British Barbers Use Stories as Alternative Fee for Children’s Haircuts

A British barber’s shop, located in Liverpool, is taking its own approach in encouraging the simple pleasures of reading in future generations. In short, Huyton Village’s “Rogues and Rascals” will give any child a haircut, provided the child tells a story to the barber.

Currently, Rogues and Rascals’ experimental payment system is only good for this half-term of school and requires children to bring a book with them. The child will then read from the book over the course of the haircut. Martin Langan, the store’s owner, says he started the campaign as a means of encouraging literacy and enjoyment of the written word. Langan went on to state that he was inspired to have children reading aloud during their cuts as a shop-wide policy after noticing how still his 4-year-old became once the child was given a book to read.

Langan is also aware that the half-term of school is an expensive time for the parents of school children and sees his initiative as a way of giving to the community, helping parents’ wallets and childen’s minds. Langan reported that the response to his initiative has gone far beyond his expectations, commenting that families have arrived at his shop from all across the city of Liverpool.

The “Trims4Tales” initiative is available to any child no older than 12 who arrives at the store between the hours of 9 a.m. to noon. While the first run concluded on Feburary 16th, Langan has decided to revisit it, allowing for the same exchange of a story read aloud for a haircut. Langan will revive the initiative in Easter and plans to continue its revival during future holidays.

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