Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a 46-year-old Brazilian executive. He bears vast academic professionalism that he acquired in various institutions that he attended. Cassio Elias Audi received his Business Administration degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in the year 1994. Cassio later graduated with an MBA at the University of Sao Paulo in the year 1999. Cassio Elias Audi started his career in 1992 where he worked at the Management desk of Assets at JP Morgan Chase as a trader and stock and fixed income analyst. JP Morgan Chase is among the largest banking groups in the United States. Cassio worked in the banking service provider until 1996 when he left the job to join Dow Chemical as a Senior Financial Analyst.

Dow Chemical is the United States plastics, agricultural and chemical Corporation. Cassio Audi did not leave it at that. He wanted to face some more challenging tasks. Audi felt that he could look for a better job where he left the chemical corporation and went to Gillette. Audi worked at Gillette from 1997 to 2006 while serving as the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Gillette is a nationally known manufacturer and supplier of various top brands in the country such as Duracell, Gillette Braun, and Oral-B. The Gillette firm sealed a merge with Proctor & Gamble in the year 2005.

The executive was responsible for all the financial outlooks of business in the country of Brazil. Some of these aspects include treasury, financial reporting, accounting, external and internal auditing, planning strategies, coordination of shared services centers and cash management.Upon leaving Gillette, Cassio Audi spent two more years serving as the Chief Financial Officer at Brookfield Asset Management from 2006 to 2008. Brookfield Asset Management is a real estate management company that has over $2 billion investment in Brazil.

Stream Energy and The Heart for Serving Those In Need

People have the freedom to consult as many sources they like. But one of the few trusted ones to refer to when searching for how Stream Energy is doing its best for philanthropy efforts is the article from Patch. It should even be the reference point. The Patch news portal featured Stream Energy’s long list of efforts that help people get on the right track. Stream Energy through its philanthropy line, Stream Cares, is doing its best to help the people in Houston recover from the ominous damage of the Hurricane Harvey that hit its several neighborhoods.

It is also in the Patch article that people can learn how the corporate philanthropy of Stream Cares is actually translated into reality. Most companies have corporate social responsibility programs that are only a disguise for marketing and advertising. Most companies use virtue as merchandise. But Stream Cares distances itself from that by making it sure that the heart of serving is there and it is not for commercial pursuits. Stream Energy aspires to virtue in the way that doesn’t use virtue as a commodity to increase one’s market reach.

The work of Stream Cares also builds trust and loyalty among the potential clients in Dallas. This ability to help has now become a way or avenue for other people to also be inspired and do their duty to serve the people around them. Without ventures and social initiatives like this, it would be hard to imagine the success of any company. It would also be hard to see how a company can gain the trust of the general public.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy has already established itself as a name in the field of selling and distributing consumer services. Some of the products offered by Stream include wireless, protective and energy consumer products. Since its early beginnings, the company has now reached a lot of clients, earning itself already the title of being part of Texas’ “Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers”. It’s also a top direct-selling company that offers international wireless plans, including digital voice service, with the aim of keeping their customers all connected at home or work.

The Progressive Tsunami of Alex Hern

Alex Hern is 51 years old. He is the founder of Strategic Acquisition Ventures. Alex is also Co Founder, Co Chief Executive Officer and Co Chairman at Tsunami VR inc. The company specializes in transformative video communications. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg. Tsunami VR provides their services and products throughout 7 different industries. Some of those industries include: automotive, construction, energy, and aerospace defense just to name a few. Other companies and prospective consumers of their products may schedule a demo online or by calling their toll free number. Tsunami serves as one of the premier technology firms in the country. The enterprise software company is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2014, they have made tremendous strides in the technology world. Their team consists of programmers, system architects and engineers as well. Alex Hern has been a driven entrepreneur in early stage technology companies for more than 15 years. Alex serves on numerous boards and has worked on many projects that have flourished in the industry. As chairman of Military Commercial Technologies, Hern profoundly enhanced the systems used in armed services. He has been a part of companies that have been sold to Hewlett Packard as well as Yahoo, amongst various others. Alex Hern’s stupendous work ethic and vision are main reasons that he continues to succeed in all of his endeavors. Those who work with him testify to his success and forward thinking. All of his business ventures have succeeded in a major way. It appears as if he will continue to reach new heights.

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Top Facts about Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani heads Splendid Hospitality Group found in the United Kingdom. The Splendid Group of hotels is a chain of different hotels ranging from the pocket-friendly to the most luxurious. Some of their hotels include Mercure Bristol, New Ellington as well as brands such as The Conrad London St. James, The York, Holiday Inn London among many others. Shiraz Boghani received the Asian Business Award in 2016.

Shiraz Boghani is also a Co-founder of Sussex Health Care. The firm is entirely different from the sector of the hotel, and just like the Splendid group, it turned out to be a success. The group is based in New England. The health group has dedicated their services to care for the elderly as well as to people require special care. They have employed individuals who are ready to serve patients with both physical and other learning disabilities. Sussex Health Care provides the very best medical services, and this made them to be ranked among those companies with international standards. Besides, this position has given the company the luxury of getting to measure the quality of items, the standard of service, reliability as well as the safety before being released to the consumers.

Looking at his history, Shiraz Boghani shifted to the United Kingdom in 1969. He acquired a job at KPMG, which was a worldwide network of professional organizations. He served the firm as their accountant. The organization offeres services such as advisory, audit and tax. Shiraz Boghani continued to work with this group until he decided to venture into entrepreneurship back in the 80’s. This is when he then Co-founded Sussex Health Care. One year later, he started the Splendid Hospitality Group.

Despite being very successful in his business, Boghani is dedicated to serving the community. He is, therefore, a member of the National Council for the Ismaili Community, the Aga Khan Foundation as a resource development convener, and also a member of the not-for-profit international development agency.

Nick Vertucci is a Hugely Successful Entrepreneur

Nick Vertucci has achieved tremendous success as an entrepreneur and a person. He details his journey towards a bright financial future through his book titled ‘Seven Figure Decisions.’ He talks about how he began in the Real Estate market, how he formed key business and personal relationships, and his early days as a student. His passionate attitude encourages people to push past their fears and take risks to help them realize their desires.

Nick Vertucci has a tremendous life story, which began with his family struggling to make ends meet, Vertucci created a company selling computer accessories, but crashed in 2000 during the dot com bubble, causing him to lose his home. He rebounded by enrolling in a real estate investment company,and subsequently founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy or NVREA.

He was able to take his failures and turn them into success, which was the inspiration for his book. He talks about all the relationships, ups, and downs he’s had before arriving where he is today, with one of the most successful eal estate training investing companies on the market. His rags to riches story has allowed him to be a vocal force and public speaker for people looking to become financially successful.

Nick Vertucci created his first computer company from scratch, then created Coastline Micro, before becoming a full time real estate investor. His book titled ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed’ is a creative tour de force, part autobiography, part inspirational self-help, the book teaches readers how to succeed in the real estate market. With a 5 star rating on Amazon, his book has inspired people to live their best lives. Nick Vertucci urges people to identify the habits that are working for them and build a character that will determine their future legacy.

The Infinity Group Australia Strives to Help More People Gain Financial Independence

Infinity Group Australia has become a very important part of the resources for those that have trouble with managing their finances. This is a company that has helped a lot of people transform their lives by giving them a better perspective on what they can do to make the necessary changes to get their money in a place where they maximize their potential.


Everyone wants to save for retirement, but some people that are entangled in debt are simply flustered by the lack of disposable income that they have to put aside. Some people do not know where they can even start with saving because they have debt collectors that are calling and trying to collect funds that they do not have. The Infinity Group Australia is the company that is going to be able to help those that have a desire to move stay trapped in debt.


One of the best things that anyone can do if they are in debt is look for ways to save money. Graeme Holm believes that this is one of the most important things that are bound to make a difference if you are trying save for retirement. There has to be money that you can set aside before you start talking about retirement. It is just that simple. If you do not have any type of money set aside for your bills it will be impossible for you to set money aside for savings.


The Infinity Group Australia has the right people in place to give you advice. There are professionals that have years of experience when it comes to helping people consolidate loans and find better options for their long-term financial management. It makes perfect sense to get help from the professionals because they have already helped others in the same situation.


Graeme Holm knows that there are a limited number of possibilities for saving when you have debt, but they are able to show you a limitless amount of possibilities for ways that you can get out of debt. Getting plugged into the source is just the most vital thing that most people overlook.


There is no need to continue mismanaging your finances and try things that are not working if you have struggled in the past. It is better to save money and save time by connecting with a company that can help you transform your life and your perspective.

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Fortress Investment Groups moves to invest in ipass

In a deal brokered by Riley Financial, Inc, The Fortress Investment Group, diversified is portfolio even further by injecting up to 20 million dollars into ipass operations. The loan advanced to ipass would be guaranteed by the considerable asset base held by the organization ranging from its smartconnect technology to its line of patent portfolios.

Courtesy NYSE: Fortress Investment Group (Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone)
Courtesy NYSE: Fortress Investment Group (Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone)

Today ipass prides itself on being the largest Wi-Fi Provider in the world, providing hotspots all over the globe for businesses and individuals in an easy to set up process. The deal as lauded by Gary Griffiths, iPass CEO and President. He was confident that the investment of which 10 million was available upfront would enable them to expand even further as well as concentrate on bringing more products into the fold.

The deal would continue to show the commitment of the Fortress Investment Group to diversify its portfolio as well as its commitment to being a leading private asset management group. Fortress was founded in 1998 by three partners and has over the years grown to be one of the best performing alternative asset management groups.

They were able to grow an initial four hundred million dollars into four billion dollars within the first few years before later becoming the first private owned equity group to list on the NYSE.These have been some of the well know results yet so much has been achieved by this group that is hardly ever mentioned. It is of importance to note that within their first five years they were giving a 39 percent return on investment to their private equity investors. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group.

This was at the time one of the highest yields by a private equity group.The Fortress Investment Group was able to raise 2.9 billion in 2017 which was going to go into various investment opportunities as identified by the various divisions within the group. With 0ver 340 million hotspots globally Fortress and ipass hope that the investment made will pay off even sooner than anticipated given the continued growth of internet consumption globally. The Fortress Investment Group in the meantime continues to look for emerging opportunities to invest in as it hopes to keep its winning streak going.

Dr. Mark McKenna on following passion

When people talk of following passion, it is normally said like it is an easy thing. However, how many of us even know where our passion lies. It may take years before one realizes where the true passion is. In this period one will have tried different things to finally find out what really makes one happy and aggressive in life. It is not a mist that you have one passion in life. You can have different passions just like Dr. Mark McKenna. He has three years that he is passionate about. There is medicine, entrepreneurship and real estate. He has gone ahead and made them into one project which he calls OVME. This move makes him execute all of them together.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has built this idea into a company which he calls OVME. The company is about connecting people to medical care providers through technology. This is an important decision which has enabled hundreds of people to connect with professional healthcare providers. The Inspiration to join the medicine industry came from his father who was also a medical practitioner. When he joined the industry, he found out that he could do more than just practice medicine. He could bring technology closer to the industry. Dr. Mark Mckenna holds a degree in Medicine from Tulane University. Currently, he lives in Atlanta, where he practices. He has however maintained a close connection with his origin, New Orleans.

In New Orleans, Dr. Mark Mckenna has been supporting real estate investments. He has a company known as Venture Investments which offers real estate services in the area. Before h got fully involved in medicine, he took the time to build this real estate company. The company grew rapidly acquiring other small companies on the way until it became a top real estate company in the region that had attracted the best employees in the real estate industry. Dr. Mark McKenna however suffered losses after Hurricane Katrina wiped out almost every project he had done in the area. This hurricane coupled with other challenges in the sector such as mortgage crises made him abandon the real estate business. It is such factors that made him go back to medicine and try and make a life there since it was easier to succeed there than in the real estate industry.

Adam Milstein Says That Diaspora Leaders Must Rise to Help Israel and the Jews Community

Jews community is working hard to overcome challenges affecting them. Many leaders are investing heavily in supporting Jews from all parts of the world. Many organizations have been formed to assist in educating as well as empowering Jews in the US, Israel, and other countries. Adam Milstein is one of the leaders in the diaspora who has been in the frontline to help to support and assist many organizations that empower the Jewish community. Adam and Gila Family Foundation was founded by Milstein with the aim of supporting many organizations with the interest of Israel and Jews at heart.


Adam Milstein is a great leader who writes many articles published in the Times of Israel blog. His determination to see Israel-American community working together and getting stronger is unmatched. He believes that with great leaders, emerging challenges affecting Jews can be addressed. Many decades ago, great leaders like Ben-Gurion, Mickey Marcus, and many others helped in making Israel a better nation. Time has gone, and there are new challenges like sanctions, boycotts, and antisemitism affecting the Jews both in the US and Israel. These challenges need to be dealt with by new leaders.


Adam Milstein has mentored most of the young leaders in the Israel-American Council and many other platforms. As a leader and philanthropist, Milstein interacts with most of these young men and women and thinks they should be empowered. By empowering these leaders, Milstein believes that they will help the American-Jewish community in dealing with the challenges that affect them.

Adam Milstein is a highly learned man. He is a graduate from Technion and holds an MBA from the University of Southern California. He is also an investor and a managing partner in a leading real estate company; Hager Pacific Properties. He has done a lot of work in empowering Jewish both in the United States and Israel. He believes that if leaders from the diaspora can join hand and support the Jewish community as well as upcoming leaders, the Jewish community will become stronger and face their challenges comfortably.

OG Juan Racks Up Big Birthday Bill

Juan “OG” Perez is the CEO of rapper Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports. he was born and raised in Harlem, New York, and has Dominican ancestry. He first met Jay-Z when the founder of Roc-A-Fella Records introduced them. Perez and the rapper bonded over their love for New York, music, and sports. they quickly became friends soon after and Jay-Z has mentioned “OG” in many of his songs, emphasizing the importance of their friendship. Perez and Jay-Z soon went into business together and OG is now the CEO of Roc Nation Sports, a sports management team founded by Jay-Z and Perez.

Perez is very serious about his business and has an unrivaled commitment and dedication to each and every athlete he signs to his company. He is know for paying special attention to the needs of every athlete he signs, and prides himself in treating his athletes like individuals and not “just another athlete”. Roc nation Sports offers its clients deal with advertisers and brands that would usually reserved for people in the entertainment industry and would otherwise be difficult for an athlete to obtain. This helps Roc nation Sports further the athlete’s career outside the field as well as in it.

OG can have some fun too, as was proved by him and Jay-Z racking up a $91000 tab at the bar they went to celebrate Perez’s birthday. Jay-Z was seen giving out bottles to all the people invited. Among the party goers were OG’s wife Desiree and other Roc Nation Sports chair-people. Jay-Z and Perez’s friendship has grown stronger throughout the years and the two have proved to be cohesive and thoughtful business partners.

Jay-Z’s eye for business ventures and Perez’s dedication to his company make them a successful business team. Desiree Perez, OG’s wife now acts as Roc Nation Sports’ chief operations officer. Together, they make sure that Roc Nation Sports sticks to its brand image and core values by maintaining a minimum number of signed athletes in order to be able to provide them with the best opportunities. Not spreading themselves to thin has been one of the contributing aspects of the company’s success.