Aloha Construction in the News

Some companies succeed through a combination of staying power, consistency in the quality of their work and a commitment to providing value to their customers and their employees. Aloha Construction, which serves the areas of Southern Wisconsin and all of the state of Illinois, is one such company. The steady growth this company is now seeing is a tribute to the fine work record Aloha has built up over the years of its service as a top-notch construction company.


Thriving in a Challenging Business Environment

The construction business nationwide has seen its ups and downs over the past several years, as the US has recovered from the depths of a major recession. Aloha has stayed the course through these difficult times, and has now morphed from a small, family-run operation into a company that is known for its ability to take on major construction projects with great success and quality and learn more about Aloha Construction.


Keeping Up With a Top Level of Integrity

It’s one thing to be known for getting a lot of work done, but to have that reputation along with being known for finishing projects with a high level of quality and integrity in the work is something else indeed. Aloha is proud to be known for the high levels of professionalism, fairness and integrity in the relationships this company keeps with all its work associates. This includes the company’s suppliers, subcontractors, insurers, sales associates and employees.


Working With CEO Dave Farbaky

Aloha is now proud to be working with Dave Farbaky as the company’s President and CEO. Dave brings to his job a long track record of successful work management, yet he also brings a high level of personal integrity to the work that he does. Dave is a strong family man and he has been a fine example to others of living a life of caring and integrity.

Growing a company from a small family business into a thriving corporation is no small deed. Aloha is proud to be one company that is known for offering quality and caring for customers on a consistent basis and

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