An Elderly Woman Who Appeared to Have Frozen to Death Wasn’t Exactly as She Seemed

There is an odd and hilarious story out of Hudson, New York. It is extremely cold there this time of year. As a matter of fact, on December 17, 2016 at 8:30 in the morning it was 8 degrees, which is why the local police department received a frantic call from a citizen who saw an elderly woman with an oxygen mask on, and she appeared to be frozen to death in car covered in light snow that was not running. The officer who arrived on the scene concluded the car had probably been parked overnight. The woman even had her seat belt on.


Although the officer figured she was dead because she was unresponsive and had not moved, he broke out a window and entered the vehicle. The woman was not a woman at all. She, rather it, was an extremely realistic mannequin used for CPR. Imagine the amazement and relief the young officer felt. This article with a picture of the mannequin explains exactly why anyone would have been concerned, except the owner.


According to Chief L. Edward Moore, the owner was furious. He allegedly cussed the officer out. He should be proud of his craftsmanship. He had everyone fooled who saw it through a cold, car window. They all believed an old woman with a breathing condition froze to death overnight, but it was only a prop used to teach people how to save lives. The owner will face no charges, but the smart money says he will threaten to sue or try to.


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