Barbara Stokes Is Helping The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Barbara Stokes is a participant in disaster relief provided through her business GSH of Alabama, LLC. In 1991, she became a graduate of Mercer University, while focused her studies on Physics and Biomedical Engineering. When she attended college, she additionally studied Technical Communication, Manufacturing and Management, Thermodynamics, and Structures and Properties of Materials. She gained extensive experience in the industry of disaster relief during the time she worked for the Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Her experience in government contracting is highly advanced, and she strongly supports the government of the United States and FEMA. Barbara Stokes is the mother of three children, actively volunteers within the community of Huntsville and possesses extremely strong leadership capabilities. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Barbara Stokes serves Green Structure Homes of Alabama as the CEO. The disaster relief construction company is based out of Alabama, and has recently created new employment positions in eight states. The jobs are in manufacturing, and support the contract for $28.5 million awarded to GSH of Alabama by FEMA. The company is helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey with the production of modular homes. Barbara Stokes has spoken of her excitement in accelerating the growth of jobs, and the support her company has been able to give the local businesses. The modular homes are high in quality, innovative, and provided to the families hit the hardest by Hurricane Harvey. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GSH of Alabama offers a wide range of solutions to private citizens and the government. Their designs are proprietary, and use modern techniques for engineering and manufacturing. Barbara Stokes is part of the company’s senior management, and has acquired thirty years of disaster relief experience during her noteworthy career. The business was founded in 2008 by Scott and Barbara Stokes, and continues to provide solutions to the community. The local businesses all reap the rewards of the work of Barbara Stokes. She believes in the highest possible standards of American quality, quick deployment of home to Texas families in need, and is investing in eight separate communities. Her work is benefiting communities in Alabama, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.


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