Andrew Rolfe as a Part of the Ubuntu Fund

Mr. Andrew Rolfe is the leader of a successful company called TowerBrook Capital Partners. Mr. Andrew Rolfe became a part of large company in the January of 2006. He has been with the company for 11 years and a half. Currently, Mr. Andrew Rolfe is occupying the positions of Managing Director in the office in New York City and the Head of U.S. Private Equity. He is also Chairman of Portfolio Committee.

The career of Mr. Andrew Rolfe is an extensive one. Along with his responsibilities at the company of TowerBrook Capital partners, Mr. Andrew Rolfe is also Chairman of the Board at the Ubuntu Education Fund. He has been at the position since March 2007. Over the course of the ten years that has been Chairman of the organization, Ubuntu Education FUnd has transformed many parts of South Africa. The company has been taking care of a few thousand children who have been in need of health care and education, and other social services. Ubuntu Education Fund has its headquarters set up in London, UK. The organization is a non-profit one and has been operating since the middle of 1999.

Mr. Andrew Rolfeā€™s previous work experience has been amassed at Gap Inc. where he worked as the President of company for a bit over two years. He was also Chairman and Chief Executive for five years at the Pret A Manager Company at which he worked up until 2003. Before that he was a VP for five years at Pepsi Co. from 1992 up until 1997.

Mr. Andrew Rolfe has had an extensive education. He has been a student at several renowned institutions. He graduated the Eton College in 1984 and then went on to study at the University of Oxford from 1985 until his graduation in 1988 with a B . A. After that,

Mr. Andrew Rolfe went on to pursue an M. B. A. in Business and Managerial Economics at the Harvard Business School. He graduated from the institution in 1992. Mr. Andrew Rolfe has been hugely successful through his career and has amassed a lot of experience and honed many skills.

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