Another War of Oranges Occurs in Italy

Many people have heard of pillow fights. People have also heard of having fights with foam balls or wads of paper. Naturally, people are also familiar with food fights. However, did you know there is a specific type of food fight that just occurred? It is even a food fight that is incredibly well organized. This fight is called the War of the Oranges, and it takes place each year in Italy.

The War of the Oranges most recently occurred on February 11, 2018. The northern Italian town of Ivrea hosts the War of the Oranges each year during its carnival. Noted as the largest food fight in Italy, it is estimated over 500,000 lbs. of oranges are brought into Ivrea for the carnival.

The War of the Oranges is rooted in a historical event. In 1194, it is believed a miller’s daughter unleashed a revolution in her town. On the eve of her wedding, the miller’s daughter was taken by an evil duke claiming his right to spend a night with each newly married woman. Once alone with the duke, the miller’s daughter decapitated him. This motivated the townspeople to rise up in rebellion by storming the castle. Today, the oranges represent the townsfolk rioting to overthrow the evil duke.

Safety netting is draped in front of buildings to protect windows and spectators. Participants are strongly encouraged to wear a special face mask to protect themselves against injury. Those throwing oranges often do so violently. Targets for the oranges are generally limited to the townsfolk representing the evil duke and his minions. However, many oranges often miss their intended targets. This makes the food fight a battle involving almost everyone.

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