Bob Reina has Taken Video Conferencing to a New Level

Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina, has introduced new and improved Talk Fusion software. An upgrade to Live Meetings will enhance real time communication. The upgraded application will have an updated interface, as well as WebRTC System. Bob Reina is committed to incorporating WebRTC to every Talk Fusion application. The System allows computer users to communicate by voice rather than just text.


WebRTC improves efficiency while streamlining the setup process. The System eliminates the use of plug-ins and allows new participants to join the conference without downloading and installing the necessary components to connect. The software is easy to use, which is a great benefit for beginner users. Live Meetings operates with without distortion to the video or audio. The new and improved Talk Fusion application maximizes security for presenters, as well as all participants.


The Live Meeting application offers one way videos and allows participants to hold video conferences. Live Meeting will support 15 hosts and 500 participants and users can connect via smart phone, tablet or computer. One of the major enhancements of the application is it does not require Adobe Flash Player, nor any other plug-in add-on. Talk Fusion continues to take advantage of new and improved technology.


Talk Fusion is the only software of its kind that accommodates 500 participants. While being committed to utilizing the latest and greatest technology, the software is also committed to maintaining high levels of quality, as well as reliability.


In addition to Live Meeting, Video Chat also uses the WebRTC technology, winning an award from WebRTC in 2016. Video Chat has also won several awards for its innovative utilization of WebRTC technology. Talk Fusion will enhance all its applications using the technology.


Talk Fusion applications enables businesses to incorporate videos into their promotional and marketing campaigns. This method of marketing is more engaging for potential customers and enables them to better remember the message. This type of marketing will also give businesses more of a competitive edge, as well.


Bob Reina began his career as a police officer, after attending the University of South Florida, and enhanced his earnings by selling products for commissions. He decided to focus on network marketing and gave up being a police officer. He developed the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004 and began developing products with friend and IT guru Jonathan Chen. Learn more:


The first product out of the gate for Reina was Video Email. Talk Fusion officially launched in 2007. The idea for the company came after trying to upload a short 10 second video to email and found it could not be done. The process seemed simple enough, so he set out to develop a way for this to happen. He collaborated with Chen on the idea and a product was born.


Bob Reina, along with Talk Fusion wears a philanthropic hat and supports a variety of non-profit organizations. Reina always brings family pets to the office each day, as he is an animal rights supporter. In addition to time and financial support, Talk Fusion also gives Video Software to charities of choice.


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