Brazil Scores One Of The Fastest Goals In Olympic History

Rising Brazilian soccer star Neymar could have possibly made Olympic soccer history when he scored a goal in just over 14 seconds. That is right. You are not reading this incorrectly. Neymar scored a goal for the Brazilian Olympic team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio after just 14 seconds and not 14 minutes as you may have thought at first.

Brazil would go on to thrash surprising semifinalists Honduras 6-0 in front of a largely pro Brazilian home crowd. Nothing but a victory was expected for the Brazilian Olympic Soccer team today. Brazil’s Olympic soccer team actually struggled in the beginning of the Olympic soccer tournament. They were held to draws by much lower ranked teams such as South Africa and Iraq before getting a victory in their final game of the group against Denmark. The Brazilians would defeat Denmark 4-0 in the last game. It was a win they needed to secure a place in the quarterfinals.

Brazil defeated Columbia 2-0 in the quarterfinals to advance to the semifinals where they later thrashed a uprising Honduras team that defeated favorites South Korea. Brazil now awaits the Germany Nigeria winner. As of right now Germany is leading 1-0 with only a few minutes left of time to play in the game.

As for how Neymar scored what is being touted as the fastest goal in Olympic soccer history it went like this. The forward pressed the Honduran defense as soon as the match got underway. A series of passes by the Hondurans got deflected by Neymar and then he was left all by himself facing the goal. Another deflection of the soccer ball, this time on the goalie and and Neymar’s kneecap put the ball into the back of the net for Brazil and made it 1-0.

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