Andrew Rolfe – Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe Impacting The Lives of Children In Port Elizabeth Through Ubuntu Fund


Andrew Rolfe is an established entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Head of Private Equity USA. He also works as a managing Director at Towerbrook. At Towerbrook, he is also a member of the managing committee and chairman of the portfolio committee. In the past he has worked with companies such as Gap Inc. International where he was president of the company. Before that, he worked with Pret A Manger, playing the role of CEO and Chairman of the company. He also worked with Booker LLC in the past. He served as the company’s CEO and was a member of the board of directors.




Andrew Rolfe has amassed a lot of wealth during his many years of being a career man. He is passionate of using some of this wealth to impact the lives of those that are less fortunate. It is this drive that led him to join the Ubuntu Education Fund, where he works as the chairman of the board of directors.


Ubuntu Education Fund is a no-profit organizations that raises fund to sponsor destitute children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The foundation was established by Jacob Leif back in the year 1999. At the time, it was a very small organization that dealt with South Africa’s education crisis. But with time the company grew to ensure that their students have basic needs so that they are not distracted when in school.


Today, the foundation has grown to serve over 400,000 giving them comprehensive services from health, basic needs and education. But this doesn’t mean that the foundation hasn’t been with its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest problems that the foundation faced in the past was restrictions placed on grants by donors. Those restrictions made it impossible for them to largely do their core business of impacting lives, even when the cash flow was large. However, they discovered this and today they do not accept donations that come with restrictions. Of course cash flow has reduced, but according to Jacob Leif, they are able to achieve more.

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