A Whole Lot of Love Is Found at This Whole Foods

Finding a venue for your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most daunting tasks of the whole planning process and, certainly, one of the most expensive. These truths tend to stem from the pressure family and friends put on the newlyweds to have the most magical day ever, all while forcing the couple to lose sight of who they really are and what they truly love, besides one another. This was not the case, though, for Ross Aronson and Jacqueline Troutman.


Aronson and Troutman love Whole Foods–we know, who doesn’t? Sure, most people love the healthy food chain, but few love it enough to exchange their wedding vows in it! With the assistance of some higher ups, the couple was able to marry in their beloved North Carolina store in the flower department.


Dressed in their best, the couple said, “I do,” in front of a beautiful flowering arch before they began the rest of their journey throughout their favorite store. From silly pictures in the produce section to crossing arms holding their dearest yogurt, the couple’s day was not only one they will never forget, but that their guests will surely talk about for decades!


Before exchanging vows, Aronson and Troutman kept their venue a secret for as long as possible, and it is safe to say that when they did disclose the sacred information, family and friends did not believe them. Alas, the couple put their plans into effect and the internet cannot get enough of the adorable madness and who can blame them? One thing is for sure, though, and that is that Whole Foods has helped made the hearts and lives of these newlyweds whole forever.

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