Beautiful Helmets for Beautiful Babies

Paula Strawn, who is an artist living in the state of Washington, has spent the last twelve years doing her part to bring a little bit of sunshine to the lives of parents and their babies dealing with particular rough situations. Paula paints designs onto infant helmets. These helmets are most often used by those with plagiocephaly, which is a condition where a baby is born with one side of their head being flat. The helmet is worn to help reshape the baby’a skull as it continues to develops. Paula’s customers also consist of those with craniosynostosis, a condition in which the skull fuses too early as well as hydrocephalus, where there is a build up of fluid on the brain.

The whole process started when the teacher of one of Paul’s children reached out and asked Paula to make the helmet her grandchild wore pretty rather than the standard plain white helmet everyone would stare at. The beautiful design led to people spreading the word and eventually, Paula opened her own business, Lazardo Art.  She has even received inquiries and requests from people in other countries, but has yet to venture to painting any.

The beautiful pieces, each designed with the help of parents, uniquely for their child, help to allow for positive awareness conversations as well as smiles, rather than the stares or altogether avoidant attitudes people give out upon seeing the helmets.

Paula works her hardest to have each helmet done in a day so that the children do not have to go without wearing them for too long.

The design requests she has received vary from movie references, book references, sports, as well as many other beautiful, often personal designs. She says the most popular requests are for helmet designs with a superhero theme, which is quite fitting for all the little superheroes wearing them.


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