Best TV Prank Ever; Kimmel Scares Heck Out Of “Scandal” Prankster Josh Malina

Let’s be honest; there are plenty of tragic news stories that develop every evening. That is why, when fun news comes out, it’s wonderful to share it, and have a hearty laugh.

Late night television’s Jimmy Kimmel is known for pranking lots of folks, and even his family members are not safe from his crazy antics.

On Thursday evening, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” hosted the cast of the TV hit “Scandal.” The group was asked about the worst prankster on the set, and everyone agreed it was Josh Malina. So Kimmel created a prank that would scare the heck out of the actor.

The Huffington Post enjoyed relaying the details of the brilliant prank, and it’s become must-see TV. Check it out here on YouTube.

Actress Katie Lowes was in on the prank, but of course, Josh Malina was in the dark.

Jimmy Kimmel set it up for Josh and Katie to visit a family that happens to be huge “Scandal” fans for a segment on “Good Morning America” (GMA). The family featured three actors, and something terrible was going to happen there. Katie would play along, and Josh would be clueless on what’s about to go down.

Kimmel brought in a fake GMA producer who gave Josh a big confetti cannon to set off and surprise the family of three, including the elderly matriarch Mama, during their television watching of “Scandal.”

Katie and Josh barged in, and the cannon exploded with pink confetti raining down over the family in their den. Then, Mama began having breathing problems, appearing to be ready for a heart attack.

Mama played her part like an Oscar winner, and Josh got frightened, and an ambulance was called. Of course, Kimmel and Guillermo were part of the ambulance team that arrived.

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