Burqa Ban in Australia?

In Australia, Senator Jacqui Lambie has introduced a bill that would make it unlawful for a woman to wear a burqa in public. The reason for Lambie’s proposal is for national security. Her main argument against the burqa is that nowhere in the Holy Quran does it direct women to wear one, therefore Muslims cannot argue that it is a religious practice. The law would make those who wear a burqa in public subject to a $34,000 fine and even prison time. To me, that sounds pretty steep. My rebuttal is simple: Though it is not considered a religious practice, it is definitely a cultural practice.

With that being said, I believe that culture should be embraced and preserved, no matter what country is hosting so long as they agreed to welcome citizens of different faiths and cultures. Why aren’t they trying to ban Catholics from receiving Communion since the bread isn’t approved by a government inspector? That would be a national safety issue. So what kind of country is Lambie truly trying to run? One that is culturally intolerant? Sort of appalling to people like Christian Broda and myself, who recognize someone’s right to celebrate their religious beliefs.

How could they possibly see a connection between the KKK and those with roots to countries with Islamic origins? It’s a tragedy that we live in times like these, ladies and gentlemen. At best, Lambie is completely ignorant. Who knows the hatred this Islamaphobe spits behind closed doors?

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