quarter of 2017, Brazil managed to turn things around, thanks to a record harvest and export growth. Even though business investments and consumer spending are down, Brazil GDP grew by more than 1.0 percent. In the first quarter of 2016, the economy shrank by 0.4 percent.



The agriculture sector’s 13.4 percent growth was the main catalyst for the GDP increase. And exports increased by 4.8 percent, thanks to companies like Eucatex, the Sao Paulo building material manufacturer. CEO Flavio Maluf is one of Brazil’s business leaders, and he was able to maintain product identity and increase brand awareness in North America and Europe during the nasty recession. The company has a diverse product line, but that hasn’t always been the case. Eucatex started as a one-product company in the state of Sao Paulo in 1951. Eucatex was the first company to introduce eucalyptus ceiling tiles to Brazil’s construction sector. By the end of the 1950s, Eucatex was shipping eucalyptus ceiling tiles to Argentina and to Europe. Today, Eucatex has offices in North America and in Europe, and the company sells branded products to home improvement stores as well as to building and construction companies.



Flavio Maluf is the brains behind the success of Eucatex. Flavio is an expert when it comes to marketing. And thanks to his knowledge of American business, he is able to develop products that suit foreign markets. But he still maintains a healthy domestic and South American presence. Maluf spent time in the U.S. before he joined the family business. He has an engineering degree from New York University, and he got involved in the franchising business in Argentina and Brazil with the company, Sweet Sweet Way.



Today, Eucatex supplies building materials to more than 30 countries. Flavio Maluf replaces the eucalyptus trees the company uses by establishing eucalyptus tree farms. Maluf started a tree farm leasing program, and that environmentally friendly initiative has been very successful.