Brian Bonar Builds A Tiny Food Empire

Brian Bonar is a financial wizard who has made quite a name for himself in the world of financial advising. He has offered quite a lot of help to his clients over the years, and he has been given numerous awards to that effect. His newest venture is the restaurant known as Bellamy’s and a food empire he wishes to build outside San Diego. This article explains how a man from the world of finance will step out to offer his take on fine food to everyone in San Diego.

#1: Brian Fell In Love with Southern California

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar has been in love with Southern California for some time, and he wishes to remain in the area while he cooks his food. Building a restaurant business in the area is a way to remain close to the sunshine of the region, and he will continue by offering more than his first restaurant to customers.

#2: Bellamy’s Comes First

Reviews have been released on Bellamy’s, and Brian is ready to his customers happy with light French food and a lovely bar he put together from scratch. He took over an old building in the downtown Escondido area which had sat fallow for some time. He chose to create a new restaurant with an old name. Bellamy’s works with other names in the Escondido area, and Brian wishes to work along other establishments that offer their own down-home experience.

#3: Event Facilities

Brian believes he may do well with a lovely event facility just outside San Diego. He may build quite a kitchen there where his best chef may create the finest foods, and he may pack in large crowds in the space. He believes that everyone in the area should partake in fine food when they come to the area, and he will help schedule anything from a wedding to a party in the space.

#4: How Committed To Food Is He?

The foodie culture that Brian Bonar loves so much is one he plans to remain in after he retires. He has done quite a lot of work in the financial world, and he wishes to move into a new phase of his life where he may work in food every day. He does quite a lot of work today helping build the menu at the restaurant, and he wishes to remain involved as his tiny empire grows.

A man who fell in love with southern California has a dream of offering the best foods to everyone in San Diego, and he has started his mission well with Bellamy‘s. The restaurant is a beautiful place where patrons may sit by the bar for hours, and they will come to appreciate Brian’s vision for foodie culture.

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