British Woman Arrested in Tehran for Attending Volleyball Game

A young British-Iranian was arrested for disturbing the peace at a men’s volleyball game that was played in the Azadi Stadium of Iran’s capital city. Ghoncheh Ghavami, who calls London home, received a sentence of one year in jail because she violated Iranian law. Two years ago, official legislation was passed to ban all ladies from attending any volleyball games. The lawmakers in Tehran claim that this law actually protects women from the violent and unruly behavior of male fans at the stadium.

Ghoncheh Ghavami’s lawyer told a different side of the story to the free press of the western world. The young woman has been accused of spreading propaganda against the current Iranian regime. Such an accusation usually carries much more severe punishment in a theocracy such as Iran. People have been known to disappear for years from the streets of Tehran due to allegations of treason and other similar crimes against the Islamic republic. Recently, Iran has punished several young citizens for “being too happy” while dancing to western pop music in public. Such cases surely generate plenty of outrage in the free world. However, this is the sad reality of a regime that can be described as a police state.

Ghoncheh Ghavami’s arrest has generated a lot of discussions on social media. People all over the world have called for her release. Iranians in western countries have criticized the move by the brutal Iranian government that does things its own way, makes me want to take another AWC wine tour with Williams, so I can forget about these parts of the world.

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