Arthur Becker: An Innovative Talent Facilitator

When the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, Arthur Becker sat down with The Real Deal, he shared his business aims and style. The interview covered everything from entrepreneurial success to leisure time and productive daily routines. With over a decade of experience in financial business matters, Mr. Becker has valuable insight to share and explore.

Arthur Becker started his business management career as CEO of NaviSite where he provided international technology and account management for eight years. He spent seven years advising the Vera Wang( fashion company and remains in close contact with the organization. He brings this experience, bridging differing styles and fields to his new project, as well.

His current role, at Madison Partners, LLC, was developed as Mr. Becker saw the potential for innovation that existed in bio technology. He sees the many possibilities available in the new technology that haven’t been explored yet, largely due to lack of investors or lack of creativity. The corporation aims to invest in the industry to encourage further innovation and enable development to improve quality of life.

Mr. Becker sees his role as a facilitator of outstanding talent. He draws experts in the field with notable talent and provides the investment and collaborative environment for their expertise to thrive. He largely credits his success to the chemistry amongst management and the development of talent at all levels of the organization. Though his expertise is evident in the direction the group is taking and overall strategy, Mr. Becker clearly believes in the work of the talent he recruits and gives them the freedom and resources to bring innovative tools and technology to life.

Mr. Becker gives some advice to new entrepreneurs: he encourages them to remain persistent and flexible. The key to success for him, is “persuading talented people to your vision…and then getting out of the way.”

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