A Pleasant Alternative to Back Pain

Attention, back sufferers! Gone are the days when having chronic back pain meant suffering the rest of your life if you didn’t choose to have a major spine operation. Sometimes these surgeries could not guarantee good results.

You probably have seen TV commercials describing non-invasive back surgery. North American Spine, of Dallas, Texas offers the AccuraScope procedure, the higher-precision procedure that allows faster recovery. How is this done?

“How can you help me?” North American Spine hears this question a lot. They answer it in three ways:

Their AccuraScope procedure uses a thin, flexible tube that is put into the opening of the spinal canal. Once inside the canal, the tube can maneuver to various levels of the spine on both sides. A high-definition camera and other diagnostic tools are used to find all sources of chronic lower spine symptoms. Then, advanced tools such as a laser are used to treat the sources of pain.

This procedure usually takes less than 45 minutes.

A needle is used for this procedure that treats upper back pain. It treats bulging discs, herniated discs, and relieves pressure on spinal canal nerves.

Because of the location of the rib cage, which protects your spine, less procedures are done on this part of the spine. When needed, however, the AccuraScope procedure does provide less invasion to your body and gives you relief from all the factors that cause your spine’s problems.

Even chronic neck pain is treatable by North American Spine. They use a laser inserted into a hollow tube to treat the bulging or herniated disc that is causing you pain. The laser shrinks the problem area and repairs tears, thus relieving pressure on the nerves.

This short procedure, lasting less than half an hour, generally provides relief that is felt immediately.

North American Spine provides a website containing a plethora of helpful information:
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About North American Spine
Their network of doctors
Patient reviews
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Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/northamericanspine and read how you, too, can experience non-invasive pain relief.

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