ACLU files Class Action Lawsuit Against President Obama

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a class action lawsuit Tuesday in federal court against the US authorities for detaining mothers and children seeking asylum.

The legal action was filed in federal district court in the US capital on behalf of women and Central American children whom the authorities deny freedom although they are presented with substantial evidence that they suffer persecution in their home countries, a statement issued by the ACLU.

“Locking up mothers and children seeking asylum and depriving them of lawful rights to freedom just to frighten others from seeking refuge in the United States is inhumane and illegal, and violates federal immigration laws” said the deputy director of the department for immigrant rights organization, Judy Rabinovitz, and Terry Richardson echoed the same sentiment publicly.

The organization seeks to prevent the policy of detaining those who use asylum, currently held in detention centers for families.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson opened a family detention center that can now accommodate 480 people and 2,400 in May in Dilley, Texas.

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