Black Friday and the Decline of Thanksgiving

Lee G. Lovett says that as Americans finished their annual Thanksgiving Day feast, many individuals might have noticed the plethora of advertisements on television relating to “incredible deals” and “must buys” for many large department stores. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving is set aside for something called “Black Friday.” It is a day Americans take part in the pleasures of shopping for the upcoming holiday season. Lately, however, Black Friday seems to be getting a head start. There was a time when Americans feasted and reminisced with family members. Many Americans would watch the parade or turn on the football game. But recently, Black Friday has made an early appearance. It has intruded on our beloved holiday starting mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.
As many Americans immerse themselves in the pleasures of Black Friday, many other people, including Florida Congressmen Alan Grayson, feel the holiday should focus on family. Grayson opinions don’t stop there. He lambasted retail giants such as Wal-Mart for corrupting our treasured holiday arguing against their motives for excessive profits and worker exploitation. He claims Wal-Mart and other transnational companies use Black Friday to pry individuals away from their family on a day meant to “give thanks.” Despite our political opinions, there is a lesson to be learned from the congressmen’s remarks. Americans need to hang up their car keys and close their wallets for, at least, one day a year. 

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