Bill Cosby’s Downfall

Things are not looking good for “America’s Favorite Dad” Bill Cosby. NBC have reported and shelved his upcoming sitcom set for next fall. NBC not’s the only entertainment sources that halted Cosby’s events. The previous day Netflix has postponed a comedy special that Cosby made years ago. Now things are not looking for the comedian.

Janice Dickinson, former Supermodel, is one of the latest victims that came forth and accused the comedian of rape. She went into detail about what happened to her in an interview on ET. When Rod Rohrich heard the news, he could hardly believe what happened.

Cosby, who is the center of this media main storm, have not made a statement about these new accusations. A representative on Cosby’s behalf made a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

What’s the future for “America’s Favorite Dad”? Right now there’s no charges pending on the comedian for these accusations. Networks and other channels are pulling The Cosby Show off their schedules until further notice. Let’s hope for the best for Cosby.

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