AI Meets Tragic End, At A Water Fountain

Back in the 1970s, people thinking about the future would have a very Jetsons like view of what we would end up with. With flying cars and mind reading technology on those lists, there are few things that we have managed to meet, which would say we are living in the future. Artificial intelligence is one of the things that we have managed actually to do, which would point towards our futuristic lives, but robots do come with their own sets of troubles and turmoils.

Recently, an artificial intelligence called K5 was stationed in Washington. The model was made to be a combat AI, ready to attack in the case of an emergency. One would think that such kind of AI would be equipped with the very best, and would also know to safeguard itself at the time of a crisis. Apparently not.

The K5 soon met its demise after being stationed in its designated area. The cause of death? Drowning. Well, not literally, since all that happened was that the robot slipped and fell into a water fountain nearby. Since the makers of this robot probably did not envision death by fountain to be one of how the K5 would meet it’s end, the model was not made waterproof, instantly rendering its circuits useless.

The K5 was developed by a company known as Knightscope, which is located in Silicon Valley. The company took to Twitter to mourn the tragic loss of their dear AI but soon decided to release a statement that a replacement would be making its way to the Washington area again, sometime next week. Hopefully, this robot performs its functions of guarding the place well and doesn’t meet another tragic end, courtesy the water fountains in the area.

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