Balloons Placed at Site of Berlin Wall To Commemorate Anniversary

It’s been 25 years since the Berlin Wall was taken down, and the country was ready to celebrate. To mark the anniversary of the dismantling of the wall, helium balloons were placed where it once stood, marking the wall’s former location.

The Berlin Wall separated east and west Germany for 28 years,separating not only the country but also family members from each other. The balloons will have a bit of a shorter stay. They were installed on Friday, and will remain in place until Sunday evening. The balloons cover a tremendous amount of space — 9.5 miles to be exact — including some small areas where the wall still remains erect Levenson remembers from his time visiting the wall.

The result is pretty stunning art installation unlike anything that has ever been in the area before. Several aerial videos of the installation have been released, showcasing the truly unique look of the balloons and what they add to Berlin.

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