Canadian Man Hits Lottery Jackpot the Day He Retires

A Canadian man had high hopes for the weekend. This would be his last one, after all. He was set to retire on April 28th, and enjoy retirement for the rest of his life. Ping Kuen Shum celebrated with purchasing a lottery ticket from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation with six numbers: 9, 12, 13, 18, 21 and 29. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has stated that the chances of matching all six numbers is 13,983,816 to one. Ping did it.

Although the Corporation could not be specific about Ping’s age or occupation, they do record him as being describing the event as unbelievable. Mr. Ping celebrated the evening with a dim sum meal and invited his family and friends. He is recorded to say that he has worked for a long time and is happy to share his wealth with his family.

The total amount Mr. Ping won was two million dollars. He is recorded to say that he wishes to travel to China now that he has the money. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has earned profits of approximately 3 billion dollars in 2015 and 2016. It is unknown if Mr. Ping has played the lottery often or if he just picked a ticket for the thrill of his last day of his working life.

The Corporation does offer gambling assistance, and in some cases these services are free. They have a voluntary self-exclusion program where participants willingly place themselves on ban lists for their casinos. In return, the participants are offered free, professional grade counseling at no cost. This program is reported to be highly effective. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation also offers 6 unique lottery tickets in addition the national lottery games.

Although seemingly an impossibility, Mr. Ping will be able to retire extremely well with his amazing good fortune in matching all six numbers.

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