Barbara Stokes: Environmentally Friendly Job Provider

Barbara Stokes, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Green Structure Homes, has introduced new environmentally friendly jobs in eight locations nationwide. Green Structure Homes is a construction leader in the disaster recovery industry. The company that is headquartered in Huntsville Alabama specializes in producing manufactured homes for families that have suffered devastation during natural disasters such as hurricanes or storms. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Green Structure Homes will expand their business model to include manufacturing jobs in Alabama, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recently awarded the company a $28.5 million contract to aid in disaster relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes deploy quality, environmental-friendly, next level modular homes on a massive level. The progressive company is a solution provider to families in need. Modular homes are constructed in-house, which offers a quicker and more efficient delivery than ordinary construction methods. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The company has been in existence since 2008 and is led by Barbara and Scott Stokes. Scott Stokes, Barbara’s husband serves as Chief Operating Officer for the company. Barbara Stokes brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the business as a direct result of her professional and educational background. The astute entrepreneur majored in Biomedical Engineering and Physics at Mercer University. She also studied Technical Communications, Structures and Properties of Materials, and Manufacturing and Management there as well. Barbara Stokes has a background with impressive enterprises such as Boeing and the Pisces Corporation. Mrs. Stokes leads her company with state of the art infrastructure and design, strategic planning, safe engineering processes that stand apart from other modular home construction companies. Her company’s explosive growth and expansion are attributable to happy, committed employees. Barbara Stokes values her team and does everything to ensure a productive, high morale work environment. Mrs. Stokes is proud to increase her employee Green Structure Homes, the groundbreaking green initiative company.


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