Bob Reina Is An Innovative Person

Bob Reina is someone who started a business because of a need that he had, himself. He was trying to send an email with a video in it when he was unable to accomplish that. He knew that there needed to be a service that would allow a person to do something like that, so he founded Talk Fusion and created Video Email. Bob Reina is committed to innovation, and he would like to change the lives of others through the products that he creates. His company was made to meet the needs of individuals in a variety of ways.


When Bob Reina was asked about how long it took for him to become profitable, he shared that there were times when he was not making enough to keep his company going. He had some hard times, but he pushed forward even through those times. When he was asked if he ever doubted what he was doing, Bob Reina shared that there is nothing that can stop him from doing what he is doing when he knows that a product has potential. He would like to change the way that things are done, and he does that by pushing forward with his innovative ideas even when times get tough.


Bob Reina was asked about a tough decision that he has had to make recently, and he shared that he has to make tough decisions all of the time. He has to figure out what he is going to be a part of and what he will commit himself to. He has to decide on innovations that are worth his time and pass on others. Bob Reina is someone who has a dream of what he would like to do, and he will keep on working to achieve that dream as he goes through life


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