Advancing Video Marketing with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video marketing enterprise, and it recently launched a video chat application. The officials of the company announced that they re-engineered the application and added more features. The features include video support, custom URLs, permanent chat rooms and contact management. The app also has a screen, file and desktop sharing with everything powered by the WebRTC technology. Talk Fusion terms WebRTC as the precursor in synchronized communications. It creates the need for third-party plugins since it consolidates communication while increasing security measures as well as improving the experience of the user.


Talk Fusion has revolutionized the video communications industry through the addition of new features which are WebRTC-powered. Ryan Page who is the chief technical officer at Talk Fusion said that the application would provide users with a new method of doing things. He added that the option of the state-of-the-art-voice-only calling improves the quality of the audio that WebRTC offers to the users. According to Page, the new technology feature by Talk Fusion has the most advanced components in the world. The customers of Talk Fusion will now have the opportunity to make high-quality audio calls regardless of where they are in the world. Talk Fusion has made it possible for the world to connect, build and share in a different way.


The new product by Talk Fusion is influential and at the same time straightforward. According to Bob Reina who is the CEO of Talk Fusion, the new application has a different look with an intuitive interface on the video chat. The new look will allow the users to have more control and comes with a lot of flexibility compared to the previous version. Bob Reina said that the new video chat could adapt itself to the user meaning the user will not have to adjust to it. Before Talk Fusion released the new product to the market, the VIP Council first tested and approved it.


Talk Fusion is a company involved in the industry of video marketing. Bob Reina heads the company and serves in the capacity of CEO. Bob Reina is also the founder of Talk Fusion and started the company after he saw the need to send an email in the form of a video. The first product to be produced by Talk Fusion was video email, and it allowed its users to come up with emails based on their preferences.  Learn more:

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