Sisters Give Life After a Near Death Experience

There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a baby. However, for many people, having a child is a dream that they never see fulfilled. When 28-year-old Randi Fishman was diagnosed with double breast cancer, she thought her chances of having a child were slim. Still hopeful, she had 11 embryos frozen for the future. After being given a clean bill of health, the cancer came back. She once again found herself fighting for her life.

More than anything, Fishman longed to be a mom. However, the higher than average estrogen levels that pregnancy calls put her life at risk for a third battle with cancer. It was a risk she wasn’t willing to take. In 2013, Fishman used a surrogate in Wisconsin to have her first child, Parker, which was born in 2014.

Erin Silverman was Fishman’s oldest sister. She wanted to give Parker a brother or sister. Since she was done having her children, she thought it was the perfect time to be a surrogate for her sister. With only two viable eggs left, the chances were slim that the process would be a success.

As a busy mother of two, the kindness that Silverman showed was overwhelming. Yet, when she was asked about her generosity, she stated that it was only ten months out of her life and that she would do anything to help her sister. They prayed as the last two embryos were implanted. Thankfully, it was a success.

In December of 2017, Austyn Harli was born. The pregnancy was a difficult one, and at one-point things looked bad. The placenta had a bleed during the third-trimester, and high blood pressure became a huge issue. She was put on bed rest and was induced three weeks early. Thankfully, the baby was healthy. Helping her sister was the most significant gift she could have given her.

Talkspace Elevates Online Mental-Health Care

Our smartphones have definitely taken a turn for the better because it allows us to engage in conversation and other activities with people who are not physically present by our side. A new research in South Korea revealed that 10% of teens who pervasively used the internet are prone to developing depression. This is probably the reason why online mental-health services are booming across the internet.

Online companies like Talkspace are more convenient and practical than going to a pre-scheduled appointment with a therapist. Such e-therapy structure or systems provide numerous options, from making a phone call to conducting online video chats that are instantly available. Ever since its inception online, Talkspace states that it has approximately 500,000 users who engaged the services of their 1,000 plus online health professionals.

The advantages of online therapy according to Talkspace, includes the ability of clients to contact their therapist as the need arises. Clients who do not have much spare time can conveniently get in touch with their caregiver. And it’s cheaper than the traditional one-hour face-to-face sessions with a therapist.

Talkspace plans start at $32 for a week where clients can talk once a day with their therapist through text messaging. The $39 a week plan includes two consultations per day, and the $49 per week likewise fetches two consultations a day including a half-hour live chat with the therapist monthly.

Online therapy systems, in general, can provide more help because it is convenient and accessible to more people who are in need of mental health assistance. In line with this, Talkspace commented on a study made on approximately 99,000 individuals who have mental health problems that went for the remote therapy sessions to seek help. The result of the study revealed that online therapy was able to minimize the occurrence of hospitalization by approximately twenty-five percent.

On a final note, online mental health therapies help lessen the humiliation involved when a person has mental health issues, making it easier for patients to seek the help they need. This is in addition to being able to get hold of a helpful and calm voice more efficiently at the other end of the line to prevent further escalation of problems.

Michael Hagele – Successful Entrepreneur & Investor

Michael Hagele is an attorney who provides legal counsel for technology-based companies that specialize in research and development, design, aerospace, internet, and biotechnology. His primary objective is to help draft legal documents and aid in company mergers and acquisition transactions which he has successfully accomplished for many years. Therefore his legal expertise within the technology industry is highly sought after by many companies which provide him the opportunity to showcase his excellent professional skills. Follow Michael Hagele on Instagram

Daily Routine

Hagele first got the idea to start his own legal operation when he witnessed the effectiveness of other entrepreneurs and their ability to provide cost-effective legal counsel to companies in the technology sector. His typical day starts off with drafting licensing agreements and interacting directly with clients. The early afternoons usually involve some sort of physical activity, usually mountain bike riding, which keeps him mentally sharp and fresh throughout the day. His best creative ideas often come to him when he exercises and he believes it to be one of the key components to the continued success of his business. After his afternoon exercise, Michael continues with his work day and deals with any other client issues that have come up during the day. Michael believes one of the most important things that any entrepreneur must learn is to always put their customer’s needs first. When you do that then your business will flourish and everything else will fall into place.

Foundations of Success

Michael was not always successful in life, he still recalls the moment when he realized he had to take full control of his life and education while working at a car wash during a harsh winter in Chicago. His hands were frozen and numb and that experience motivated him to do everything in his power to make his life successful. He would first attend the University of Iowa, where he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree and then later attended college at the University of California where he achieved a Juris Doctor degree. His education and perseverance have served him well and he now enjoys a lucrative career as an entrepreneur. He looks forward to 2018 and the new success that it will surely bring him.

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Italy’s Poor Postal Service May Be The Work Of Postal Hoarders Posing As Postmen

Italy is notorious for having poor mail service. No one in Italy knows why delivering mail to the right address is such an issue, but the postal police may have an answer. The police say they found 1,260 pounds of undelivered mail in a postman’s garage. The 56-year-old postman had eight years of undelivered mail in his messy garage. There were utility bills, old phone books, bank statements, and political mail from the 2010 Vicenza regional elections.

The mail would still be accumulating dust, but the police got a tip that 25 big containers of mail with mail still inside of them were at a local recycling center. According to police, some postmen go through the mail and take any cash or other valuable items for their personal use. No one is sure how many postmen in Italy hoard mail in order to steal cash and valuables, but they know it happens all over the country.

But Italy is not the only country that has postmen that hoard the mail instead of delivering it. In 2014, a postman in New York City had more than 40,000 pieces of mail in his car, work locker, and home, according to the New York Daily News. But that postman beat the charges. In 2015, a Philadelphia postal employee hoarded 22,000 parcels, according to NBC Philadelphia. And In 2017, a North Carolina postal worker was guilty of delaying and detaining more than 1,800 parcels and letters.

There is a bright side to the story. That 1,260 pounds of mail in Italy is now out for delivery. All those letters and parcels are only eight years late. That’s the good news because eight years late in Italy is almost on time, according to some Italians. No one is sure if the old mail in North Carolina, New York, and Philadelphia ever got delivered.

A Missing Oxford Comma Costs A Maine Dairy Farm $5 Million

It’s every writer’s worst nightmare. The comma is the pause that refreshes writing, and, at times, a comma can be the difference between what you say, and what you mean on paper. In other words, the comma rules writing like Trump rules Twitter. A written piece without the right comma placement is as lame as Trump’s tweets, according to the folks that follow Oxford University Press comma rules. One Maine Dairy Farm got a dose of that lameness when company drivers filed a $10 million lawsuit concerning the state’s overtime law. The company settled the case for $5 million because one of the company’s sentences was missing a comma.

The sentence at the heart of the suit is the sentence in Maine’s overtime law that says: “The canning, freezing, processing, preserving, drying, storing, marketing, packing for shipment or distribution of agricultural produce, perishable foods and meat and fish products.”

That sentence sounds understandable enough for some people, but to the drivers, the lack of a comma after the word “shipment” created an issue in terms of overtime payment. No comma after the word “shipment” made it unclear whether packing for shipment or distribution was one activity, or packing for shipment is separate from distribution.

The five drivers who got together and fought the missing comma case will get $50,000 each. And the other drivers will get at least $100 or the amount of overtime they deserve because of the writing error, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The missing comma case does bring up another issue for the folks reading about the case. The comma after the word shipment will not change the fact that packing shipments before distribution is necessary. But the workers didn’t do any packing. It seems like the word “or” instead of “or any” is the culprit. But you would still need the comma if you’re an Oxford comma freak.

The Career Milestones of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is an accomplished leader who works with Willis Towers Watson as the new chief financial officer. Willis Towers Watson specializes in the field of broking, advisory and solutions. The company has its presence in the international market, and it has successfully assisted many clients to convert their risk investments into profits. Willis Towers Watson was launched in the year 1828 and has been serving its clients ever since. The company has more than 40,000 individuals who work across 140 countries. Michael Burwell is very experienced in managing companies and hopes to steer Willis Towers Watson to success.


Michael Burwell will join Willis Towers Watson following the voluntary retiring of Roger Millay. Roger Millay used to serve at the company as the chief executive officer until his resignation on October 2nd, 2017. He left behind an exemplary legacy and Michael Burwell will take over from where Roger reached. Michael Burwell will bring the wealth of knowledge that he has in the field of management to Willis Towers Watson. The officials at Willis Towers Watson gladly welcomed the appointment of Michael Burwell as the incoming chief executive officer. They believe that he possesses the right knowledge and skills to lead the company in achieving its strategic goals. Michael Burwell is a team player and believes in the strength of teamwork.


Michael Burwell has a rich background in education, and this forms part of his current success. He attended the prestigious Michigan State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration. Michael is also a CPA (certified public accountant) and has previously worked as an auditor for small and big companies. After completing his studies, he held prominent positions at PWC including the chief financial officer, head of the global transformation, head of transaction services and many other top executive positions. Being a CPA, Michael Burwell has in the past worked in the field of auditing and advisory for approximately 12 years. He has helped numerous companies achieve success when it comes to pre-merger deals. Find More Information Here.


Michael Burwell has in the past worked in conjunction with small and medium firms via the selling and purchasing of projects. The mission of Michael Burwell is to make contributions that will lead to the success of Willis Towers Watson. Michael offers advice to other leaders on the strength of leadership and how to stay committed when it comes to serving their clients.


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46 Tons of Carnival Beads Found in Catch Basins Along Streets In New Orleans

This past Thursday, officials in the city of New Orleans reported that 7.2 million pounds of garbage was found clogged in catch basins. The catch basins run along a downtown area of five blocks that serves as a Mardi Gras parade route—St. Charles Avenue. Interestingly, 93,000 pounds, or 46 tons, of Carnival beads were found among the trash.

The city had planned a four month project to assess and improve the quality of its drainage system. Part of this project consisted of cleaning the drainage systems of rubbish. Attention was put on the city’s drainage systems because they did not seem to work so well when a storm on August 5th dumped up to six inches of water.

The effort to clean up the drainage systems lasted from late September to late January. Out of New Orlea ns’ estimated 68,000 storm drains, about 15,000 storm drains have been cleared.

New Orleans is well known for its Mardi Gras celebration. During the festivities, people wear and throw around beads. This goes on in places where party-goers are, including Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.

In order to curb the problem of Carnival beads building up in catch basins, residents have been asked by the Department of Public Works to clean catch basins. The Department of Public Works is considering ways of preventing Carnival beads from getting stuck in basins. One method that they are considering is the use of “gutter buddies,” which would keep beads from going down drains.

Mardi Gras is celebrated before Ash Wednesday. By tradition, “Fat Tuesday” is a day when excessive amounts of vice and partying are done before Lent. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent. On the Catholic calendar, Lent is a time when people are supposed to abstain from partying and reflect on serious issues.

Intact Trash Found In A Gutted Fish From Costa Rica

In December of 2017, a fisherman in Costa Rica cut open a mahi mahi, or dolphinfish, and found a big surprise: intact trash from human beings. In the fish’s stomach there were bottle caps, what may have been a cigarette lighter and a comb.

Video footage of the fish was taken, showing the man pulling the objects from out of the fish’s belly as he spoke in the background. The video has raised a lot of concerns from environmentalists and groups that advocate for wildlife.

The issue is that a random fish’s belly should not be filled with intact plastic trash from human beings. This shows how widespread pollution is, and how much it is affecting our environments.

This isn’t the only situation where pollution has showed up in weird, shocking displays. In the Pacific Ocean, there are large mounds of trash. There are also small particulates of trash that make some parts of the ocean look murky. Many times, debris floats down to the ocean floor, which means that the ocean floor may be covered in trash.

The types of items from humans that float around and are not biodegradable are made of materials like plastic. So, it is not surprising to have found a fish with plastic items in its belly.

The story of the fish is not just a fun story to hear about, and it is not just a reminder that wild animals are being hurt by pollution. It is a reminder that we are making the world a less healthy place for ourselves and our children. Because of over-consumption and the use of materials that are not particularly great for our health, our environment is becoming more carcinogenic. The flora, fauna and water that we consume are becoming more tainted.

Heartwarming Photo of Gorilla Hugging Man Wins Big Award

During a mission to rescue a gorilla in Cameroon, photographer Jo-Anne McArthur captured a tender moment between the creature and her caretaker. In addition to having her photograph go viral across the Internet, McArthur has won the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Cameroon is located on the hinge of Africa, which is the central part of the continent along the western coast. Formerly under the colonial control of Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, Cameroon gained its independence in 1960.

Gorillas in that part of Africa are often captured and then sold for bushmeat by poachers. When this happens, baby apes become orphans and are unable to fend for themselves. This typically results in death or being sold as pets.

A handful of animal rights organizations work to prevent such things from happening. In this case, a group called Ape Action Africa was in the process of relocating the animal as she was being transferred from one sanctuary to another. The gorilla, known as Pikin, was being transported in a vehicle with her rescuer Appolinaire Ndohoudou.

In the black-and-white photograph, Ndohoudou is seated in the backseat with Pikin atop his lap. She has her arms around him and looks content as she glances out the window. Meanwhile, Ndohoudou has a broad smile on his face as he stares lovingly at the majestic gorilla.

While McArthur’s photo is understandably a crowd-pleaser and she is most deserving of the award, she was up against strong competition. The other finalists included ones featuring a sloth, polar bears, humpback whales, and a lilac-breasted roller atop a zebra.

Ultimately, the voting public selected McArthur’s photograph as the winner. Perhaps what set her entry apart from the other finalists was the fact that it was the only one that featured a human alongside an animal.

GoBuyside–A Global Financial Sector Recruitment Platform Every Employer And Every Job Seeker Must Try At Least Once

The company was founded by Mr. Arjun Kapur, a pioneer in business strategies and entrepreneurship. He is a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He is also serving at Venture Capital Club, GSB Soccer as the Co-President. He is known for his impactful business development ideas and tactics. He has an inherent quality of quickly recognizing pain areas and discovering potential opportunities. All his brilliance briefly described here strengthened the organization and helped to achieved coveted business goals.

GoBuyside is a 21st-century premier recruitment platform which is thoroughly specialized in working with the paramount Fortune 500 hundred companies covering private equity firms, hedge funds, investment bankers and other advisory organizations. It renders its eminent and dedicated services to 500 plus global clients who confide in GoBuyside for their needs of human capital. Its network of highly talented candidates expands to more than 10,000 firms in over 500 cities worldwide. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.

The company has successfully devised a new idea of manpower solution which shifted the traditional hiring model to a tech-enabled platform for the industry. That system has forged ahead to create a new community which has been benefitting all market participants. was launched to bring that idea to life, and it is the largest platform in the United States for investment professionals. It’s a clear market leader in American recruitment space. Read more blogs at

The organization’s spirit of entrepreneurship has been evidential in all segments of professionalism. Driven by is creativity, innovation, rich culture of entrepreneurship and its experienced and skilled leadership team, It has placed itself at the top of the list of placement agencies working in the United States. Hundreds of firms like investment managers, hedge fund, private equities and other corporate firms are leveraging their solutions to hire most sought-after talent across the world.

Its strong team has unprecedented competitive advantages in sourcing and screening top-level candidates by its diligent approach and its leveraging proprietary technologies. The extensive professional experience and educational credentials of the organization differentiate its execution capabilities and help them build a stronger relationship with the people they serve.

It provides a win-win situation for both employers and candidates where their search for each other ends in a happy and fruitful way. It not only supplies the best talent to the industry but also enables candidates to access best career opportunities, market insights and compensation information. And that’s why both employers and job seekers put their trust in without giving thought.