Book Club Participants Read For Fun

Reading is something that many students do because they have to. They do not read because they find it enjoyable. However, a group of Fort Gibson High School Students read for fun. They are members of the school’s book club. Zoe Shieldnight is one of the members of the group. She stated that everyone in the group is a nerd in a good way. She also stated that it is easy to read when you enjoy it.


The members of the group meet once a month during lunch. She stated that one of the books that she has read is “Me Before You,” which was written by Jojo Mayes. It is a book that is about a girl who falls in love with a paralyzed man.


Cassandra Edwards is the sponsor of the club. She has stated that it is led by students. The children select which books they want to read and review. The students also want to share their enthusiasm for reading with the other students. They recently read to the students at Intermediate Elementary School Library.


Tori Faust is the president of the book club. She stated that the students brought books with more colors, pictures and fewer words in order to appeal to the children. She stated that she enjoys watching the younger students discuss books with each other.


Reanna Nicole is a senior who also likes to draw pictures for the students. She wants to show students that if they commit to something, then they will be able to get it done.

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