Greg Secker’s Passion For Educating People On How To Engage In Forex Trading

Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to Trade. In a recent interview with CEOCFO, Greg noted that “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy.” This mantra has always been his philosophy. He has always believed in agreeing to things and understanding the details along the way. As he was flying over Canary Wharf, Secker said that people asked him why he wanted to make trades. His response was why not. Over the years, Greg has created awareness for charity and supporting those in need. Moreover, he has shown people that they can make money anywhere, anytime and in any location.

Greg Secker studied agriculture and food science before opting for a career in the financial industry. According to him, his journey into the industry was more of a convoluted path. While studying at the university, he was building and selling computers. This opportunity provided him with plenty of time to learn a number of things, including how to code in older programs. Greg excelled in his work and ended up building a 3D interactive model for the fluid dynamics of a follicle. Later, he met up with an employee of Thomas Cook Financial Services who was passionate about computers. He invited him for an interview. That is how Secker secured his job at the company. He went on to build the Virtual Trading Floor, the first online currency trading platform.

Serving on the Virtual Trading Desk marked the start of his interest in foreign exchange trading. He understood how foreign exchange strategies worked. The profits generated from the trades made him want a piece of the action. To this end, he borrowed £5,000. Within a year, Greg had turned it into £60,000. Later, he retired. However, he got tired of staying at home and making the trades by himself. To this end, he started attending several seminars where he met people like Dr. John Demartini who encouraged him to start speaking in such seminars.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a revered entrepreneur. He is respected for his expertise in foreign exchange trading. Moreover, Greg has received media attention for his insights on financial trading. He has also written multiple books that include “Trading Your Way to Success” and “Financial Freedom Through Forex.”

Secker is also the brain behind Capital Index, SmartCharts Software and Learn to Trade. In 2010, he founded The Greg Secker Foundation. The aim of the non-profit organization is to positively enhance the quality of life of the people around the globe. The foundation partners with youth initiatives to promote education, life and leadership skills in communities.

Jason Hope role in finding a solution to better life

In today’s world, age-related issues have attracted raving scientists and organizations that are itching and passionate to crack the code of ending them. Don’t get the idea wrong; they are not trying to make use live forever. Their mission is to make life worth living every minute without worrying about contracting diseases that are common to the elderly population.

This is mission is catching and promising, thanks to people like Jason Hope. Jason is an internet entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist based in Arizona. Jason is doing what most of those in his position are running away from, channeling his fortune and influence to support anti-aging research.

Hope is doing this through SENS foundation which is a non-profit organization formed back in 2009 to help in spear-heading the research unearthing the cure for age-related diseases.

Since the day SENS was launched, it has been in the forefront and working round the clock to improve one of their flagship services known as Rejuvenation Biotechnology.

Jason donated half a million dollars back in 2010. SENS used the funds to build a Cambridge SENS laboratory and incorporate other research initiatives that drastically boosted their potential. Hope never stopped there; he has contributed over a million dollars from his pocket to boost the foundation’s research activities.

When asked why he was making such personal commitments by investing a considerable amount of personal fortune on SENS foundation, Jason Hope’s response made many hearts melt. He said that he believes in the foundation’s potential to solve most challenges faced by human beings today. He added that the human medicine is advancing and this calls for adequate support to increase the chances of achieving success.

Jason Hope does not only offer financial support to SENS foundation; he is helping them tell their story, both to potential investors as well as clients.

Hope mentioned that rejuvenation biotechnology is not about treating the diseases, but trying to understand what causes them and then figuring out how to prevent them.

What SENS foundation does is that they try to reinstate damages done by metabolism which may open doors to opportunistic illnesses that we refer to age-related diseases.

About Jason Hope

As mentioned earlier, Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor focusing on education, scientific research to provide disease cure, among other biotechnology fields. Hope has supported his community by helping them strengthen their education sector and has collaborated with many organizations to reduce human suffering. They include The Tony Hawk Foundation, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, among many others.

Hope went to Arizona State University where he obtained his degree in Finance and later topped it with an MBA from W.P Carey School of Business based at Arizona State University.

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Down’s Syndrome Woman Makes History at Miss USA State Pageant

Little girls all across the country dream of being a princess and taking home their own crown from a Miss USA pageant. The Miss Minnesota state pageant took place this past weekend; a preliminary pageant to the well-known annual Miss USA pageant which will take place in May of 2018. A young woman by the name of Mikayla Holmgren got the whole country talking as she became a trailblazer for people with disabilities in the Miss USA pageant world.

Miss Holmgren is a 22-year-old Minnesota native who has been competing in local beauty pageants for the past few years. In 2015, she took home the crown for Miss Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing. Late that year she went on to represent her home state in the Junior Miss Amazing pageant that was held in Los Angeles, California.

At the Miss Minnesota State Pageant, the audience and judges alike fell in love with Mikayla. She made it to the final 15, but was eliminated before the top 5. Another young woman by the name of Kalie Wright took home the big crown, but Mikayla was awarded the Spirit of Miss USA award, as well as the Director’s Award.

During an interview, Mikayla said, “I’m really good at [pageants] because it’s my passion.” She went on to say that winning Miss USA one day is her dream. She has certainly inspired many Americans with disabilities to chase their dreams as well.

To hear more about what Mikayla had to say about her experience with pageantry, an article and video can be found here.

New Study Finds Your Dog Loves to See You Smile

In a recent study done by the Canine Mind research project at the University of Helsinki, scientists discovered that dogs love their owner’s smiles so much that it can make things less threatening. This behavior is due to oxytocin, or the “love hormone,” which the brain releases in relation to love, trust, and attachment. Previous studies have shown that dogs release this love hormone when they look at their owner’s smiling faces.

The Canine Mind research group studied 43 dogs over the course of two tests. In the first, researchers administered oxytocin to each dog (after it was approved by an ethics committee and with full consent of the dog’s owners) and then showed each dog images of angry faces and smiling faces. They repeated this for the second test without the added oxytocin. Researchers tracked the dog’s emotional interest and attachment through pupil size and eye movements. Dogs without the influence of oxytocin were more interested in the angry faces. This reaction was likely due to the natural defense mechanism to danger.

However, researchers discovered that dogs under the influence of oxytocin were more interested in the smiling faces over the angry faces. It appears that, like humans, they prefer happier looking faces over threatening looking ones so much so that it will override the natural survival instinct in reaction to perceived threats. Researchers concluded that this discovery could help develop and promote human-dog interaction. Their results suggest that to best communicate with their dog, humans may want to smile to capture their full attention.

Revealing The Crossover Character From ‘The Walking Dead’ To ‘Fear the Walking

There have been rumors doing rounds about the character who will be switching from the ‘Walking Dead’ to the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ when the latter debuts its season four in the late spring of 2018. Following news on the ‘Talking Dead’ episode that was watched by most of the show’s loyal fans on Sunday night, Morgan-a character played by Lennie James- has been revealed to be the one to exit the season eight of the ‘ Walking Dead’ ad reappear on the season four of the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ when the show starts in 2018.

It was revealed that James will continue appearing on ‘The Walking Dead’ season eight that just finished filming in Atlanta last week and crossover to Texas where he will begin filming for the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season four on Monday. The details about the story that will facilitate the crossover to the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ as Morgan exits his former role as a safe keeper at the Kingdom and go to the west where the characters in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ reside are not yet out.

Morgan seemed to be dealing with post traumatic stress in his last appearance where he went on killing everyone to convince the Saviors and was also at loggerheads with Jesus as they kept differing on whether they should kill the prisoners they took during the battle or not. The excutive producer of ‘The Walking Dead’ Scott M. Gimple reiterated that even if Morgan is crossing over to the ‘Fear the Walking’, he still has a lot of story left on The Walking Dead’.

American Institute of Architecture: For the Advancement of Architects Interests

     Architecture is the heart of the entire infrastructure we see around. Without the efforts and works of architects, our world would be in its medieval form. Whenever you look at any wonderful structure such as a skyscraper, bridges, and houses, the role of an architect must cross your mind. Apart from the beautiful designs, their work is also very complex and entails a lot of training and education, therefore the need for a body which can advance their interests.

In the U.S, the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) is the only body which has the mandate of representing architects. This body offers government advocacy, education for architects, community growth, and public outreach services for the entire architectural industry. The AIA does all this with the intention of offering support to the architecture profession while at the same time improving the profession’s public standing.

AIA was founded back in 1857 by a group of thirteen architects in New York who felt it was time to promote the practical and scientific brilliance of architecture and its members and elevate its worth in the society. Its first president was Richard M. Upjohn. Before the establishment of the group in 1857, no formal architectural licensing laws were governing the profession in the United States, and hence anyone would claim to be an architect.

The group was initially called New York Society of Architects before it had its name changed to American Institute of Architects. AIA is currently headed by Robert Ivy who is the CEO and Executive President, and Thomas V. Vonier who serves as the Group’s President.

Its current headquarters in Washington D.C was arrived at through a competitive process. In the 1960’s AIA organized a design competition to help them choose an architect who will draw the design for the new headquarters. Mitchell/Giurgola was the winner of the competition, but his design was not approved by the Commission of Fine Arts. The group had to go back to the drawing board and with the guidance of the Commission, they were able to choose The Architects Collaborative (TAC) for the design of the structure. Its design was then approved in 1970, and they completed constructing the building named the “American Center for Architecture” in 1973.

Each year, AIA supports various education initiatives for architectural students to enable them to retain their licenses. AIA is also mandated to set the construction industry operational standards in contract documents. It also has a keen eye in conducting research and is always on the lookout for economic factors affecting the industry. To motivate its members and stimulate innovation, the organization has an award initiative whereby the best industry performers are awarded every year in different categories.

Matt Badiali offers expert opinion to novice investors in agricultural and natural resources sector

     For many years, Matt Badiali was the leading name behind the Stansberry’s Resource report, which was commonly known as the Oil report. Matt Badiali’s name is synonymous with investors and experts in the oil, mining and agricultural industries. He stopped contributing to the Oil report, and many people thought that he had quit the industry.

As if to prove them wrong, resumed writing where he now engages his audience on Banyan Hill Publishers. Just like Stanberry, Banyan Hill is part of the Agora Group of publishers. Matt joined Banyan Hill Publishers as an adviser for novice investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolio in the natural resources sector.

The new column where Matt Badiali contributes at Banyan Publishers is called Real Wealth Strategist, which has grown drastically in a short period. Banyan Publishers announced the news early this year, and they are already conducting a superheated hype-fest ad campaign to recruit new subscribers massively.

Matt Badiali’s expert opinion at Real Wealth Strategist column is highly valued. He is an expert in energy, agricultural industries, and mining. Matt has a wealth of experience in these fields that spans over two decades. Matt is an individual who has a hands-on approach to his investments and businesses.

He has successfully established numerous oil wells, and he has also been actively involved in the oil drill rigs. Besides, Matt has been conducting explorations on abandoned mines where he has successfully turned them into profitable investments.

Matt Badiali’s experience and expertise in the natural resources sector is backed by a solid educational and research background. He has conducted extensive research in mining, oil and agricultural industries that has seen him travel to numerous countries across the globe. Matt firmly believes that one can not make concrete decisions, especially on investment if they do not know what is happening around them. He actualizes this belief in his businesses and investments. According to Matt, this is the only way an individual can ensure that they make the right investment decisions.

Besides conducting extensive research in his areas of expertise, Matt keeps abreast with developments in technology. He meets other experts in mining companies, oil exploration and resource investors for brainstorming sessions and understanding what’s new in the industry. This is his way of ensuring that he sets his boots on the ground.

Matt launched his career as a scholar. He taught geology at the University of North Carolina. While at the University, Matt received a call from a financial expert who was looking for an expert in the mining, energy and natural resources sector. He landed a job opportunity that gave him a chance to travel the world to analyze field maps, assess gold mine samples, and examine operations of oil fields.

Madison Street Capital is a Leader in Middle Market Investment Advice

Recently Madison Street Capital won the position of the year’s deal when it came to debt financing in the M&A Advisor Awards Gala, 2017. The event, where the company was crowned the winner, was held at the New York Metropolitan Club. Their advice to the WLR Automotive regarding their recent transactions gave them this price. Madison Street Capital stood out from the other 650 companies that were taking part in the competition for their excellent work in Mergers and Acquisitions that year. Apart from being awarded the debt financing, they also qualified as finalists for the financial deals and boutique investment banking. gives a clear breakdown of how the event, attendance, and awards were given.



Madison Street Capital deals with investment banking where they provide their clients with advice when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, financial advice and options and they also offer valuation for businesses. They have been known to provide excellent services through their reliable leadership. The type of advice they offer can assist you worldwide. Whether it is simply advice or seeing you through the whole process of M&A, they will help you. Madison Street Capital put their clients first and help them transact and raise capital for their businesses. The Company focuses on emerging markets as they view this as a point of growth. Madison Street Capital works on the notion that no two clients are the same. They, therefore, take their time in listening to the needs of their clients before breaking them down into actionable plans for every client. Their tailor made services are what makes them unique and reliable. This company has experience of over a decade which makes experts in their line of work.



Madison Street Capital does not depend on hearsay, it does thorough research and analysis before offering any type of advice. They understand the importance of a business to every client and this is why they do not fall short in giving the true value and potential of a business when assisting in the mergers and acquisitions. For middle-class businesses, finding a firm that will give you solid advice and lending rates that are favorable to your current position can be a nightmare but with Madison Street Capital, you need not worry. They have your best interest at heart and they will work with you to find you something that will suit your needs. It has earned itself a position in the investment banking industry as a financial service provider for middle market businesses. It currently is well represented in the Northern part of America, Asia, and Africa. Learn more:

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All You Need To Know About Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies, a Dallas based correctional facility. He has seen the firm grow into one of the leading providers of high technology equipment and other products to the correctional facilities. The business was born as a result of the merging of two great companies, the Evercom and T-Nex companies in the early years of the twenty-first century. Though a significant number of individuals underestimated the possible performance of Rick at the beginning of his career at the Securus Technologies firm, he has over the past years proved his expertise through the significant developments that he has brought to the company.

Rick also had vast experience in other related firms before he took his current role at Securus Technologies. Among the roles, he played include him being the chief operating officer as well as the CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc, Vice president of financial management at the Frontier Co operation, where he oversaw the smooth running of the firm regarding its capital and management of funds. He also acted as the Vice president of the Midwest Telecom operations, among many other roles that he undertook in other various companies. He gained a lot of experience from the prestigious firms which he served, and the management team of Securus Technologies made an excellent choice while appointing him as the vice president of the company.

Creativity and innovation have always been part of Rick Smith`s career, and his idealistic mind has impressed many people. He has worked closely with other successful entrepreneurs to enhance his skills and acquires excellent ideas for the development of the firm. Besides, Rick has also exercised outstanding leadership skills through maintaining a good relationship with his team of employees to ensure that Securus Technologies goals are achieved as planned. He has even invented great technological equipment as well as products to serve the ever rising needs of the various prison facilities in the United States. Ricks commitment towards achieving the best has seen him acquire an excellent reputation for himself as well as the firm in general. Securus Technologies has turned out to be one of the highly sought providers of prison-based services and products. He is a firm believer in teamwork, and his dedication towards growing the company has seen him form partnerships with other firms so that they can share their ideas and implement them in the best way they can.

Rick also has an excellent educational background, which formed the basis for his vast business techniques which have seen him grow the development of Securus Technologies. His announcement as the chief executive officer of the firm has led to a positive outcome and progress of Securus Technologies, and many people have accredited his contributions towards the growth of the company and more

Waititi to Direct More “Thor” Films?

Marvel Cinematic Universe head Kevin Feige has already expressed hopes to work with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi again. Meanwhile, Waititi has his own wish: he wants to keep working with Thor.

Though not set for release until November 2, 2017, critic screenings of the third Thor film have it as the highest rated MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes with 96 percent approval, and the movie is set to make $100 million on its opening weekend. In comparison, its two predecessors, Thor and Thor: The Dark World, are often considered not necessarily bad, but lesser entries in the Marvel franchise.

Waititi confirms that he would like to make another Marvel film, but says that he wants it to be about Thor once again.

“I’d be open [to other characters],” he said, “but I think my preference is Thor because I feel like I’m so comfortable with it, and we did such hard work recreating these characters in a way where I’m so comfortable with them and sort of in love with them that, yeah, it just feels like the natural place for me to be.”

So far, Marvel has not made more than a trilogy centered around each of its characters, so a hypothetical fourth Thor film would certainly break their current model. However, Waititi later clarified that he would like to do a sort of soft retool of the franchise, which would be less of a Thor 4 and more of a Ragnarok 2.

Of course, with the shared universe model, Waititi could always find a way to put Thor in a non-Thor-centric movie; as it is, he is still set to appear in the third and fourth Avengers films.