Brazilian Igor Cornelsen Uses Native Investment Approach For Achieving Global Results

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known investment banker in the United States and throughout the entire world. His native country is Brazil where he still conducts some of his best and most-lucrative investments.

Most investment bankers are more than content on assembling a portfolio that encompasses a wide-range of capital, however, unlike Igor; they’re usually trying to reach unrealistic and instantaneous results. Igor has developed a strategy that bridges together a large portfolio with a long term commitment.

This strategy supports his investment philosophy of “there’s no such thing as free money.” Igor’s belief is that in order to bring long term capital growth, there must be a long-term commitment, for the outcome to be successful.

As an investment banker and strategist, Igor Cornelsen has become a world-wide subject matter expert on portfolio diversification. He is sought out by many in the financial industry, for taking a lead approach to guide on mergers, acquisitions and private equity investments.

A huge part of Igor’s strategy, for success, came from his investment roots within Brazil. The Brazilian stock market has ranked within the top ten largest economies in the world and recently has garnered a promising increase in growth over previous years.

The country has seen its highest growth margin since 2015. Through the Brazilian stock market, Igor learned from the financial culture how to invest with a more interval point of reference strategy.

The strategy uses a more committed point to gain a substantial leverage on the stock market. His approach ultimately serves the client best, for more capital growth potential, and he’s been able to satisfy many of them successfully using this method. Although now retired, Igor serves as a consultant, for many of his clients; however, since 2011 he’s also worked directly with Bainbridge Investments Inc., based in the Bahamas.

Igor’s position with Bainbridge Investments Inc. also gained him a large amount of his notoriety as being one of the most sought-after investment specialists. Established in 1975, the company’s mission is to help clients achieve reasonable and sustainable capital growth by utilizing stable cash flows at high-preceding yields.

This is done through real estate investments, liquid assets and private equities. Bainbridge Investments Inc. has grown to be one of the highest performing investment companies in the world. The company has out-lasted many of its competitors and grown to newer heights despite a challenged economy.

Igor Cornelsen has accomplished many successes by having a thorough understanding of the stock market and banking. His direct and specific knowledge of investing, most notably the rules and regulations are an asset to the clients he serves. Igor is considered to be one the most-respected investment bankers in the world. Clients trust him, for engaging in proper and ethical investment dealings.

This trusted relationship has allowed him to steer people away from a single-minded approach with investing, for a quick return, and broadening their view of spreading capital to bring long-term success.

Igor consults with clients not only, for their long-term goals, but to gain positioning within the stock market. His strategy is to pivot capital towards companies that already have a proven record of financial achievement. Instead of attempting to fix an already broken process with more capital, Igor focuses on the company’s financial infrastructure while comparing it to its counterparts, within the marketplace. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Clients look to Igor’s specialty in areas of diversification, assumption of risk and measuring sustainable capital, for long term strategy. His advice, reputation, and great investment results, make Igor a wise choice, for an investment strategist.

There’s no secret to Igor’s extensive success. It comes down to integrity and ethical standards with a core-foundation of investing. Those are fundamental prerequisites that clients depend upon. Igor has consistently been able to achieve capital growth resulting from a long term commitment, by using a foundation that comes from his Brazilian stock market experience.

Igor’s decision making, for the trading of derivatives, market strategy, equity securities, along with mergers and acquisitions make him the wisest choice, for those who want the complete package and an equitable return.

Igor now resides in South Florida, where he spends a lot of his spare time golfing. His time is expended equally between Brazil and the United States.

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