Autism Rocks Foundation

Sanjay Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks has added two new trustees to the Charity’s board according to PR Newswire. Will and Pete Best have joined and are expected to facilitate the achievement of Autism Rocks mission. Autism Rocks is a charity organization that is situated in London. The main objective of the organization is to raise awareness and funds that will aid in autism research. Sanjay Shah has known the two brothers for a long time so it is expected that with their skills they will bring success to the organization this year.
Will and Best will have the responsibility of managing musical events, the organization’s activities and funds. They are also expected to be part and parcel of the decision making panel in the organization.
After his youngest son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism (2011), philanthropist Sanjay Shah decided to form the Autism Rocks foundation in 2014. Autism is a complex developmental disability. This is as a result of neurological disorder which affects the development of a person’s communication and a person’s social interaction skills. It normally presents itself when one is between 2-3 years old. Sanjay Shah felt the need to create awareness about this condition and enable more research to be done on it. Mr. Shah loves music so the organization has been able to create awareness globally through the music festivals that they have held, partnering with celebrated artists like Drake and Lenny Kravitz.
Shah Sanjay is also the CEO of Solo Capital Markets Limited. It is a financial services company with its headquarters in London. In March 2015 Solo Capital had a cash flow of £30.26 million, assets of up to £67.45 million and a net worth of £15.45 million. Solo Capital specializes in professional sports investment, consultations and proprietary trading. Global Citizen Magazine engaged Mr. Shah in an interview and asked how his career path started. He had studied medicine before he came to realize that it was not his thing. Starting as an accountant and working in many investment banks ushered him into the financial and investment industry. He is the director of Autism Research Trust, a position he has held since the beginning of 2013. Shah Sanjay believes that the best way he could help those affected by autism is to raise awareness, persuade people to donate for research to be done on the condition. With famous personalities like known artists supporting him, we can conclude that he is succeeding.

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