Cannibalism Used as Counter-Terrorism Measure in Congo

On a bus near Beni, Congo this Friday, a man who could not speak local Swahili and who was carrying a machete became an object of suspicion to the other passengers. Soon, convinced he was a Ugandan rebel, they seized him, killed him, burned his body, and then, as if something right out of a videogame like the Citadel in Mass Effect, he ate the charred remains.

An Islamic terrorist group called the ADF-NAUL is an association of smaller groups all in rebellion against the government of Uganda. Needing a base of operations outside the country from which to carry out their raids, the group has parked itself in neighboring Congo and caused much strife in that nation.

Beni is a village in northeast Congo near the border with Uganda and has been the victim of recent brutal machete attacks by the Islamic terror group from Uganda that has set up camp in their region. This month alone, 100 people have been massacred. The President of Congo assures his citizens that the intruders will be defeated, but in the mean time, they are inflicting pain, misery, and death on the poor Congolese in the area.

The startling bus incident seems a way of terrorizing the terrorists. It is true that violence begets violence, and that force must be met with force. Nevertheless, we hope that cannibalism will not become the norm for future anti-terror tactics.

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