A Village of Miniature Homes May Have Been a City of Dwarves

The average human height is about 69.4 inches, or 5.78 feet, for males and the average female height is approximately 63.8 inches, or 5.31 feet tall. Now, what if people were to find out that humans used to be much smaller in stature? Those facts are unknown and are hard to prove without a massive case study. The entire human race may not have been extremely petite but there is a remote area in Iran called Makhunik.

The entire village looks as if it had been made for children with almost half of the clay homes stand only about five feet tall. Essentially, it would be an ideal place for children to play make-believe. The area is still inhabited by approximately 700 residents that live in slightly taller, but still modest, homes. Locals say that it has been long rumored that the village of Makhunik was largely comprised of dwarfs. That information has not been confirmed but it is known that recent generations of the area were much shorter than average with heights around a meter, or three feet. Additionally, there was a very small mummy discovered in the area with a length of only 25cm that has further fueled gossip that dwarfs resided in Makhunik. Residents now are of normal heights and enjoy reliving stories from the past. One thing is certain, it would be hard to find another village as unique in appearance and with such interesting homes. The history may have gotten fuzzy over time but it is present everywhere you look in Makhunik.

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