Black Panther Most Tweeted About Movie in History

After already having broken numerous records even prior to its first screening, Marvel’s Black Panther is back in the headlines once again for becoming the most tweeted about movie in history.

According to Twitter’s announcement, this record came after the film garnered over 35 million tweets and counting discussing it recently. While data on how tweets are being counted has not been revealed, it can be confirmed that the majority of the attention came from the United States. This seems to be in large part due to the massive social media attention the film has gotten, with popular hashtags like #BlackPantherSoLit and #WakandaForever being easy ways for fans to get involved outside the theater.

By breaking this record, Black Panther managed to surpass both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi in tweets, something virtually unthinkable for a new media franchise even if it’s connected to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Regardless of who has the record, though, Disney is the real winner, as it is the owner of both franchises now and any online buzz for these properties only helps to promote their future cinematic endeavors.

At the time of this writing, Black Panther has earned an estimated $1.2 billion in theaters and is still going strong over a month after its debut, which saw it rake in $242 million over four days as the second highest grossing four day weekend opening of all time. As the highest grossing film of 2018 so far, it seems like it will be hard to beat by anything but another Marvel film, though even that seems shaky depending on how much momentum the film continues to have going forward.

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