Alexandre Gama Builds Neogama Into A Global Advertising Giant

The foundation of Neogama by Brazilian advertising legend Alexandre Gama came after he had developed one of the most successful careers in the history of the marketing and communications sector throughout the 1980s, 90s, and into the 21st century. After joining the DM9 agency in 1990, Alexandre Gama became the most awarded writer in the advertising industry of Brazil and set him on a path that would lead to the creation of Neogama.

Alexandre Gama finally decided the time had come to form Neogama in 1999 and quickly set about turning the fledgling company into what is now one of the top 20 largest ad agencies in Brazil. A sign of the success Alexandre Gama was achieving at Neogama was seen in the way his agency entered into a partnership with the global giant BBH in 2002, which resulted in Gama himself taking on the role of Global Chief Creative Officer within the partnership.

Although he has become known as a leading executive in Brazil and around the world, but he is also known as one of the most creative and awarded advertising specialist in the country; Alexandre Gama and his Neogama agency have been awarded 23 Cannes Golden Lion’s among the many awards achieved in the course of a successful career.

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