Bounce into “I Do” with These Epic Wedding Castles

The term, “Wedding,” strikes many emotions in people. From joy to fear, to excitement and stress, weddings of all types and sizes are just strikingly amazing. Certainly, the concept of DIY (Doing It Yourself) has allowed people to lead their special days away from the stereotypical white flowers and table cloths, chicken or beef, matchbox party favors and into the world of creativity. From unforgettable, cascading centerpieces to strings of lights as far as the eye can see, weddings are modernizing an ancient tradition and this fact alone makes some companies soar as they release more game changing ways to customize the day of all days.


British company, A Wedding Wonderland, adds pizzazz to weddings by making seventeen by twenty wedding bouncy castles. Yes, you read that correctly: A Wedding Wonderland makes bouncy castles fit for a king and queen or, in this case, a bride and groom.


Able to be customized to fit a given theme and color scheme, these castles allow guests to get away from the buffet line and dance floor for an activity they are guaranteed never to forget.


Currently and unfortunately, these castles are only available for sale in the United Kingdom. For four hundred dollars, wedding couples are able to channel their youth and add an element to their weddings that none have been able to in centuries before. Sure, one always had the ability to rent a bouncy house for that dare-to-be-different aspect, but doing so certainly diminished the general elegance of this sacred time. A Wedding Wonderland is doing different right and that sole reason is sure to make mock companies and castles come to life throughout the world.

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